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Jewish cemetery daubed with Islamist graffiti in Polish town where Jews were wiped out

Vandals in Sochaczew, Poland desecrated a Jewish cemetery last Sunday night, daubing the prayer room with graffiti saying “F*** Jews,” “[The] Holocaust never happened,” “Islam will dominate” and “Islamic State was here.” A Star of David was depicted hanging from a noose.

The Jewish cemetery is located next to graves for Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians and Muslims. The entire Jewish population of the town was wiped out by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Director of the Museum of Sochaczew and Battlefield on Bzura, Paul Rozdżestwieński, said in a statement: “As museum professionals and at the same time residents of Sochaczew, we are ashamed of such behaviour and we would like to ask all residents to help organise the restoration of the dignified appearance of Sochaczew cemetery.”

Source: CFCA/Na Temat

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