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Facebook censors Everyday Antisemitism for exposing its failure to deal with antisemites

Three days ago I wrote an article after having been alerted to yet another instance of Facebook failing to uphold its own community standards, instead allowing blood libel to be spread to thousands of people. The article, which you can read here, reached over 26 thousand people on Facebook, but the platform decided to remove the post via which we presented the story to our followers.

In the article we detailed both the virulent antisemitism that Facebook had failed to remove from its platform and several other cases in which they had elected to allow posts ranging from Holocaust denial to outright calls for genocide.

Facebook is staffed by individuals who are, like everybody else, fallible. Much of the policing of its content is not done actively, but instead by algorithms which are designed to identify content that violates its standards. Mistakes and oversight can both happen. Facebook is also a private entity, and it is not obliged to host anything on its platform that it doesn’t wish to. However, according to its own community standards, there appears to be no way to justify removing our post. Although all our stories are verified to the best of our abilities, we are capable of making mistakes, too. Whilst there is absolutely no indication that what we published was misleading in any way, even if it was, Facebook’s own policy is not to remove misleading or false news, but simply to make it appear less prominently. Unfortunately, a growing body of evidence seems to indicate that Facebook is failing to prevent the abuse of its platform by antisemites.

The antisemitic page, which is littered with incitement and blood libel, has not been taken down by Facebook, despite our article triggering many more people to report it.

We contacted Facebook about the removal of our content, but are yet to receive a reply.

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