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Jewish siblings set upon by blade-wielding assailant in Melbourne in suspected antisemitic attack

Two siblings dressed in traditional Jewish clothing, a 25-year-old woman and her 22-year-old brother were stabbed in an unprovoked attack in Melbourne on 19th May.

The attacker is believed to have hit the man over the head before slashing the woman with some sort of blade in cheek.

The man was treated on the scene, but his sister required hospital treatment.

Anti-Defamation Commission Chairman Dr Abramovich condemned the attack, telling a local newspaper that:

“If this assault, which is shocking on many levels, was in fact driven by antisemitism, it should be investigated as a hate crime”.

Wilson Jacob adds that police are investigating whether the incident was racially motivated.


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Man shouts “Hitler had the right idea” at Jewish woman in Melbourne car park

A Jewish woman has told Australian media about how she was subjected to antisemitic abuse in a car park.

The woman, called Jacqueline, told 3AW about how she was approach out of the blue in the car park of a Coles supermarket by a man calling her an “ugly f*cking Jew”.

She commented that she “couldn’t believe what he had said, I thought he misunderstood, but he repeated the same thing even more viciously and loudly”.

Then as she was about to walk away he shouted “Hitler had the right idea”.

The man was travelling in the passenger seat of a dark-coloured 4WD, driven by a man in his 70s and with a teenage boy in the back.

The victim is Jewish, but has no idea how she was identified as such.

Antisemitic incidents increased by 10% last year in Australia.

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Jewish man’s home in Melbourne vandalized with Nazi graffiti on Christmas Day

A Jewish man in the Elsternwick neighbourhood of Melbourne awoke on Christmas morning to discover that Nazi imagery had been spraypainted onto his house.

Swastikas, “SS” and other Nazi imagery were spraypainted onto the windows and walls of the house, with the vandals having to scale a wall to get to the property, clearly indicating that they had purposely targeted a Jewish household.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, commented

“We decry this disturbing act of bigotry which is an attack on the decency of all Australians

“I am alarmed by the growing level of malicious anti-Semitic vandalism and graffiti which constitutes a matter of great concern. It fits a pattern of increased racist crimes targeting the Jewish community. 

The Nazi swastika is a universal symbol of hate that represents pure evil, and is meant to intimidate and instill fear within religious, ethnic and cultural groups. This type of hate has no place in Australia, and such cowardly attacks are repugnant and are a gross violation of our values. 

There is no doubt that the spike in these threatening incidents, which traumatise the victims and create a climate of fear, serves as a sad reminder that anti-Semitism and racism are on the rise, and the message that must be conveyed by leaders across the political and religious spectrum is that this type of intimidating bigotry will not be tolerated. 

We must all say enough is enough, not in our city, and do all we can to combat this cancer.”

The victim posted photos to a Jewish Facebook group having covered up the graffiti with newspaper, but still felt shocked and disturbed having been the victim of an antisemitic crime.


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Australian neo-Nazis target schools with antisemitic propaganda calling for people to “reject Jewish poison”

Around 60 antisemitic and anti-immigrant posters were plastered on several schools in Melbourne, Australia.

The posters encouraged the public to join neo-Nazi groups and to “reject Jewish poison”, showing a stereotypical antisemitic image of a Jew as a puppet-master directing “multiculturalism” and “degeneracy”, a classic antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Images like this are a clear illustration of how, despite the fact that general anti-immigration and white supremacist ideas are central to the far right’s ideology, Jews are often singled out as the root cause of the “problems” they identify. Here, Jewish domination is portrayed as steering other things they object to.

The neo-Nazi group Antipodean Resistance claimed responsibility for the posters. On their website, the group describe “substance abuse” and “homosexuality” as “irresponsible distractions laid before us by Jews and globalist elites”.

Their website is explicitly neo-Nazi, calling for National Socialism in Australia, and is littered with Nazi imagery, including the Swastika, pagan images associated with neo-Nazism, and the skull image used as a logo by Nazi groups like Combat 18. They claim to be the “Hitlers you’ve been waiting for”.

The Victoria State Education Minister, James Merlino, condemned the posters, stating “these sort of vile and disgusting comments and posters are not acceptable in the community and those individuals that placed them should be ashamed of themselves”.


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Bondi council, Australia, bans construction of new Synagogue due to terrorism fears

A local council has banned the construction of a synagogue in Bondi, Australia. It was alleged that the place of worship could be a terrorist target. Jewish religious leaders have responded to the shock move, stating that the council has caved in to Islamic extremism and created a dangerous precedent.

The decision, which has left the longstanding resident Jewish population shocked, was upheld in court this week in light of the recent alleged airline terror threat.

The Land and Environment Court supported the decision by Waverly Council to prohibit the construction of the synagogue in Wellington St, Bondi, stating it was too much of a security risk for users and residents.

Jewish authorities are concerned with the implications of such a move, suggesting they cannot freely practice their religion because they are a target of Islamist extremists. The head of the local Jewish community said that the council and the court had stifled the freedom of religion and given in to the terrorists. “Its implications are enormous. It basically implies that no Jewish organisation should be allowed to exist in residential areas” Rabbi Yehoram Ulman told

The council pincered all potential negotiation in the design of the synagogue: stating that the security measures put forward in the proposed design were evidence in and of themselves that the site was too much of a security risk. To add insult to injury, the council also said that if the design was then changed to boost security, this would then be unacceptable because the construction would be too unsightly.

The courts made their decision on the following facts:

  • Western countries face a security threat, currently primarily from ISIS;
  • The threat level in Australia is “probable”;
  • Jewish communities across the world are no stranger to the threat of violence and as such will generally take security measures into account when planning, constructing or renovating buildings;
  • The CITED design considers “potential possible threats” that are relevant to Australia; and
  • The design measures focus on the person inside the buildings only.

Commissioner Graham Brown stated that the projects risk assessment was inadequate and upheld the council’s decision. A Waverley Council spokesperson noted the court had support the council’s position, which was supported by several residents’ concerns.

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Australian Imam blames Jews for “LGBT agenda”, “the abortion industry” and “American foreign policy”

An antisemitic Muslim religious leader, Imam Feizel Chothia, who has accused Israel of entering refugee camps so that Israeli soldiers can shoot children, and supports the death penalty for “homosexuals” under Islamic law, has created a partnership with Anglican Reverend Peter Humphries of St. Paul’s Church in Perth, Australia.

According to Chothia, Israel, not only stands for terrorism, but is also the only terrorist in the Middle East; Hamas, ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, suicide bombers, rockets, and knife stabbings that harm Israeli Jews simply do not exist for Chothia.

In addition, according to the Imam’s Facebook page, besides “terrorizing Palestine for about 70 years”, Israeli Jews and American Jews are responsible for:

a) the promotion of “Jewish racial supremacist ideology”, which supports Israel’s “land thievery, terrorism and genocide in Palestine”

b)”the advancement of the LGBT agenda, the abortion industry, [and] the pornography industry” which spreads “Cultural Marxism” throughout the United States and Europe

c) owning and controlling “the major media consortium operating the in the West”

d) “routinely buying American Presidential elections and congressional seats and committee assignments on Capitol Hill”

e) controlling “central banking and globalist TRADE treaties”

f)”Israel’s usurpation of American foreign policy”

It must be emphasized that neither the Anglican Church nor Reverend Humphries supports the imam’s views. However,  due to Chothia’s highly toxic rhetoric and antisemitic Facebook posts, it is deeply troubling that St. Paul’s is not only donating church space for Friday prayer meetings, but is also offering to sell land adjacent to the church, so that Chothia can build a mosque, which will give Chothia a platform to spread his toxic antisemitism.

It is unknown as to why the Anglican church is turning a blind eye to Chothia’s antisemitic commentary. What is particularly worrisome about Chothia is that, while he doesn’t call for violence, he champions Al-Qaeda’s ideology, and has championed the charge that Islamic terrorism is largely innocent and purely a result of American intervention.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Chothia’s absurd comments evoke classic antisemitic tropes. For in Chothia’s eyes, the evil money-mad and power-mad Jews, who delight in creating world-wide suffering, have only one goal: to control the world by owning and controlling the banks, the media, American government, global trade policies and global foreign policies.

In another antisemitic trope, Chothia implies that Jews are evil and are are out to destroy the moral order of the world because they support equal rights for gay people. In fact, in blaming Jews for everything from war and central banking to abortion, Chothia is using Jews as a scapegoat for all the things he sees as problems in the world.

In an article in the Sydney Herald Sun, Chothia states that that he believes in executing homosexuals in order to maintain the “purity of society” and eliminate “elements of perversity”.


Reverend Humphries and the Anglican Church appear to have approached the partnership in good faith, and interfaith dialogue is extremely important to promote tolerance and inclusion. However, there is also a need to prevent such dialogue being dominated by voices of intolerance, particularly those who masquerade as legitimate religious leaders.

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Jewish gym owner called a “f*cking c*cksucking f*cking Jew” for having served in the IDF

Avi Yemini, a former IDF soldier, (Israeli Defense Force), who owns the popular gym, IDF Training, in Melbourne, Australia, received a phone call, on March 14, from an anonymous caller, who threatened to “shoot him in the f**kin’ head'”, and demanded that Yemini get out of Australia, calling him a “f*cking c*cksucking f*cking Jew”.

The phone call was actually answered by a receptionist at the gym’s off-site reception. The Caulfield Police Station, Melbourne, who are currently investigating the incident, declined to speak to the press.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, Yemini said that the operator who spoke to the abusive caller was “very good under the circumstances. It was pretty vile and full on.”

The caller, who, at first, was polite, asked the operator if Yemini was “the ex-IDF bloke”. The operator replied:

“Yeah, 100 per cent.”

“So he knows how to shoot Palestinians,” the caller replied.

Maintaining his calm, the operator remarked: “I’m not too sure to be honest with you.”

The caller responded by delivering an anti-Semitic rant: “He’s a f**kin’ c**ksucker Zionist. Why are you even working there, mate?”

The called went on to say “You tell Avi to get the f**k out of the country, the f**kin’ c**ksucking f**kin’ Jew”

Yemini, who is publicly pro-Israel, told the press that when it comes to the identity of the caller, he has no clue.

Yemini reported the abuse to the police, but he did he not reveal how he traced the call.

Yemeni, who runs his gym with his wife’s assistance, told the press that “we’ve had threats and antisemitic things said to us in the past, but this is [the] worst ever.”

He told Daily Mail Australia that his employees were “on high alert for any potential threats”. Yemini also said that he was being unusually cautious, not only about his own safety, but about the safety of his family: “We are taking it seriously as a real threat, and trying to shut it down before it escalates,” he said.

Being an experienced IDF veteran, has helped Yemini draw patrons to his gym, which has been in operation since 2009. He teaches both Krav Maga, an IDF martial art, along with fitness classes.

Yemini is known for being both a successful businessman, and an outspoken critic of Islamism. He told the Daily Mail Australia: “I am outspoken and criticize aspects of Islam…which is often met with threats, but it won’t stop me”.

Born in Australia to a Chabad family, Yemini is no stranger to bigotry. In a Times of Israel blog post that was posted last June, he wrote: “It was almost normal to hear racial abuse thrown at me when I walked down the street, usually by a passing car, often referencing Hitler, or in some cases, even copping an egg being thrown at me. It was accepted. It was part of being Jewish.”

And it was his devotion to his religious heritage that motivated Yemini to volunteer for the IDF.  Australia, like many countries, allows their citizens to fight in foreign wars, as long as the country is an actual ally.

Although today Yemini is no longer a practicing Orthodox Jew, he is still Jewish: “I am a proud Jew.”  However, Yemini now only wears a yarmulke in synagogue or when he is talking to the media: “I’m making a statement”.

And Yemini is dedicated to sharing his personal statement with other Australian Jews. He told The Times of Israel:”My pride in my heritage and my people does not stop there [identifying as Jewish]. I have made it my business to promote it.

According to The Times of Israel, Yemini not only opened his gym for financial reasons, but also because he wanted “to show Australian Jews that being a proud Jew, being a proud Zionist can work for you. It can and should be a part of your business plan. It was and is [a part of] ours.”

Understanding all too well the many challenges that come with being openly Jewish, Yemini says that he is willing to debate issues with everyone, including Muslims. However, Yemini says that attacking people over race and religion is “unacceptable”: “When you’re talking about shooting someone in the face, you’re crossing a line whether you meant it or not”.

Since Yemini’s case is an on-going investigation, the outcome is unknown. But it is important to acknowledge countries, like Australia, who actively investigate threats against Jews.  Unfortunately, what Avi Yemini experienced has become an all too familiar story.

The global rise of anti-Semitism has turned too many Jews into victims, and, even more tragically, into murder victims. Therefore, it is imperative that Jewish leaders continue to press for a vigorous response from both the police and the courts, in order to successfully attack “the longest hatred”.




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Neo-Nazi group litters Jewish neighbourhood in Melbourne with Swastika stickers

The self-described “National Socialist” group Antipodean Resistance has stuck swastika stickers on poles and lampposts throughout Balaclava Road, a Jewish area of Melbourne.

CFCA reports that the group purposely targeted the area which has a higher-than-average Jewish population.

Antipodean Resistance is a Neo-Nazi group which is based largely in the Melbourne area in Australia. The group describes itself as “the Hitlers you’ve been waiting for” and seems to be militant in its approach, claiming that they want “no weaklings, degenerates, and no keyboard warriors” and calling for “action”.

The say that they “oppose substance abuse, homosexuality, and all other rotten, irresponsible distractions laid before us by Jews and globalist elites”.

The group is clearly both militant and unashamedly neo-Nazi. They appear to be quite organised, and have previously orchestrated similar “raids” at Melbourne University.

Though the appearance of Swastika stickers may appear harmless, it is clearly an attempt by this group to intimidate the local Jewish community with the knowledge that a group of militant neo-Nazis are on their doorstep.

On their website, the group brags about several other similar incidents, and speaks about how the Jewish area was “ethnically homogeneous”, using this as an excuse to peddle a conspiracy theory about Jews promoting mass immigration.

They have also produced extremely worrying rhetoric about other ethnic minorities and homosexuals, including mocking high suicide rates among LGBT individuals and calling for it to increase.

We hope that Melbourne police will take decisive action, and will update our readers when we have more information.

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Jewish man harassed while driving in Melbourne

A Jewish man has reportedly been harassed while driving in a suburb of Melbourne.

The CFCA reported that the man was pursued by a very aggressive driver.

They then stopped alongside each other at some traffic lights. The man in the other car unleashed a torrent of antisemitic abuse, shouting about the “fucking Jews” and bringing up the “occupied territories”.

According to the definition of antisemitism, “holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel” is antisemitic. Beyond this, whilst some people may feel a bubble of security when in their own cars, harassing someone who is driving is still extremely dangerous.

Further details are not yet known.

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Australia: Man charged with terrorism after making “how to” videos about killing Jews

A man in Australia is being charged with a series of terrorism-related offences after he allegedly produced a series of videos inciting violence against Jews.

The man, 50, was arrested by police in Adelaide on Thursday, and is being charged with four counts of advocating terrorism, each of which carries a potential 5 year sentence.

His lawyer has claimed that her client has mental health difficulties, and his initial hearing took place via telephone from the state infirmary.

Commonwealth Prosecutor, John Clover, said:

“In each video the defendant is depicted advocating with other persons engaged in acts of terrorism via the defendant providing explicit verbal instructions as well as physical demonstrations with weapons as to how to kill Jewish people”.

We applaud the action of the police and prosecution services, who have assured Jewish communities in Australia that there is no heightened risk as a result of the videos.


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WW2 graves vandalized with swastikas and antisemitic graffiti

A graveyard in New South Wales, Australia, which houses the graves of WW2 veterans, has been desecrated with antisemitic graffiti.

Police attended Nowra Cemetery on Kalandar Street in Nowra yesterday, finding nine gravestones damaged.

One had “die Jues die” (sic) painted on it.

Other graves had Swastikas on them.

Shoalhaven police believe the vandalism occurred between 11:30am and 12:30pm on Tuesday, and are appealing for witnesses.

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Bondi Beach High St., Australia defaced with multiple Swastikas, racist messages

Swastikas and other racist iconography and pieces of graffiti have been drawn in permanent marker on the main street of Bondi Beach.

Police were called to Campbell Parade, were they discovered 15 separate pieces of far-right graffiti.

As well as several swastikas, police found the words “Not white? Not right”.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff described the graffiti as a “hate crime”, continuing: “it is hurtful (to Jewish people) given the swastika represents Nazi Germany, at the same time it’s offensive to all Australians because Australia fought against Nazi Germany”.

Eastern Suburbs Police are taking the matter seriously and are investigating it as a hate crime.

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Article on Armenian genocide prompts antisemitic comments and Holocaust denial

An article about the Australian government’s dealings with an organisation that denies the Armenian genocide prompted a spate of antisemitic comments denying the Holocaust.

The article by Meher Grigorian, published in the New Matilda online magazine, discussed the Australian Human Rights Commission’s connection with the Turkish Advocacy Alliance (ATAA) via its “Racism: It Stops With Me” campaign.

Grigorian argued that the ATAA and Turkish government aim to diminish the crimes of the Ottoman authorities and explain the mass murder of civilians as a matter of “military necessity”, while blaming the victims for the atrocities committed against them.

The ATAA’s website states: “…there is no historical evidence showing that [the] Ottoman Government ordered a systematical [sic] killing of the Armenian people like Hitler did against the Jewish people in Europe,” which it has been argued desecrates the memory of the Holocaust by using it to diminish another genocide.

The article’s comments section soon attracted a contribution about Jews being responsible for the world’s evils. When alerted, New Matilda removed the comment and stated that any members engaging in Holocaust denial would be banned.

This prompted a response from a convicted Holocaust denier named Fredrick Toben, who runs an antisemitic website. He asked: “…does this mean your site will not even entertain discussing how the Holocaust narrative has changed over the past three decades?”

Another reader argued that Jews and Americans lead an attempt to ignore genocides other than the Holocaust, and that the “…Zionist-subverted Western Mainstream media ignore the ongoing Palestinian Genocide … and the US Alliance-imposed carnage in the Muslim World…”.

Another contributor offered conspiracy theories about the “Freemason Zionist” B’nai B’rith organisation, linking to a White Pride organisation by way of evidence.

And yet another tried to play down the Holocaust by asking: “Isn’t acceptance of the Armenian genocide ’minimising the holocaust’ by admitting there have been other and just as deadly holocausts since humans learnt to kill?”

New Matilda’s editor promised that “any comments which seek to minimise or deny the Holocaust will result in an immediate ban of the reader from our site.”

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Australian White Student Union declares “We will consider it a success when Jewish people no longer exist”

Facebook has removed “The Macquarie University White Student Union Page”,  after it was reported by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry for antisemitic comments, including: “We will consider it a success when Jewish people no longer exist and all that remains is a vibrant, multicultural and diverse populace.”

In December, the Facebook group’s administrator posted a photo of Israeli tennis player Dudi Sela holding an Israeli flag at the Australian Open, writing: “The flag is racist…How dare he fly it so proudly in Australia, a country which stands for diversity, tolerance and vibrancy.”

The White Student Union is not officially registered with Macquarie University and a spokesperson from the university said: “It has been created by a third-party community group, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Macquarie University.”

Source: JP Updates

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Australian councillor suggests Jews are targeted because they “draw attention to themselves”

Oscar Lobo, a local councillor in Glen Eira, Australia, is reported to have claimed that Jewish people in Melbourne make themselves targets of attack by drawing attention to themselves.

During a debate about public security, discussing the issue of armed guards at Jewish public events, Lobo remarked, “Maybe people in that community wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked if they didn’t draw attention to themselves.”

The remark caused uproar and several colleagues condemned the statement as antisemitic. Amid calls to stand down and apologise, Lobo retracted his remark but failed to issue an apology. Instead, he reinforced his position a few days later, stating, “What I said was that they [Jewish people in Melbourne] were well protected by the Government and that all this extra security would only draw more attention to themselves.”

Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich has called on Lobo to “unreservedly apologise for his thoughtless and hurtful words.” Lobo has not responded.

Source: Herald Sun

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Movie News Guide slams Adam Sandler because “he is Jewish and he likes to talk about it”

Movie News Guide has published an article with the headline: “Adam Sandler is becoming the most hated celebrity because he talks Jewish shop all the time”.

The article’s author, Meghna Subhedhar, gives her analysis of what she perceives as Sandler’s waning popularity: “He is probably becoming unpopular because he keeps playing the Jew card.”

Adding depth to her analysis, Subhedhar continued: “Who could forget the fact that Adam Sandler is a Jew. I mean, he is always playing the bumbling Jew in all of his comedies. He was recently on the Howard Stern Show where he told the listeners that he loved Israel because his parents told him to.” During the show, Sandler’s reference to Israel had been to say: “I like when you get upset about Israel, and I get nervous about Israel too. That’s from my house. My father and mother– very pro-Israel…I grew up being proud of being a Jew and that’s what I am.”

The article concludes with more blatant antisemitism: “Now there is another reason to hate the man [Sandler], he is Jewish and he likes to talk about it. Tablet magazine reports that Sandler hasn’t been in a fight since his Bar Mitzvah. Well, the internet is bringing the fight to him.”

Movie News Guide can be contacted at [email protected], and the Australian company which appears to own Movie News Guide can be contacted at [email protected].

Source: Israellycool/Movie News Guide


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Nazi and Islamic symbols daubed on century-old Australian synagogue

A century-old synagogue in an Australian outback city has been defaced by antisemitic vandals.

Nazi and Islamic symbols were discovered on Monday on the building in Broken Hill, New South Wales, which no longer has a congregation and is maintained as an historic attraction.

Margaret Price, who looks after the Synagogue of the Outback Museum on behalf of the Broken Hill Historical Society, found the graffiti when she arrived to prepare for a visit by tourists.

She said: “I can only ever remember one other such attack about ten years ago when the building was daubed with swastikas on Hitler’s birthday and a bookstore was defaced in 2010 with Nazi symbols at this time of year as it featured items being shown in a Jewish promotion for Hanukkah.

“Although there is no Jewish presence in the city these days, I grew up with Jews and my family worked with them. They were Broken Hillers and a strong part of our community. We are dismayed by this scurrilous attack on the building on the very day of its 105th anniversary.”

The Broken Hill Synagogue was established for a small Jewish community in what was then a prosperous mining town, which lies in far west New South Wales, 400 km from Adelaide and 1500km from Sydney. Most Jews had left the city by the 1950s, and the building closed in 1962 until its reopening as a heritage centre in 1990.

The CEO of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies noted that the vandalism will end up depleting funds for other local historic buildings including a mosque.

Vic Alhadeff said: “The bigotry inherent in any such attack is exacerbated by the idiocy of the perpetrators. The Broken Hill Synagogue…is cared for by the same dedicated group of volunteers who take care of a mosque and two museums in the city, so attacking it impacts those other institutions too as funds will now have to be raised to remove the graffiti. All acts of racism are strongly condemned, and how much more so in a city which was built on its multicultural ethos, with Jews having a long and proud history in Broken Hill until recently.”

Detective Inspector Michael Stoltenberg, of Broken Hill’s police force, said: “The police are canvassing the area and making enquiries as to who did this to our synagogue. These sorts of incidents are not common in our area and we want it to stay that way.”

Source: J-Wire


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Australian Holocaust denier’s lawsuit thrown out as “abuse of process”

According to the New South Wales Supreme Court in Australia, notorious “historian” Fredrick Toben wanted to use a defamation case against The Australian newspaper as a platform to argue that the Holocaust never happened, and to air his antisemitic views. The court dismissed his legal action as an abuse of process.

The Australian reports: “Justice McCallum found that Dr Toben’s own evidence under cross-examination persuaded her he had not the least interest in vindicating his reputation against imputations that he fabricated history about the Holocaust, was a Holocaust denier and was an antisemite with a racist anti-Jewish agenda who had been ­jailed in Germany and Australia.”

The judge said: “The defendants have established to my satisfaction that Dr Toben seeks by these proceedings to manipulate the process of the court to create a forum in which to assert the very views by the ­attribution with which he claims to have been defamed.”

Justice McCallum said that Toben appeared to deny he held any views on the Holocaust and was “merely a philosopher” interested in “philosophical discourse”. She rejected this as “cynical and disingenuous”.

“It is a transparent rhetorical device in which Dr Toben’s own anti-Semitic views are deliberately attributed to a straw man … so as to enable Dr Toben to record views he plainly espouses on a pretended lawful basis,” she said.

She noted that as recently as last December he had published material on his website questioning the history of the Holocaust.

Source: The Australian

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Hacker sends 4m “Death to the Jews” SMS messages after breaching phone network

A hacker attempted to send more than 4m text messages saying “Death to the Jews” by exploiting the network of a global telecommunications company, according to a report in The Guardian. Around 5,000 messages were successfully sent through the SMS Global system, evading the company’s blocks.

The newspaper’s investigation attributed the sending of the antisemitic text message to a data breach dating back to 2013, when hackers managed to access the systems of SMS Global, which provides messaging services for “some of the world’s best known brands” and has more than one million customers worldwide.

The identity of the hacker remains unknown, but they attempted in April 2015 to send more than four million messages to phone numbers across the Middle East, reading “Our motto forever: Death to America, Death to the Jews.”

SMS Global’s clients include Nestle Waters, Serco, Etihad Airways, Emirates Transport, Tecom, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, the Australian Football League and law enforcement agencies around the world. SMSGlobal’s corporate structure is based largely in Australia through SMS Global Investments Pty Ltd, SMS Global Holdings and SMSGlobal Pty Ltd.

Source: The Guardian

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Jewish concert-goers find car defaced with antisemitic messages

Jewish concert-goers in Australia returned to their car after the festival to find it defaced with antisemitic messages including “F*** Jews” and a swastika. Jemma Davis posted a photograph on the festival’s Facebook page which attracted further antisemitic comments, including from Connor Craddock who commented: “I’m going to gas your family belle”.

Source: 9News

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Crazed Australian yells at Jews to “go back to Israel”, then lashes out

Charges have been brought by police in Melbourne, Australia, after a man started screaming at Jews outside Adass Israel synagogue to “go back to Israel”. The man then lunged at a Jewish man who wrestled him to the ground and restrained him until local police arrived. It has been reported that the incident began after a group of men trying to steal a scooter was challenged by Jewish bystanders.

Earlier this month a Jewish man was punched and called a “f***ing Jew” in Melbourne.

Source: AJN

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Australian Jewish man punched in the neck and called “F***ing Jew” on way home

An Australian Jewish man has been punched in the neck by an assailant who called him a “F***ing Jew” in an unprovoked attack. The 22-year-old man was on his way home from synagogue in Melbourne when he was accosted by a drunk man railing about Israel. The man snatched his Jewish victim’s glasses, bent them, handed them back and punched his victim in the neck. Another Jewish man passing by in a car saw the incident and started shouting at the attacker. An off-duty policeman presented himself and the attacker fled the scene, dropping his wallet as he left. Local police have confirmed that they have the attacker’s details from his wallet and are investigating.

Source: Australian Jewish News

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Australian girl who stood up to antisemites faces barrage of Holocaust jokes

A Jewish student who asked antisemites to stop posting offensive material on Facebook was hit with an onslaught of ‘jokes’ about the Holocaust.

The Melbourne student, whose Facebook profile states she attends Bialik College, twice requested that fellow members of the Victorian Certificate of Education discussion page stop posting jokes and memes on the subject.

She said: “It’s really quite rude and offensive. Again, I don’t want to get s— for this post so please don’t comment offensive things and just think about what could offend people. Thanks.”

Many others among the group’s 42,000 members then posted a deluge of puns about gas chambers, comments telling her that “Jews really need to lighten up”, and a doctored image depicting Anne Frank and Hitler in bed.

Those attacking her attended public and private schools including Wantirna College and St Kevin’s College. Neither institution responded to the Herald Sun newspaper’s request for a comment.

“Hitler actually did a lot of good,” wrote a St Kevin’s student. “The autobahns, re-established Germany as a powerful force and got it out of a rut that it had been put into by treaty of Versailles and WWI. I mean obviously a s— bloke, but there were positives for Germany.”

A second Bialik College girl who opposed some comments was told to “relax, it’s just banter”.

Bialik College principal Jeremy Stowe-Lindner said students were strongly encouraged to speak up about injustice and he was heartened students had challenged “appalling bigotry”.

Image: Facebook

Source: CFCA/Daily Mail