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Holocaust survivor reports physical and verbal harassment from gang in Berlin

Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus (RIAS), a watchdog organisation based in Germany that tracks instances of antisemitism, released details on Thursday regarding information it received earlier this year. A Holocaust survivor, based in Berlin, reports receiving antisemitic physical and verbal harassment from a group of five youths as she returned home from attending synagogue in Berlin’s Charlottenburg in April 2015.

She reports that she was travelling on the underground train system, when one of the youths said “Shabbat shalom” to her in a loud, aggressive voice. She was then pushed, shoved and stared at in a threatening manner. The group made several remarks in Arabic, which she was unable to understand. She left the train prematurely, fearing further attack.

She remarks that the atmosphere in the area surrounding her synagogue has become palpably more hostile since summer 2014.

Source: RIAS