Everyday Antisemitism

International school in Berlin admits it failed to tackle persistent antisemitic bullying

The leadership of the John F. Kennedy School, a prestigious international school in Berlin, has admitted that it failed to acknowledge the depth of a problem it had with antisemitic bullying.

At least two Jewish students have reportedly been subject to severe antisemitic abuse.

A ninth-grade boy was subjected to repeated antisemitic abuse from his classmates. One had allegedly pressed an unlit cigarette to his face and told him that “he should think about his ancestors who were gassed to death in the Holocaust”. Several students also taunted him with papers they had marked with Swastikas, whilst others harassed him and called him a “bad Jew” for voicing criticism of both the Israeli and Palestinian establishments. He also faced antisemitic abuse about his appearance.

A Jewish girl at the same school faced similar bullying.

The school was informed of this bullying early this month and has admitted that it failed to take action. It has since announced that it is taking measures to combat antisemitism and is working with the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Antisemitism.