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Russia Today correspondent posts claim that Russian airliner was downed by Israel on orders from Jewish oligarchs

Pepe Escobar, a Brazilian journalist for Russia Today and Asia Times has posted an antisemitic conspiracy theory on Facebook suggesting that the Russian airliner brought down over the Sinai peninsula on 31st October. The post alleges that Mossad downed the airliner on the orders of Jewish oligarchs in revenge for Russia stopping them from looting Russia and Ukraine.

Escobar posted:


Here’s what we know from Saudi intel.

For Saudi intel, Daesh in Egypt is American and Mossad-inspired, and an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Saudi sources, they are very well trained and equipped. “Massive amounts of weapons” were handed over by the Americans.

And yet they pledged allegiance to “Caliph”, Ibrahim, a.k.a. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Daesh, as we all know, proclaims is wish to liberate Mecca and Medina.

But not Jerusalem.

Enter the plot circulating silently among some very powerful trans-Atlantic business players.

Via a simple Bill Clinton trongulaton, they have come to a hit on the Metrojet perpetrated by Mossad.

Because Russia had to pay for breaking Jewish oligarchs financed by Lord Rothschild who were looting the country on a trillion dollar binge; and because Russia had to pay for moving against Jewish oligarchs in Ukraine.


Source: Adam Holland

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