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South African antisemitic conspiracy theorist ordered to cease and desist

The Equality Court in Durban, South Africa has ordered Snowy Smith, a vehement antisemite to apologise and stop sending antisemitic e-mails. Magistrate Aletta Moolman issued an injunction requiring Smith to cease and desist at the request of the South African Jewish community. In issuing the injunction, Moolman remarked: “The e-mails distributed by Smith impinge adversely on the dignity of the Jewish people and constitute hate speech against people of the Jewish faith or belief and ethnic origin.”

Smith’s e-mails were deranged, and obsessed about a “New World Order” conspiracy led by world Jewry. Excerpts from the e-mails included:

  • “The enemy is Zionist Jew, freemasons, communism, fascist, military dictatorship new world order. Most Zionist Jews are freemasons.”
  • “The Zionist Jew NWO (new world order) orchestrated and systematically planned the downfall of every White Owned, White Run Country in Africa, including South Africa using communism.”
  • “The Zionist Jew NWO orchestrated and systematically planned the last World War and almost every war and or major revolution in history.”
  • “There is only one group of terrorists in the world today and they are Zionist Chabad Freemasons, Illuminati Jews and the Billionaire Wall Street Bankers. We know exactly where they are.”

Source: South African Jewish Report

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