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Respected German political blog promotes “There’s No Business Like Shoah Business” article by 9/11 conspiracy theorist

One of Germany’s most respected political blogs, NachDenkSeiten, has been drawing negative attention for promotioning controversial conspiracy theorists, widely criticised as antisemtic.

The blog, which receives around 100,000 hits per day on average, recently gave a platform to a piece by prominent ‘9/11  Truther’ theorist Mathias Bröckers, entitled “There’s No Business Like Shoah Business”. Shoah is the Hebrew name for the Holocaust. In the article, Bröckers refers to “overcoming [the] ideological instrumentalisation of the Holocaust” and that “too much ‘Shoah-Business’ leads to tunnel vision.”

He goes on to complain that “the discourse in Germany around Jewish matters has become tragically absurd” and that it is not possible to “criticise the business dealings of billionaire Zuckerberg and banker Rothschild…or expose the scheming of the ‘financial elite’ or ‘Federal Reserve’ without being compared to Hilter.”

He also states that “Past and present, Jews are not the only victims of discrimination [such as racism and the hatred of others] and are more than capable of being ‘perpetrators’ themselves (be it in Gaza or matters of business ethics).”

Bröckers is the author of the widely read article, “The Kosher Conspiracy”, published in the aftermath of 9/11, in which he claims Israel knew about the attacks on the World Trade Centre before they occurred and deliberately withheld this information from the US government.

In October, NachDenkSeiten featured the work of controversial historian Daniele Ganser, who is also known for promoting antisemtic 9/11 theories. Ganser holds popular lectures in Germany, where he is reported to claim “New York Jew Larry Silverstein” ordered the demolition of World Trade Center Tower 7.

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