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UK Islamist cell targets young women by glorifying ISIS and accusing “filthy Jews” of killing innocents

A documentary, The British Women Supporters Unveiled, which aired on Channel 4 in the UK, shows how a secret cell of British Islamist women is spreading antisemitic propaganda and encouraging young female Muslims to join ISIS.

The group, who were filmed in a year-long undercover operation, holds highly secretive meetings called Islamic Talks for sisters or Islamic Circles for women. In these meetings, they tell young Muslim women that Britain is waging a war against them and that those who do not support ISIS will be destroyed by Allah.

Some of these meetings are held in Government-funded community centres and take place in front of children.

One of the leading members is a mother of four, Rubana, who lives in London. She is a well-known extremist and has been an instrumental member of several, now-banned organisations, including al-Muhajiroun, which is said to have been behind 50% of UK terror plots, including the 7/7 London bombings and the Lee Rigby murder.

In a two-hour, covertly-filmed lecture, Rubana states that the “good days have already begun [because an Islamic State has been established].”

In a reference to the attacks against ISIS, she adds: “It’s not the first time nations have plotted against the believers. It’s not the first time the alliance has been formed like they have now with this coalition against the Khilafah [Islamic State]. But Allah one by one he will destroy them.”

She goes on to accuse “filthy Jews” of killing innocent Muslim women and children.

Another of the group is Umm Saalihah, has lived at the same address as Mohammed Shamsuddin, who was arrested last year on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and being a member of al-Muhajiroun.

On Twitter, Saalihah has said it is “necessary” to live under the khilafah.

A third woman, under the name Umm Usmaan, has tweeted: “Go to Sham (Syria) for it is the best of Allahs [sic] lands on earth.”

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