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Holocaust survivors brutally beaten during sickening antisemitic robbery

Samuel and Diana Blog, an elderly couple who survived the Holocaust were badly beaten during an antisemitic burglary at their home in Amsterdam. Two men, described as middle-aged and of Moroccan descent, entered their home posing as policemen. They shouted: “Dirty Jews, from now on your property is ours.” They brutally beat the elderly couple, tied them up and drugged Diana. Diana’s father was a diamond cutter who had left her a collection of jewellery. The thieves took all of it at gunpoint, threatening to cut off Diana’s fingers when she struggled to remove her rings. The men told Diana: “You dirty Jews. You shouldn’t wear it. You’ve worn it for too long already, now it’s ours.” After they had robbed the couple, the thieves continued to beat them.

Diana, who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp said it was worse than the beatings she received from the Nazis. The couple had been living independently before the attack, but now Diana says she endures crippling pain, and Samuel was blinded. “Those bastards have destroyed our lives,” Samuel said. “I have severe pain. I’m completely broken inside,” Diana added. They will now spend the remainder of their lives wheelchair-bound in hospital.

Their son, Emanuel, is sure that his parents were targeted due to their religion because their home has a large mezuzah on the door, and the attackers continued to beat his parents even after they had stolen everything. He has offered a €12,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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