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Greek politician suggests Jews emigrated from France because they had advance warning of Paris attacks

A former member of the right-wing Independent Greeks party has asked whether thousands of French Jews moved to Israel earlier this year because they had been told of last Friday’s terror attacks in advance.

On Saturday Panos Leliatsos posted on Facebook that 9,000 French Jews moved to Israel three months ago after being summoned by the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.

Leliatsos asked: “Does it tell you something?” (Greek: ‘σας λέει κάτι’), implying that they knew of a Jewish plot to stage the attacks and pin the blame on Muslims.

Leliatsos also posted a link to an article that actually undermined his argument: it explained that many French Jews made aliyah in the aftermath of January’s terror attack on Hypercacher, a kosher supermarket in Paris.

His comments came to light after being repeated on Greek right-wing conspiracy theory blog Anemos Anatropis.

Source: CFCA/The New Antisemite