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Three Jews physically attacked outside Kosher restaurant in Vienna

A 24-year-old man of Turkish origin has allegedly physically assaulted three Jews outside a kosher restaurant in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt district.

Witnesses have said that the alleged assailant jumped the victims, pushing one to the ground before raining down blows on them.

One victim, Daniel, told Heute “I had just walked out of the synagogue and I had my kippah and Tefillin [phylacteries] on, so I was easily recognizable as a Jew. He came at me from behind while I was on my phone and didn’t see him. He jumped me from behind”

The victims were lightly injured, but have expressed how glad they are that the attacker was not armed.

The attacker left the scene and proceeded to attack a bystander, before he was eventually subdued and apprehended by police.