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Young Parisian Jew beaten up by gang at Métro station for being Jewish

A young Parisian named only as Ruben has been beaten up by a gang of three men in the Montreuil neighbourhood of Paris.

According to BNVCA, the French national antisemitism helpline, Ruben was at Robespierre Métro station at 17:00 on Tuesday when he was accosted by a tall man aged 25-30 of African ethnicity.

The man asked Ruben for a lighter and to state his religion. Out of fear, Ruben said he was a Moroccan Muslim, but the man punched him in the face, saying “No, you’re not Muslim. Everyone from Mayer [a local vocational school] is Jewish. You’re nothing but a dirty Jew.”

The man was then joined by two other men of African ethnicity, their identities concealed by hoods. Ruben was left with bruises over his face and body requiring hospital treatment.

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