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Man calls for gas chambers to “clean” Jewish members from New York school board

In a dispute between town officials and the large local Jewish community in East Ramapo, one Facebook user has resorted to calling for the use of gas chambers.

The dispute centres on the local Jewish community’s actions on the education board, which have met with fierce opposition by activists who have even resorted to threats and intimidation. School board member Yonah Rothman condemned the behaviour of activists who “want only more chaos and endless conflict with the Jewish community” in an open letter printed by the Rockland County Times.

In the comments section beneath the letter, Facebook user Edward Branca wrote: “The East Ramapo School Board needs a massive cleaning up. The Board’s members should be escorted to a shower room and given a good group shower. That would solve the East Ramapo problem once and for all.” When asked by another user whether the comment was “a veiled attempt to ask for gas chambers,” Branca simply replied: “Yes”.

Source: CFCA/Rockland County Times

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