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Antisemitic candidate who openly peddles far right conspiracy theories running for GOP in Oregon

Joshua Powell, a virulent antisemite and anti-Muslim bigot, is standing as a Republican in local elections in Eugene, despite opposition from some Republicans.

Powell frequently peddles antisemitic conspiracy theories, including suggesting that “Jewish liberals are opening up the borders, and innocent bystanders are subjected to this aggressive agenda. And then they wonder why there’s antisemitism”.

A common theme in White Nationalist conspiracy theories is that Jews seek to open the borders of western nations to undermine the position of white people. Powell predictably denies being a racist, instead insisting that he merely wants to “preserve the Western cultural heritage”, yet is peddling virulent antisemitism that portrays Jews as the enemies of civilisation.

In a post in which he referred to “f*cking Jews”, Powell accused the “Jew York Times” of “trying to spin the narrative” about the 2014 Bundy standoff trial, making use of classic antisemitic canards about Jews controlling the media and being dissembling and politically manipulative.

In response to the allegations of antisemitism he responded “if the majority of corruption is done by Jews, then they will suffer the consequences as anyone else would equally under the law”.

He is also deeply bigoted towards Muslims, writing that “Washington (state) is crawling with Muslim rats” and equating the presence of Muslims in Eugene with “ISIS right under out noses”.

Republicans in Eugene have disavowed Powell, with Preston Mann calling on him to withdraw. This is at least the second time in the last few weeks that a virulent antisemite has been able to stand as a Republican, with neo-Nazi winning a nomination in Illinois by default.