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Facebook user Rizwan Latif believes Jews control the media, NATO, UN and politicians

A Facebook user calling himself Rizwan Latif, who says he lives in Cardiff, has commented on Facebook that Jews control the media, NATO, UN and politicians. Responding to a Facebook post claiming that the media and police were using the terrorist stabbing in Leytonstone, Greater London on Sunday to “falsely…promote the narrative of a Muslim enemy within our borders”, Latif commented: “Media and its Jooish agenda”. Latif added: “I will shout it from facebooks proverbial roof top. It’s the feckin jooz…Media and press owned and controlled by jooz. Check owners and editors. Mostly jooz Most of the American British and European politicians owned and controlled by jooz. All others are slaves of the banks. IMF etc Nato and UN serviced by jooz.”

Source: Facebook

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