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Australian girl who stood up to antisemites faces barrage of Holocaust jokes

A Jewish student who asked antisemites to stop posting offensive material on Facebook was hit with an onslaught of ‘jokes’ about the Holocaust.

The Melbourne student, whose Facebook profile states she attends Bialik College, twice requested that fellow members of the Victorian Certificate of Education discussion page stop posting jokes and memes on the subject.

She said: “It’s really quite rude and offensive. Again, I don’t want to get s— for this post so please don’t comment offensive things and just think about what could offend people. Thanks.”

Many others among the group’s 42,000 members then posted a deluge of puns about gas chambers, comments telling her that “Jews really need to lighten up”, and a doctored image depicting Anne Frank and Hitler in bed.

Those attacking her attended public and private schools including Wantirna College and St Kevin’s College. Neither institution responded to the Herald Sun newspaper’s request for a comment.

“Hitler actually did a lot of good,” wrote a St Kevin’s student. “The autobahns, re-established Germany as a powerful force and got it out of a rut that it had been put into by treaty of Versailles and WWI. I mean obviously a s— bloke, but there were positives for Germany.”

A second Bialik College girl who opposed some comments was told to “relax, it’s just banter”.

Bialik College principal Jeremy Stowe-Lindner said students were strongly encouraged to speak up about injustice and he was heartened students had challenged “appalling bigotry”.

Image: Facebook

Source: CFCA/Daily Mail