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Romanian monument to IDF defaced with swastikas

Antisemitic slurs were used to deface a monument to members of an Israeli Air Force helicopter that crashed in 2010 killing six Israeli Air Force members and a Romanian soldier.  The vandals covered the monument with typical antisemitic imagery, including swastikas and a drawing of a pig.  The vandals did reveal some minimal linguistic abilities as they were able to spray the Hebrew words for “you’re pigs,” transliterated into Romanian characters!

Tamar Samash, the Israeli ambassador to Romania, via the Israeli police attache in Bucharest, alerted the police who had not heard of the incident, possibly due to the location of the monument in Brasov, a secluded area outside Bucharest.

The memorial commemorates the six soldiers whose helicopter crashed in 2010 during a joint exercise between Israeli and Romanian armed forces.

Everyday Antisemitism

Connecticut man charged with threatening to “slaughter Jews” and “burn their synagogues”

Over a three month period from May to July, Kendall Sullivan, a 50 year-old Connecticut man has been accused of having posted messages on an internet forum for heavy metal fans, in which he threatened to “slaughter Jews” and “burn their synagogues.”  A federal grand jury has indicted him in response to charges brought against him by the FBI.

FBI investigators obtained a warrant to search Sullivan’s home in Stamford, during which they found more than two dozen firearms, gun parts, high-capacity magazines and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

A spokesperson for the FBI’s New Haven division, said that the authorities may have thwarted “a horrific hate crime.”
Sullivan is now in custody. Although comment has been sought from sources close to Sullivan, no responses have been received.

Note: the image shows a drummer who is known for playing in several “National Socialist Black Metal” bands