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Man in Germany physically assaulted, spat at and called “miserable Jew” by gang

It has been reported that a man in Kassel, Germany was attacked in October after a group of three people spotted a rainbow Star of David badge on his bag.

Two, tall, stocky middle-aged men and a woman, alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol, followed the victim as he tried to escape to a nearby bus stop. As they followed him, they shouted abuse at him such as “Spastic”.

The group cornered the man at the bus stop. The woman spat at him and called him a “miserable Jew”. The victim was pinned against the glass of the stop but managed to struggle free. This infuriated the group and they became increasingly agitated.

A passerby shouted that she had called the police and they were on their way. The attackers then moved on. It is not known if arrests were made.

Source: BGA-Kassel