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Neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action active in Feltham, London

Stickers from the neo-Nazi terrorist organisation National Action have been spotted in Feltham.

National Action was officially proscribed as a terrorist organisation by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, following pressure from Campaign Against Antisemitism. This means that under the Terrorism Act, it is illegal to recruit for, be a member of or express support for the group, which includes displaying its symbols.

The stickers say “White Zone”, and feature an image of a man with his face covered performing a Nazi salute. National Action has previously declared areas of Liverpool to be “Nazi-controlled zones“.

The stickers were found outside Burger King and Pizza Hut in Feltham, but it is unknown whether there are others. An image of one of the stickers was released in a Facebook group, to near-universal condemnation of the neo-Nazi activity from local residents, though one suggested that they were put there by “people you’d least expect”, implying that this was a kind of “false flag” by people who are opposed to the group.

It is not currently known whether this indicates a growing presence of National Action in the area, but it appears to mirror tactics used in areas such as Liverpool where they eventually became quite prominent.

The police have been notified.

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Expel professor for being a “bitter Jew” demands Goldsmiths student

Campaign Against Antisemitism has been sent a photograph of a board at Goldsmiths, University of London, which suggested that a Jewish lecturer who is an expert in antisemitism should be fired for being a “bitter Jew”.

The comment was scrawled on a suggestion board which asks: ”What do you think teaching and learning should look like in 2022?” But for one student the campus only needed one improvement. They wrote: ”No more David Hirsh, no more Zionism — a bitter Jew“ appended by a smiley face.

David Hirsh is a lecturer of Sociology at Goldsmiths, and is known for writing about antisemitism, and for highlighting the link between anti-Israel student activists and antisemitism.

Describing a lecturer as being a “bitter Jew” and calling for them to lose their job is inherently antisemitic.

Last year the Student Union of Goldsmiths reported “repeated instances” of antisemitic graffiti, including swastikas. One piece read: “Goldsmiths it’s the symbol of world Jewry!”

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Journalist’s hard-hitting exposé is scathing of festering antisemitism at SOAS, but will SOAS finally act?

A hard-hitting feature by Rosamund Urwin in London’s Evening Standard has exposed to London’s public the sad truth that most British Jews have long known: that SOAS, the School of Oriental and African Studies, might just as well be named the School of Antisemitism.

Noting SOAS students’ reputation for championing civil rights, and its proud tradition of nurturing future activists from 133 countries around the world, Urwin calls out the festering antisemitism that stains SOAS’s image with hypocrisy. Urwin is scathing in her analysis, pointing out that SOAS Students’ Union has a People of Colour Officer, two Anti-Racism Officers and an Equality and Liberation Co-President.

Urwin calls out the festering antisemitism that stains SOAS’s image with hypocrisy.

In December the cross-bench peer Baroness Deech told the Daily Telegraph’s Education Editor, Camilla Turner, that “amongst Jewish students there is gradually a feeling that there are certain universities that you should avoid — definitely SOAS”.

Incidents at SOAS have been causing serious concern, and those concerns centre around the activities of SOAS Palestine Society. Urwin notes that the Palestine Society is a dominant force on campus: “The Israel-Palestine conflict dominates discussion of global affairs at many universities but nowhere more so than at SOAS. In 2015 the union held a referendum where it voted to boycott Israel. And last year, it held an Israeli Apartheid Week ‘to raise awareness of Israel’s apartheid policies over the Palestinian people’.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism can reveal that the Palestine Society receives more funding than all but two of the 187 other non-sport societies at SOAS, receiving approximately 8% of the funds spent on non-sport societies every year.

It seems unlikely that the current leaders of the Palestine Society will face any consequences for arranging an antisemitic lecture on their campus.

In November, Campaign Against Antisemitism filed a complaint over an antisemitic event lecture organised by SOAS Palestine Society and the response we received showed little urgency. SOAS told us that the Students’ Union — a separate body — had investigated and was now in discussions with the Charity Commission. We found that the Students’ Union had declared the event not to have been antisemitic and that is what they told the Charity Commission. We wrote to the Charity Commission to set the record straight, but now it seems that nobody at SOAS intends to do anything to right this wrong until the Charity Commission has investigated, which is likely to take until after the protagonists have graduated and left SOAS for good. It seems unlikely that the current leaders of the Palestine Society will face any consequences for arranging an antisemitic lecture on their campus.

Shortly after the antisemitic lecture, in response to criticism, the Palestine Society planned a new event. SOAS’s Jewish students discovered that the Palestine Society planned to hold an event defining antisemitism, telling Jews what they are allowed to find offensive, and attempting to justify certain forms of Jew-hatred. It is hard to imagine SOAS inviting a speaker to tell black or gay students that they are no longer allowed to be offended by certain types of racism or homophobia — such an event would trigger a national outcry. In this case, there was only a Jewish outcry, and Palestine Society was quietly pressed to cancel the event, which they did.

“Some students tell me they are too scared to wear the star of David, or speak Hebrew”

Intimidation of Jewish students at SOAS is not difficult, mainly because the Jewish student population is small: Urwin discovered a 2016 Freedom of Information request which found that only 39 of the 5,900 students at SOAS admitted to being Jewish on their signup forms, and Avrahum Sanger, President of SOAS Jewish Society says that only about seven are active in Jewish life on campus, such that it is. “Some students tell me they are too scared to wear the star of David, or speak Hebrew, and Israeli students don’t want to attend Jewish events because they’re afraid of being singled out,” Sanger tells Urwin. He continues: “Even I feel uneasy when I go into the student union. And yet someone from the student union told me that the anti-racism officers didn’t have a mandate to address antisemitism as it wasn’t in their manifesto. Anyway, the only form of antisemitism people think of here is Hitler.”

It is no surprise. Graffiti found at SOAS in April last year threatened “BDS or else”, referring to the campaign to sever all ties with Israel. But Israel is the place from which Judaism originates and where half of the world’s Jewish population lives. Since its establishment it has been the one country that offers persecuted Jews from around the world unconditional safe haven. It is the religious and cultural heart of Judaism. To tell Jews that they will be treated as pariahs unless they renounce all connection to Israel and Israelis is antisemitic. Yet not only is that what SOAS’ few Jewish students are expected to do according to their Students’ Union, this graffiti appears to be threatening violence if they fail to comply. Few incidents are recorded in graffiti however, and we hear of too many incidents in which Jewish students are told, for example: “Why don’t you and your family f*** off to Israel?”

It is sobering to imagine for a moment that you are a Jewish student returning from lectures, and you stumble upon a vigil held for terrorist thugs who killed Jews for being Jews at the behest of genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisations like Hamas.

The influence of extremism on campus is also clear, though rarely highlighted. One such glimpse came in November 2015, when the Palestine Society organised a “vigil” commemorating the deaths of 72 Palestinian “martyrs” despite the fact that some of the “martyrs” were Islamist terrorists who had been killed attempting to murder Israeli Jews for being Jews, and who had declared allegiance to terrorist groups proscribed under EU and British terrorism laws. The absurd coverage of the resulting controversy in SOAS Spirit, a student newspaper, shows the nature of discourse on campus. It is sobering to imagine for a moment that you are a Jewish student returning from lectures, and you stumble upon a vigil held for terrorist thugs who killed Jews for being Jews at the behest of genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisations like Hamas.

Sanger feels that the situation is desperate. He revealed to Urwin that he has proposed an emergency motion at the Students’ Union, calling for equality for Jewish students. Having to propose such a motion at a major British university in 2017 should be the stuff of nightmares, not reality. Sanger’s motion highlights the disappearance of kosher provision and the withdrawal of a Jewish prayer area. He also wants the Students’ Union to appoint a Jewish Officer to work with the Anti-Racism Officers and to help to organise a workshop on antisemitism in Freshers’ Week.

Campaign Against Antisemitism continues to pursue its complaints with SOAS and the Charity Commission. We are extremely grateful to Rosamund Urwin for her coverage of this issue, and to Avrahum Sanger for his bravery in standing up to antisemitism at SOAS.

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LBC and the Daily Mail must deal firmly with Katie Hopkins after her latest publicity-craving provocation

Katie Hopkins has built her career as a publicity-craving ‘provocateur’ but yesterday she crossed a line.

Some celebrities who thrive on outrage make genuine mistakes, but often they will deliberately wound and then apologise just to generate headlines. We cannot imagine that her latest move is a mistake.

Ms Hopkins has retweeted an American neo-Nazi called “AntiJuden” whose profile includes a swastika and the emblem of Hitler’s SS. The American neo-Nazi had cheered her support for racial profiling, tweeting: “Now that is the way it should be told”.  Even without examining its timeline, the virulently antisemitic nature of the account, which now appears to have been closed down by its owner, should have been immediately apparent to Ms Hopkins.

When the inevitable Twitter backlash arrived, Ms Hopkins could have taken the opportunity to redeem herself by issuing a full and genuine apology. Instead, she tweeted a mealy-mouthed apology which trivialised the account’s extremist antisemitic views by referring to it as merely “dodgy” and was accompanied by a photo of Ms Hopkins striking a forthright pose but with a teardrop photoshopped onto her cheek, leaving little doubt as to the insincerity of her words.

Ms Hopkins has prior form in this area. In the run-up to the last General Election, she attracted opprobrium and scorn for making a Holocaust joke about the then Labour leader, Ed Milliband, who is Jewish, and his wife Justine.

If yesterday’s episode was indeed an accident, Ms Hopkins has made herself accident prone. Having built her career on trolling the airwaves, she has developed quite a following amongst neo-Nazis like “AntiJuden”, which cannot come as any surprise to the LBC producers and Daily Mail editors who decided to give her a platform as a presenter and columnist. LBC thrives on debate, but having taken Ken Livingstone off air after his claim that Hitler supported Zionism, if they retain Katie Hopkins then their cover as a responsible broadcaster sometimes caught in the crossfire will be well and truly blown. The Daily Mail likewise.

LBC and the Daily Mail may decide to fire Katie Hopkins, and we would applaud them if they do. If they decided to reprimand her instead, she should, at the very least, be required to visit a Nazi concentration camp and for once make a positive contribution to a debate, perhaps by presenting a show and devoting a column to explaining how irresponsible demagogues are fueling the resurgence of Nazi propaganda online.

We await their decision with interest. While we wait, you may wish to contact them at [email protected] and [email protected].

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Senior Labour Activist Claims Israel has “inflicted” and “exploited” the Holocaust

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Vice Chair of the Chingford branch of the Chingford and Woodford Green Constituency Labour Party, and the founder of Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods, has taken to the airwaves to say that Israel has “inflicted” the Holocaust on other people and “they use and exploit” the Holocaust for political ends.

She said: “When it comes to the Holocaust, of course, there must never be any minimisation of that horror. It’s inflicted on other people in the sense that apologists for Israel use the suffering of Jews to excuse the suffering of Palestinians. I hear it all the time: ‘Oh, they’ve suffered so much, let them get on with it.’ I’m not saying that Israel is committing a Holocaust. I’m saying they use and exploit the fact of the Holocaust to justify what are, in some cases, crimes against humanity…So the mass slaughter of Jews in Europe should never be inflicted on others. That’s my view and that includes Palestinians. But for that, I’m called a self-hating Jew.”

Her statement is antisemitic according to the international definition of antisemitism which the Home Affairs Select Committee on Sunday unanimously recommended that all parties should use, in accordance with Campaign Against Antisemitism’s manifesto for fighting antisemitism in political parties.

The definition says that “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is antisemitic.

Wimborne-Idrissi’s latest tirade came less than three weeks since she last appeard on LBC and moved a Labour MP to tears by accusing Ruth Smeeth, a Jewish Labour MP, of having staged an antisemitic incident as a means to attack Jeremy Corbyn. At the time, she claimed that Smeeth “is against Corbyn, against his whole Socialist vision”. Referring to the whitewash Chakrabarti inquiry, she added: “The Chakrabarti Commission has been undermined at every turn by people like Ruth Smeeth and Louise Ellman [another Jewish Labour MP] and others like them who have a political agenda. The question of antisemitism is being used as a weapon in a political battle.”

We are not aware of any disciplinary action having been taken against Wimborne-Idrissi, but in any case the Labour Party has refused to revealwhether it is disciplining members accused of antisemitism.

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Far Right, antisemitic and anti-Christian band to play in London

A Facebook event has appeared advertising the appearance of the band Graveland initially booked at the London venue ‘the Underworld’ on Saturday February 18th 2017.

Graveland are a Black Metal band, who have often been described as National Socialist. Though the frontman, Rob Darken, denies this, he has a plethora of antisemitic statements to his name.

He has spoken of a “Jewish lobby” and has said that “the Jews have too much power. He has also accused the “pro-Israel lobby” of manipulating the “racialist convictions” of soldiers into fighting for them in Iraq. He has blamed Jews for the promotion of “all kinds of anti-family schism (sic), supporting at the same time homosexuality, negrosemitism….the “culture” produced by these individuals take precedence over traditional national values” – accusing Jews of eroding the identity of nation states is a common theme in contemporary antisemitism. He continues to say “the depraved and plunged in a rot of moral decadence individuals (very often of Jewish descendants) hold the keys to this shady business”.

In another interview, he has said of Jews that “the enemy does not sleep”, blaming a “strong pro-Jewish lobby” for “this bad situation because Jews are afraid of new holocaust so they support all anti-right wing activities”. He has also said “Mass medias ruled by the Jewish lobby manipulate information and spread propaganda against Arabs”, continuing to say that antisemitism is caused by the “activities of international Jewish lobby”.


White people are not interested in the world situation. They do not care. This is not good because the enemy does not sleep. Strong pro-Jewish lobby is also responsible for this bad situation because Jews are afraid of new holocaust so they support all anti-right wing activities.” – from another interview on Graveland’s website

He also allegedly said in another interview: “I am not Nazi and I have never been but I support nazi movement and racial ideas in Black Metal. I respect Adolf Hitler for all his great deeds against judeo-christian world”.

Many of his lyrics focus on white “pagan” pride, and involve anti-Christian themes, including slaughtering Christians. However, such attitudes are often linked to antisemitism in the music genre; one popular band in the genre titled its first release “Go F*ck Your Jewish God”. In the eyes of many neo-Nazis, Christianity is merely a Jewish influence that infiltrated a naturally pagan white European culture.

The gig was initially booked for the London Underworld in Camden. However, staff at the venue, who describe the team as “multi-racial” requested that it be cancelled when the nature of the band’s music came to light. The venue is to be applauded for having taken action so quickly and adamantly following these facts coming to light, despite considerable pressure from many of the band’s fans.

The promoter is currently seeking a new venue.

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Anti-Israel Church exhibit attracts virulent antisemitism

The Hinde Street Methodist Church, which is located in central London, received strong condemnation from the local Jewish community for re-creating an Israeli checkpoint in their chapel for a five day exhibit that was entitled, “You cannot pass today: Life through a dividing wall”.

Organized by church lay preacher, Katharine Fox, the exhibit is a part of the World Week For Peace in Palestine and Israel that was held from September 19-23. The display was set up to show how the checkpoints negatively impact the lives of Palestinians. Photographs and personal accounts of the Palestinians were included in the exhibit.

The exhibit has stirred antisemitic sentiments, both at the exhibit itself and online. One comment in the guest book reads “IDF soldiers are the scum of the earth! They are disgusting filthy animals and need to be burned alive”. Dehumanising Jews and calling for them to be burned alive is antisemitic, regardless of any political differences one may have with them.

On the Facebook page for the exhibit, antisemitism ran wild. One commenter writes “They are called …”Jews with a conscience” as opposed to the murderous thugs you are defending! You guys make Hitler look lie a saint by comparison!”. Comparing Israel to Nazi Germany is defined as antisemitic in the EUMC definition of antisemitism.

Another writes “Isrealhell kills children. The Zionist owned media rarely shows us. Thank you Hinde St Methodist Church. I hope more churches follow your lead!”. Accusing Israel plainly of killing children, with no qualification, amounts to blood libel. Similarly, speaking of a “Zionist owned media” plays into antisemitic canards of Jewish control over the media.

Other comments attempted to make out Zionists to be “not true Jews”, claiming to one man who said he was embarrassed to be a Methodist that “It sounds like your friends are Zionists, and not true Jews”, linking to a video of Neturei Karta, who make up a tiny minority of Jews worldwide. Manipulating debate to make only those Jews who agree with one’s position out to be the “true Jews” is antisemitic, as it is an attempt to silence dissent from Jews and brand some “good” or “true” and others as ‘false’ or somehow ‘bad’.

One commenter accused a critic of the exhibition of supporting “illegal organ harvesting, genocide, infanticide, holocaust”, claims which also amount to a modern day blood libel.

Yet another ranted “Zionism is simply a Mafia outfit. They hide behind the good name of judaism, the word anti semitic though they are not semitic people. Zionism and israel are the same as the Mafia and Italy. Bullies, tyrant, criminals, thieves, murderers, rapists and sadists but of the very worst type that humanity has ever witnessed. To pledge allegiance to such an evil entity is to spit in the face of every poor innocent jew who died in the holocaust and every poor little arab child who died as a result of such evil peoples actions”. Firstly, using the term “Mafia outfit” makes Zionism sound like a sinister, underground conspiracy, and thus appears to be playing on antisemitic conspiracy theories. Claiming that Zionists are “not semitic people” also attempts to deny Jewish Zioists of their identity. Finally, claiming that it is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust to become a Zionist is an outrageous comment not least for the fact that many Jews would have been justified in believing there could be no future for Jews in Europe after such an event. If anything, the Holocaust demonstrated to many Jews the need for Jews to live freely in an independent state, where they would not be subject to the whims and at the mercy of the ruling population. He later commented “Who are the Jews? Certainly not related to the israelites and with any ancestral claim to that land. At least the Palestines were living there at the time they were evicted amongst the very worst genocide”, this despite the fact that all Jews share more in common with one another than they do with surrounding populations. Once again, such comments are a cynical attempt to deprive Jews of their history, identity and peoplehood. Similarly, one woman writes “look what the world actually means, what a semite actually is. Hint: It’s not Israelis”. She also accused Israel of creating ISIS: “true, I agree with you, Helen. ISIS has nothing to do with Muslim faith and everything to do with your illegal state’s creation”.

Mike Isaacs posted on The Times website, “Perhaps the Methodist church could also have an exhibition of body parts of Jews blown apart by Palestinian terrorists, or failing that, a photo gallery of those knifed in their beds, or rammed at bus stops.”

Rabbi Barry Marcus, of the Central Synagogue told The Times, “Why the hell is a church wasting its resources on fanning the flames of antisemitism?” As put forth by the European Monitoring Centre, a key element of antisemitism is holding Israel to a different standard than other countries.

The display at the Hinde Street Method Church did not shine a spotlight on checkpoints at the borders of France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Hungary or Turkey.

The London Jewish community expressed outrage that a Methodist church would challenge Israel’s right to provide security measures that protect its citizens from being murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Peter Rogol posted on The Times website, “They don’t want [Israeli citizens] to be blown up on their buses, hence the security arrangements.”

After talks with The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the church gave the Zionist Federation permission to pass out booklets which justify Israel’s right to self-defense.

Whilst the potentially one-sided presentation of the exhibit is not antisemitic, and criticism of the state of Israel similar to that levelled at other democratic states is also certainly legitimate, the way in which this exhibit has singled Israel out seems to have played into the hands of those anti-Zionists who routinely allow their rhetoric to slip into unadulterated antisemitism. It is thus indicative in the need for balance and sensitivity to other perspectives when discussing such issues.

All the comments can be viewed here, including many not mentioned in the article.

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Second neo-Nazi conference takes place in London

A far right event called “London Forum” has taken place in London for the second year running.

Alison Chabloz, who has a long history of antisemitism, including having written songs denying and mocking the Holocaust, appears to have played her songs at the event. We recently reported that she was attempting to find a platform to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which was eventually unsuccessful, but it appears that she has instead found an audience in London. One Twitter user tweeted her “well done at the London forum today”. She herself also tweeted “Several publications kindly offered to me after yesterday’s world premiere of #TellMeMoreLies at #LondonForum #NationalismIsTheOnlyAnswer”; the tweet was accompanied by pictures of books such as “Did six million really die?” and “Forged war crimes malign the German nation”, both espousing Holocaust denial, and “Mjolnir”, Thor’s hammer – a common symbol employed by neo-Nazis. She confirmed her attendance, tweeting “Yes I played a London Forum meeting yesterday to a standing ovation, met wonderful people. Happy and proud to be a nationalist (non Kosher)”. Despite having repeatedly claimed not to be antisemitic, her participation in an event which last year hosted several Holocaust deniers and Nazi sympathisers, and indeed appears to have been organised with this as its primary aim, make a mockery of her protestations of innocence. Perhaps more disturbing is that radical antisemitic speakers continue to find a home and an audience in London.

Last year the Daily Mail reported on a “Nazi invasion of London” which attracted antisemitic figures from across the globe and in which speakers “unleashed antisemitic rants, referring to Jews as ‘the enemy’ and ‘children of darkness’”. The events were discovered by undercover reporters.

At the time, the Daily Mail reported that attendees to the event, called the ‘London Forum’, laughed when “ashes rising from the death camps’ crematoria” were mentioned, clapped when asked to “identify, counter and break…Jewish-Zionist domination”, laughed at the Charlie Hebdo massacre and described an African community leader “some Negro”, and cheered the Spanish Fascists who sided with the Nazis. One speaker called gay parents “monster families” and mixed race children “blackos”. Speakers included supporters of Mosley’s Fascists, an ex-National Front organiser, Pedro Varela, a Spanish “self-confessed Nazi”, and Holocaust denier Mark Weber.


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Protesters promote antisemitic former KKK-head at anti-Israel rally

Individuals attending a rally for “Al Quds Day”, an anti-Israel rally, have been photographed with banners promoting David Duke, a prolific white supremacist author who was once the Imperial Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

Al Quds Day takes place every year, on the final Friday of Ramadan, and was initiated by the Iranian regime. It aims to protest against Israel, in particularly Israeli presence in Jerusalem. The photographs were taken in July.

Several protesters were pictured with the signs which read “Learn the truth about the Zionists!”, with a link to David Duke’s website.

David Duke has written books on “The Jewish Question”, directly borrowing terminology from the Third Reich. He espouses various antisemitic conspiracy theories, believing that America is controlled by “Jewish extremist neocons” and that Jews promote homosexuality. He is a Holocaust denier and has said, whilst addressing officials of the Iranian regime, “The Holocaust is the device used as the pillar of Zionist imperialism, Zionist aggression, Zionist terror and Zionist murder”.

The use of Duke to promote an ‘anti-Zionist’ message is a clear example of how opposition to Zionism can easily creep into antisemitism. Anti-Zionist Muslims and White Supremacists would previously have been thought of as unlikely allies, yet the two groups are becoming united by a hatred of Jews.


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London gang tells Jewish schoolboy to remove skullcap or face beating

An 11-year-old Jewish boy has escaped shaken but unhurt after a gang of teenagers surrounded him on a London street and forced him to remove his kippah (Jewish skullcap). According to Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, the boy was approached by at least four black teenagers who told him that unless he removed the kippah, they would beat him. The boy refused to comply and instead managed to escape and run home.

The incident occurred on Leaside Road in Hackney. Any witnesses should call the Metropolitan Police Service on 101 or Shomrim on 0300 999 0123.




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Holocaust film-maker told to “get back in the oven” at Proms

Martin Bright, who was once an advisor to British PM Tony Blair and a former Observer journalist, has described his shock after he witnessed antisemitic abuse.

Bright says he witnessed Henrietta Foster being told by another guest to “get back in the oven”, a reference to the extermination process during the Holocaust.

The other guest is reportedly Dr Leslie Jones, who made the comment in reference to Foster having appeared on a documentary called “My Nazi Legacy”, which examines the lives of children of Nazi officers.

Ms Foster believes that the incident happened because Dr Jones believed her to be Jewish, stating: “We had fallen out at a previous reception over Brexit – I told him to **** off because he had voted out. Then he came over to me last Thursday and said, “You were in that film, weren’t you””.

Dr Jones insisted the comment was “a joke” after being confronted by another guest.


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Eight-year-old jewish boy assaulted in London

Shomrim, the Jewish community watch organisation, has reported than an eight-year-old Jewish boy has been assaulted in London.

A male called the boy a “stupid Jew” and assaulted him on Elm Park Road in South Tottenham, which contains a significant Jewish community.

The Police have been alerted, but further information is not yet forthcoming.

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Man arrested in Hackney after making antisemitic death threats

A man was followed and apprehended by Shomrim, the Jewish community watch organisation, after having made antisemitic death threats.

Shomrim posted on their twitter that the man allegedly made threats to kill and hurled antisemitic abuse.

The incident took place in Hackney, London.

The man has since been arrested.


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Labour candidate dismisses community’s fear of antisemitism as a “witch hunt”

Noah Tucker, who is a prominent figure within the Haringey  branch of Momentum, has dismissed fears of antisemitism as a “witch hunt” in a Facebook group.

Momentum is a far left faction in the party which is closely linked to Corbyn.

In a July Facebook he condemned the series of suspensions of members for antisemitism and called for all the suspensions to be lifted.

His post claims that the antisemitism row has been the result of the right of the Labour Party trying to undermine Corbyn, as well as Zionist groups in Israel, in an attempt to “shut down” debate on the Middle East.

Rabbi David Mason commented on Tucker’s nomination “While enjoying a positive and growing relationship with our local Labour council and MP, many of my members would be worried about the sentiments supported here by Mr Tucker. One would hope that he would consider on election the views of the many Jewish constituents of Haringey and their worries regarding Momentum’s problematic view of Israel and the Jewish community”.

An Anonymous activity stated: “These views are becoming increasingly commonplace in Tottenham Labour Party. As the Chakrabati inquiry makes clear these views have no place in the party. The selection of this gentleman is deeply upsetting. It is giving legitimacy to hostility to the Jewish Community and gives it .the official stamp of the Labour Party”.




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Breaking: Jewish schoolboy stabbed in London

A student from the King Solomon High School in East London has been rushed to hospital after being stabbed near to school premises.

It is unknown whether the attack was motivated by antisemitism, but he was stabbed outside a charity shop near to the school, which is known as being a Jewish school.

An eye witness told a local newspaper “there was a group of young boys and I think they were cycling…all I saw was a punch – I didn’t see the knife – and then a black boy fell down. Another black boy ran off.”

His injuries are not life-threatening.

The Community Security Trust are communicating with the school about the ongoing security situation.

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“Thousands” to be suspended for Antisemitism in the Labour Party

“Thousands” could be acted against by the Labour Party for antisemitism, a leaked report has revealed.

Around 6000 members have been reported to the National Executive Committee.

Terms of abuse such as “Zio”  and claims that Jews “own the media” have been common themes in the suspension.

One case that has been made public is that of Labour Party member Terence Flanagan, who has been suspended from the party after a dossier of 17 individual antisemitic incidents was submitted to Labour.

The remarks referenced Jews, Nazis and Mossad, and many were “in no way connected to Israel”, according to Jewish News.

Phil Rosenberg, a Jewish Labour councillor in Hampstead where Flanagan is a member, complained that Flanagan had referred to him as “Goebbels”, a remark for which he refused to apologise. Rosenberg said “Terence Flanagan has been repeatedly abusive to me, other councillors and other Labour Party members – sometimes through the media. Too often, his language crossed the line in to clear anti-Semitism”.

Flanagan circulated a petition calling for the removal of Michael Foster from the party after he described Corbyn’s allies as “Nazi stormtroopers”, referring to Foster as “the Jewish millionaire”. Referring to a Jewish man not by his name, but instead simply as “the Jewish millionaire” is both dehumanising and plays on the antisemitic canard of rich and/or powerful Jews controlling public affairs from behind the scenes.

He has also espoused conspiracy theories, being weary of “the Mossad organised collection orchestrating the attack upon the members choice Jeremy Corbyn”. Accusing “Mossad” of orchestrating the criticisms of Corbyn, a man who members of the Jewish community have legitimate concerns about, of being the result of a conspiracy in Israel is antisemitic and draws upon a deep current of antisemitic conspiracy theories. Similarly, writing off the concerns of many British Jews, who are “abandoning” Labour due to fears about antisemitism in the party, as being a “Mossad” conspiracy minimises the concerns of the Jewish community and provides a convenient excuse to not address concerns raised by British Jews.



Europe Featured Location London United Kingdom

MP sent antisemitic death threats, has to be guarded by police

The Labour MP Ruth Smeeth is under police protection after receiving antisemitic death threats.

An unknown author accused her of “traitor” and called her a “CIA agent”.

The threat follows her leaving the launch of Labour’s antisemitism inquiry in tears after she was upset by a comment she perceived as antisemitic.

The note calls her a “yid c*nt” and ends with “Ruth Smeeth is British and from my perspective since treason is still a capital offence in Britain, the gallows would be a fine and fitting place for this Dyke piece of Yid s*** to swing from”.

Smeeth holds Corbyn responsible for the threat saying “I very much hold Jeremy personally responsible”, feeling that he has not done enough to stop antisemitism in the Party.

Smeeth also claims to have been sent thousands of abusive messages “in Jeremy Corbyn’s name”.

Counter-terrorism police are investigating, but so far have no leads.

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Sadiq Khan target of antisemitic abuse for attacking Corbyn

Sadiq Khan, the recently-elected Labour Mayor of London who enjoys one of the largest mandates in British political history, has been the target of antisemitic comments after he backed Owen Smith against Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party’s leadership race.

Khan has been a critic of how Corbyn handled the EU referendum, and has expressed his concerns about antisemitism within Labour under Corbyn, describing the increase in antisemitism as “deeply distressing and upsetting”.

After Khan’s rejection of Corbyn, several people responded on social media, with one Corbynite tweeting a picture of Sadiq Khan wearing a Kippah and eating matzah at a Pesach event with Jewish communal leaders. The man tweeted “who owns you @sadiqkhan?”

Another suggested that he wanted to “help his masters in Tel Aviv”. Such a comment implies an antisemitic belief in a Jewish conspiracy controlling world politics to some degree.

Sadiq Khan has often been proactive in working alongside and listening to the Jewish community which he now serves. His first act as Mayor of London was to attend a Holocaust memorial event. As a part of his campaign he pledged to help protect Jewish Londoners from Islamic extremism.

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Jewish family subjected to tirade of antisemitic abuse in East London

A Jewish family have suffered what Shomrim has described as “a tirade of antisemitic abuse” in East London.

The family were on a trip in East London when a man, who had two children with him, subjected them to the abuse.

Among other things, the man shouted “F*cking Jews, go back to Israhell, don’t come around here, go to Stamford Hill, you’re not welcome”.

The man’s tone is extremely threatening and aggressive, as evidenced by a video of the incident which Shomrim posted on their twitter.


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Daily Mail calls Temple Mount “Islamic Holy Site”, smears Jewish worshippers

Agence France Press has produced an article on an incident at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which was published by the Daily Mail with the headline “Jordan slams Israel after radical Jews visit Islamic Holy Site”.

The Temple Mount is a sacred site for Jews, Christians and Muslims, but it is the holiest site in the world for Jews, and at the centre of much Jewish liturgy. Whilst it is the third holiest site in Islam, to describe it as an “Islamic Holy Site” which has somehow been intruded upon by Jews is to erase Jewish connections to the Temple Mount.

Moreover, to call Jews who wish to visit the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av, a day of mourning for the destruction of the First and Second Temples, “radical Jews” is simply untrue.

Whilst the Daily Mail does acknowledge later in the article that the Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site, it does not challenge the idea that Jews who wish to visit it are “extremists”

Jordan’s Minister of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf (religious property) Wael Arabiyat described allowing Jews to visit their holiest site as “tyranny” and ominously said that it could provoke a religious war.

The current ‘status quo’ arrangement is that only Muslims are allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. Jews who pray or show signs of being emotional on the Temple Mount are often arrested by Jordanian religious police.

UK Media Watch has challenged the Daily Mail over the headline, which remains as of yet unchanged.

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Corbyn supporters suggest Jewish judge’s decision can’t be trusted

Supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have taken to twitter to condemn Lord Justice Jack Beatson after the judge ruled in the Court of Appeal that the National Executive Committee has the right to block new members from voting in the leadership election.

The decision affects approximately 130,000 new Labour members, most of whom are expected to support Corbyn’s leadership.

Twitter users suggested that Lord Justice Beatson’s decision was due to the fact that he was “born in Israel”, a “Zionist” and referred to him as a “Zio”, an abusive term often used against Jewish students.

Another tweet referred to “cuckoos in the nest Israel lobby”.

One user noted that Lord Justice Beatson “went to a Jewish boarding school”.

Another user noted that he was “was born in Haifa- Israeli occupied Palestine” (Haifa is within Israel’s original borders), and later went on to tweet that the ruling was “more evidence legal system is Zionist and of the lengths they will go to to stifle an opponent”. Suggesting that the legal system “is Zionist” is clearly antisemitic, playing upon the canard of Jewish domination of law, politics and business.


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Christopher Biggins apologises for Holocaust ‘joke’

Christopher Biggins has made an apology after having been removed from Celebrity Big Brother following a Holocaust ‘joke’ he made to a fellow housemate.

The 67-year-old actor told Katie Waissel, who is Jewish, “you better be careful or they’ll be putting you in a shower and taking you to a room”.

Channel 5 decided the comment was likely to cause “widespread offence” and removed Biggins from the Big Brother House.

Biggins’ apology was “tearful”. He said “I am mortified by what’s happened, really mortified. Most of my friends, in fact, are Jewish. I apologised to Big Brother and Katie”. Whilst his comments were not necessarily malicious, and may well have been a case of poor judgement, it is incredibly damaging for Jewish people to have the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews be treated as an appropriate topic for humour, especially when it is directed towards them.

Biggins, who is gay, has also attracted controversy having made comments deemed to be offensive to bisexuals. He said in a conversation that Bisexuals are the “worst type” and implied that they were just in denial about being homosexual, as well as linking them to the spread of HIV/AIDS

Biggins will be visiting Auschwitz in the near future, a trip that will hopefully give him some perspective on his comments. He claims to have been planning the trip since before the incident occurred,

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Former Corbyn adviser claims that staffer referred to “Jewish conspiracy”, faced “inquisition” into Jewish background

Josh Simons, a former adviser to Jeremy Corbyn, has further fueled the Labour Party’s antisemitism row by making further claims of antisemitism to the Sunday Times

Mr Simons claims that Seumas Milne, Corbyn’s director of strategy, subjected him to a “rant” about Israel, as well as an “inquisition” into Simons’ Jewish background and views about Israel. The EUMC definition of antisemitism states that it is antisemitic to hold Jews “collectively responsible for the actions of the State of Israel”.

Milne has previously justified Hamas terrorism by saying “it isn’t terrorism to fight back”.

Mr Simons also claims that Mr Corbyn prepared for his meeting with the Board of Deputies of British Jews with “flippant disdain”.

He claims that another member of Mr Corbyn’s team referred to a “Jewish conspiracy”.

Mr Simons adds that Corbyn’s staff have “at least a blind spot with anti-semitism and at worst a willful disregard for it”.

A friend of Mr Simons adds that he was “bitterly disappointed” that evidence he gave to the Chakrabati was not included in her report.

A Corbyn spokesman has dismissed Mr Simons as a “disgruntled former member of staff”.

The Guardian has also revealed that Mr Corbyn’s campaign allegedly took a £10,000 donation from Friends of Al-Aqsa, an organisation whose founder has expressed support for the proscribed terrorist group Hamas. The revelation has prompted condemnation both from within the Labour party and from counter-terrorism watchdogs.

London Posters

North London playground targeted with swastikas for three days in a row

Every day for the last three days, a playground in Stamford Hill, which has a large Jewish population, has been targeted with swastikas, leaving local parents with serious concerns. Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, found the posters on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. The Metropolitan Police Service is investigating and has appealed for witnesses to come forward.

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Man convicted for antisemitic harassment and threats after Shomrim swoop

Wilberth Henry has been convicted of antisemitic harassment and threats after shouting “I’ll f***ing beat you up, you f***ing Jewish c***”. Henry failed to attend court, but was convicted in his absence on evidence given by a member of Shomrim, the Jewish volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol.

Henry was reportedly spotted during a joint patrol by police and Shomrim. As a police officer approached him, he fled on foot, ran into a house and locked the door behind him. The police officer stayed at the front door whilst the Shomrim member ran to secure the back of the house. Henry then climbed out of a first floor window intending to escape, but stopped when he realised he had nowhere to go. After long negotiations, he eventually entered back through the window and was arrested.

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Tottenham fans receive anti-semitic messages after performance in Premier League

Following the victory of Leicester City over Tottenham many took to Twitter to abuse Tottenham fans with anti-semitic comments

Tottenham’s team is located in North London, which has a long and proud Jewish heritage. Twitter users made references Hitler to attack the club’s history with one person writing, “Hitler smiling in his grave as Spurs bottle the title”. Another wrote, “Spurs gone from being beat by hitler too being beat in a tittle race by Leicester”.

More abuse followed when Tottenham lost to Chelsea, anti-semitic slurs included: “Yeeeeees Tottenham ye f****** Jew bottlers”; “Fair balls to Leicester but you gotta feel for Spurs. After what Hitler did to the Jews they deserved this one”; “F******* horrible Jew b******* Tottenham, time to the chambers lads”. Such vicious anti-semitism undermines the long campaign to kick racism out of football.


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London police seek man who told Jews to leave or be bombed

Police in London are searching for a man who reportedly approached a Jewish family with a metal bar and stick in his hand, and told them “Jews, move away, move away your children, a bomb is coming.” Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood patrol group, said that the man was described as a white male with a shaved head, wearing a dark grey short sleeve t-shirt and blue trousers. The incident took place on Queen Elizabeth’s Walk in north London, and the suspect was last seen walking on Lordship Park in N16.

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London Labour fundraiser thinks Israel is behind ISIS and supports Naz Shah

David Watson is the fundraising coordinator for Walthamstow Labour’s Executive Committee, but he has also been revealed to hold very disturbing views.

Watson’s Facebook posts suggest that he believes that Israel is mimicking the Nazis, that the Jewish state is secretly behind ISIS and that disgraced Labour MP Naz Shah did nothing wrong, even after she admitted having posted antisemitic material online.

He has been photographed with Jeremy Corbyn, Sadiq Khan, Ken Livingston, Tom Watson and John McDonnell, raising fresh concerns over whether Labour vets its members.


David-Watson-supporting-Naz-Shah-300x288 David-Watson-supports-tony-Greenstein

Dave with friends

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Graffiti on London bus stop claims Jews causing third World War

A passerby has discovered graffiti advertising a Jewish conspiracy theory on a bus stop outside Swiss Cottage Library in London. The graffiti claims that Jews are laying siege to Europe and causing a third World War. The website does not work. Police have said that the graffiti will be removed.

Everyday Antisemitism London Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Shomrim rush to scene in London as man shouts death threats at Jewish boys

In the early hours of this morning, three young Orthodox Jewish boys were walking along Manor Road in the Stamford Hill area of London when a man started shouting allegedly shouted “Allahu Akbar! F***ing Jews! Kill the Jews!”

The boys called Shomrim which responded immediately, the suspect was still in the area, threatening pedestrians and shouting antisemitic abuse. Shomrim liaised with the Police and assisted the victims until the police arrived, at which point the man was arrested.

Chaim Hochhauser, Supervisor at Stamford Hill Shomrim, said “Antisemitism and all types of hate crime are unacceptable. I urge victims and witnesses to report such incidents immediately. Such incidents should never be accepted as the norm, no matter how regularly these incidents sadly happen.”

Education Everyday Antisemitism London Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Graffiti at SOAS University of London threatens opponents of BDS

On 6th April, Israel’s new ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev, visited London’s School of Oriental and African Studies and met with the University’s Director, Valerie Amos. The following day, Jewish students noticed red and black graffiti scattered across campus. In bold red, the phrase “BDS or else” could not have been mistaken. BDS refers to a campaign to boycott, divest from or place sanctions on Israel.

The graffiti stood out amongst most other anti-Israel incidents SOAS is infamous for because of its sinister undertone. “Or else” enforces the message of harmful or violent consequences, which Jewish students on campus feel threatened by.

Avrahum Sanger, a student at SOAS commented, “The actions and graffiti on campus yesterday at SOAS further contribute to the fear Israeli and Jewish students face at SOAS. Already students are afraid to speak Hebrew on campus, wear Jewish items of clothing or identify as Israeli or Jewish and further demonisation only serves to alienate both groups further.”

SOAS has not made any comment on the incident and the graffiti has yet to be removed.

Everyday Antisemitism London Vandalism Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

London Jewish family’s car egged by attackers shouting antisemitic abuse

Shomrim has reported that a car carrying a Jewish couple and their baby has been attacked with eggs, whilst the perpetrators shouted “F***ing Jews” and “Kill the Jews” amongst other antisemitic abuse. The incident took place at 02:00 this morning in London’s Blackwall Tunnel. There was no prior contact or incident between the two cars.

Officers from Tower Hamlets Police stopped a vehicle and arrested its four male occupants shortly after the incident, and investigations are ongoing. Shomrim are assisting the victims.

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UK Labour Party activist reported to party and police over antisemitic tweets

Campaign Against Antisemitism has written to the Labour Party and the police to report antisemitic activist Choudhry Shahzad.

On 14th July 2014, Shahzad tweeted a fabricated Adolf Hitler quotation which has become an antisemitic meme “I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was annihilated them. – Aldof Hitler #GazaUnderAttack”. He then returned to Twitter 35 minutes later to correct his grammar and spelling, writing a second tweet saying “I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let the World know why I was annihilating them. – Hitler”.

On 2nd August 2014, Shahzad tweeted the meme again, writing: “Hitler Well Said: I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was annihilated them. – Adolf Hitler”. He returned to Twitter five hours later to tweet photographs of Gaza captioned: “I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was annihilated them. Hitler”.

On other occasions, Shahzad has tweeted quotations from Hitler, despite styling himself as a “progressive” patriot whose Twitter profile photo is overlaid with a Union Jack and whose cover photo shows the Houses of Parliament by night.

Shahzad is a keen supporter of the Labour Party, appears to be on good terms with Ruth Cadbury MP, and has recently campaigned for Sadiq Khan MP, however there is no evidence that they were aware of his admiration for Adolf Hitler, or that he occupied any official position.

Following Campaign Against Antisemitism’s complaint, the Labour Party suspended Shahzad pending investigation, but would not comment on the duration of the suspension or what would result in expulsion.

The Labour Party has been dogged by daily revelations of antisemitism amongst its activists, but has yet to take meaningful action.

Last year, teacher Mahmudhul Choudhury was convicted after tweeting the same fabricated Hitler quotation. Choudhury was also banned from teaching for life by the Secretary of State for Education after Campaign Against Antisemitism instigated professional misconduct proceedings against him.

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With Sadiq Khan MP


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With Ruth Cadbury MP

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With Mayor Nisar Malik

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Neo-Nazis demonstrate against Jews at war memorial in Golders Green

A group of nine neo-Nazis demonstrated for half an hour against Jews during the Jewish Sabbath at the foot of the war memorial in Golders Green.

Last summer, the same group of neo-Nazis, led by Eddie Stampton, attempted to hold a larger demonstration in Golders Green on 4th July. The Metropolitan Police Service used their powers under the Public Order Act to move the demonstration to a kettling pen in Westminster and limited its duration to one hour. The move by the police was seen as a very public defeat by the neo-Nazis and came as a result of the large counter-demonstration planned by Campaign Against Antisemitism and a month of negotiations with the Metropolitan Police Service’s Public Order Branch.

The neo-Nazis were forced to organise any future demonstrations in total secrecy, to avoid giving Campaign Against Antisemitism the ability to organise against them. They arranged their demonstration on Saturday by inviting only a small group of committed neo-Nazi individuals and Campaign Against Antisemitism had no advance warning of their presence. The Metropolitan Police Service received notification the day before the demonstration.

The sole speaker on Saturday was Jeremy Bedford-Turner, whom Campaign Against Antisemitism reported to the police last July for his antisemitic speech in the kettling pen. He delivered a similar speech to his speech last July, accusing Jews of everything from subverting Roman justice resulting in the crucifixion of Jesus, through to subverting many of the world’s governments in modern times.

Three weeks ago, Campaign Against Antisemitism took measures which they hope will significantly impact this particular neo-Nazi group in the weeks to come.

Everyday Antisemitism London Politics

UKIP expels senior official after ‘antisemitic abuse’ at Christmas party

The London chairman of the UK Independence Party has been expelled after he allegedly called one-time parliamentary candidate Nigel Sussman a “North London Jewish c***” at a UKIP Christmas party in December.

Mr Sussman, UKIP’s chairman for Enfield and Haringey, reported John Hellings to the party after the incident took place at the Civil Service Club in London. After an investigation UKIP has formally expelled Mr Hellings from the party.

Mr Sussman, who said that he was pleased that the party had acted swiftly, has stated that he had only met Mr Hellings twice, for less than a minute each time.

Everyday Antisemitism London Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Graffiti in London pub claims Jews run the country and start all wars

Londoner David Patrikarakos was surprised to see antisemitic graffiti in the toilet at a local pub in Victoria. He tweeted photos, commenting: “I’ve lived in London all my life and you never used to see this stuff around. Sad.” The graffiti claims that “Jews run [the] UK” and “Jews start all war[s] for [money]”.

Everyday Antisemitism London Sports Verbal Abuse

Italian football fans in London tell reporter to go to concentration camp

David Guetta, a well known reporter for a private radio station in Florence, Italy, was at the receiving end of antisemitic chanting after Fiorentina won against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart lane in the Europa League on Thursday night.

The antisemitic chants came from visiting fans, which Guetta said were “20 young Italians with a Tuscan accent” who were chanting “David Guetta, there is a train to Mauthausen waiting for you.” It is believed that around 120,000 Jewish people were killed at a concentration camp in Mauthausen during World War II.

The reporter said “I would like to have this meeting in front of the plaque in Via Farini which serves as a reminder for the Florentines who departed on those trains, on which they now want me to go on, and didn’t return”.

Everyday Antisemitism Lack of Security London Ξ E-mail

London synagogue installs bulletproof entrance

West London Synagogue has installed a bulletproof entrance amid security concerns.

The entrance will now allow only one door to be open at a time, allowing security to identity and investigate visitors more thoroughly. Shabbat locks were also installed.

The steel-reinforced entrance was installed by a security company which said: “With the increasing threat of terror from around the world, synagogues need to take security more seriously than before.”

West London Synagogue was established in 1840. It is the oldest prayer space affiliated with the Movement for Reform Judaism.

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Arsenal fans caught on camera singing antisemitic songs

Arsenal fans have disgraced themselves by singing an antisemitic song on their way to a match against rival team Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. As they rode the London Underground to the stadium, a group of Arsenal supporters can be heard loudly singing “I’ve got a foreskin, haven’t you? F***ing Jew!”

The witness who filmed the incident told the Daily Mail: “I got off at Seven Sisters [Station] and spoke to the police about it but they didn’t really do anything about it. The video I shot isn’t the half of it – they were singing about the Holocaust and Aushwitz – I’ve heard that kind of thing before but it doesn’t normally happen with Arsenal. There weren’t really any other Spurs fans on the train, but there were normal commuters. No one seemed shock, some people were actually laughing. I was really offended by it.”

British Transport Police told Campaign Against Antisemitism: “We have been made aware of a video on social media showing antisemitic behaviour on board a Tube train BTP takes these matters very seriously. The matter is currently being investigated and enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with any information should contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 quoting reference 131 of 08/03/16.”

Everyday Antisemitism London Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Man arrested in London after shouting antisemitic abuse about “gas chambers”

A man was arrested on Clapton Common in north London yesterday after shouting antisemitic abuse at Jewish passersby, including references to “gas chambers”. Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, followed the man and ensured that the police were provided with witness statements.

Everyday Antisemitism London Newspaper Ξ E-mail

UK’s Daily Telegraph removes reference to Jewish financier as “Latter day Shylocks”

The Daily Telegraph has changed an article by Jeremy Warner which referred to Jewish financier Paul Singer and his hedge fund, Elliott Management, as “latter day Shylocks”. Warner’s article began by hailing a deal to reduce the amount of money owed by Argentina to Elliott Management, writing: “Latter day Shylocks at Elliott Management allowing, Argentina will soon have renewed access to international capital markets.” Warner went on to criticise the reluctance to reduce the debt owed by Argentina, writing that Argentina’s efforts to reduce the amount of debt it owed was “frequently obstructed by aggressively litigious hedgies such as Mr Singer demanding their pound of flesh.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

Everyday Antisemitism London Transportation Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Jewish man and girlfriend called “F***ing Jews” and murderers on London Underground

A 23-year-old Jewish man and his girlfriend have reportedly been subjected to antisemitic abuse from a fellow passenger on the London Underground. The victims were allegedly called “F***ing Jews” by the aggressor, who was described as Muslim, and told that they and their “people” were killing “my people”. Other passengers in the carriage apparently studiously ignored the incident, which is now being investigated by the police.

Source: Telegraph

Everyday Antisemitism London Verbal Abuse Ξ E-mail

Speaker at London’s Speakers’ Corner denounces passing “Dirty Jews”

A speaker at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park has been caught on video ferociously and brazenly denouncing Jews.

Claiming to be against all religion, on the two occasions caught on video, the speaker issued a non-stop tirade against Jews, shouting at any identifiably-Jewish person who passed.

To one orthodox Jewish man he said: “You’re a very f***ing dirty Jew. Don’t take it personally, take it to hell,” continuing to passersby, “His cock has been brutalised by a rabbi paedophile who cut his foreskin off. That’s how f***ed up the Jews are.”

He told another orthodox Jewish male who was passing: “Look at the Nazi Jew and see him for what he is…Your time is coming as it did in my father’s country, Deutschland…Why do you think our ancestors kicked you out of Deutschland? You learn nothing, you smug, fat Jew. Smug, fat, bearded Jew! Scum!”

The speaker referred to Jews as “Twelve tribes of head-banging schizophrenics praying to a wailing wall.” He also repeatedly claimed that Jews were Nazis as well as being their victims, for example: “They started Nazi Germany, and they got it back, Adolf Hitler style.”

As Joseph Cohen recorded him, the speaker shouted: “The day the Jew becomes a human being will be the day the Jew becomes free of the s*** of Judaism! Simple. Record it and tell your f***ing rabbi to stop molesting boys.”

No police action appears to have been taken and we are helping one victim to make a criminal complaint.

Most disturbing was that the video showed not a single member of the public remonstrating with the speaker. On the contrary, one man approached him and shook him by the hand, and a woman was recorded defending the speaker, saying: “What the Jews are doing to Gaza, to the Arabs, I think it’s a nightmare…This does not mean I don’t have friends that are Jews.”

A spokesman for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Contrary to common perception, Speakers’ Corner is covered by no special laws and incitement to racial and religious hatred by a bigot standing on a ladder at Speakers’ Corner is just as illegal as it would be anywhere else. Speakers’ Corner is famous for freedom of speech, but that threatening and illegal hate speech is not permitted anywhere in our country. While we are for freedom of speech we do not believe that anyone has the absolute right to abuse freedom of speech to threaten and intimidate minorities. The law agrees with us. We are keen to identify the speaker in the video. If you can help, please contact [email protected].”

Source: Israel Advocacy Movement

Everyday Antisemitism London Retail Sports Ξ E-mail

Chelsea FC vows action against “He’s one of your own” t-shirts depicting non-Jewish Tottenham player as a Chasid

Chelsea Football Club and Hammersmith & Fulham Council have vowed to take action against unofficial vendors selling an antisemitic t-shirt. The t-shirts depict non-Jewish footballer Harry Kane, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, dressed in Chasidic garb, with the slogan “He’s one of your own”. The reference is apparently to Tottenham Hotspur’s large number of Jewish fans.

The t-shirts were first discovered being sold outside Stamford Bridge on Sunday before and after Chelsea’s home game against Manchester United. Unfortunately, Tottenham Hotspur fans are regularly subjected to antisemitic slurs at football matches, including chanting by opposing teams. However Tottenham Hotspur’s own fans often do not help this by calling themselves the “Yid army”. Yid is an extremely derogatory term for a Jew.

A Hammersmith & Fulham Council spokesperson said: “We will not tolerate the sale of offensive and antisemitic merchandise on the streets of our borough. Trading Standards officers will continue their work, with the support of the club and their fans, to stop the sale of these deeply unpleasant t-shirts.”

Chelsea Football Club will also reportedly send representatives to check stalls surrounding Stamford Bridge before and after matches.

Sources: The Telegraph and The Evening Standard
Everyday Antisemitism London Politics Ξ E-mail

UK Labour group cancels event to have been chaired by “Jewish lobby” journalist

Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East has reportedly cancelled an event due to be chaired by Abdel Bari Atwan, who has allegedly made antisemitic comments in the past about Israel and “the Jewish lobby”.

Joan Ryan MP, who had campaigned to stop the event told Jewish News: “We welcome LFPME’s recognition of the legitimate concerns about Mr Atwan’s inclusion in this event.”

In 2007, Atwan is reported to have said: “If Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight.” In 2010, it is claimed that Atwan told an audience at the London School of Economics that “the Jewish lobby… [is] endangering the whole world”.

Source: Jewish News

Everyday Antisemitism London Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Graffiti in London says “Holocaust is a lie” and attempts to blame bankers

A Jewish man from London sent in the following report:

I was walking home the usual way through from grotty Acton to peaceful Turnham Green and its station, when I saw graffiti on a wall of the alleyway — the main walking route between the two areas. It reads: “Goyim, the Holocaust is a lie. Google bankers the fact”.

Goyim means non-Jew or gentile in Yiddish, but it has been usurped by neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers as a means of demonstrating Jewish ‘otherness’, and is frequently used to suggest that Jews have a derogatory view of non-Jews.

The reference to bankers appears to be a badly written attempt to exhort passersby to search for “Bankers: the facts” on the internet. Jews are often accused by antisemites and neo-Nazis of exercising supposed financial dominance to hide ‘evidence’ of a Jewish conspiracy, such as a conspiracy to exaggerate or invent the Holocaust.

Source: Reported to Everyday Antisemitism

Everyday Antisemitism London Violence Ξ E-mail

14-year-old detained by London Shomrim and arrested by police for attacking Jews with fireworks

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in Hackney after a group of youths attempted to place lit fireworks in the pockets of Jewish pedestrians. Volunteers from Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, arrived almost immediately and witnessed the boy chasing one victim and hurling a lit firework towards him. The Shomrim volunteer chased and detained the boy, then called the police who arrested him.

The Metropolitan Police Service said: “A 14-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated common assault and possession of a firework in the street. He was taken to a north London police station and subsequently released on police bail to a date in early March. No one was injured during the incident.”

Source: Shomrim

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Man and child on London bus insult “F***ing Jews…Disgusting Jews” whilst making throat-slitting gesture

A woman has reported that she was the victim of antisemitic abuse on a London bus as it travelled through Golders Green. A group of young Jewish people have told Jewish News that they were confronted by a man with a child, as they left the bus at their stop. The victim told the paper: “We were at the back on the top deck not showing any signs of disruptive behaviour. When we arrived at our stop, we walked down the stairs when I heard a man mutter ‘These f***ing Jews’. I asked him why he thought what he was saying was necessary. He looked directly at me with no response but told his son that we are ‘disgusting Jews’. At this point the rest of the group I was traveling with got off the bus but three of us remained.”

The witness added that the man and the boy later “placed their fingers across their throats while smiling at us” as she and her companions walked away from the bus.

A Police spokesperson told Jewish News: “Detectives in Barnet are investigating an allegation of antisemitic abuse. The incident is said to have taken place on a route 102 bus near Golders Green station. At about 22.30, a man who was with a young child, subjected three victims, in their early 20s to anti-Semitic abuse. The investigation is ongoing and officers are working with Transport for London to obtain any CCTV that is available. The suspect is described as a man of Middle Eastern appearance, approximately 5 foot 8 with slight stubble. Anyone with information is asked to call the police on 101, or to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Source: Jewish News

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Police open investigation into swastikas found in residential London neighbourhood

The Metropolitan Police Service has opened an investigation after two swastikas were daubed on a wall in Kentish Town, London. Police went to the scene before the swastikas were cleaned off. A police spokesperson told Jewish News: “Attending officers found offensive graffiti drawn onto a wall of the building and informed the local authority who removed it. No arrests have been made. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Conservative councillor for Housing and Community Safety, Oliver Cooper, reported the graffiti to the police. He said: “This appalling incident is only the latest in a sad escalation of hate crimes and hate speech: whether it’s graffiti swastikas, or hatred on social media. It’s important that everyone tackles this head-on. I will be asking Camden Council what’s being done to reverse this rising tide of hate locally, and make sure we keep the community safe.”

Source: Jewish News

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Thug who threatened to “kill all the Jews” convicted by Crown Court

Rashal Miah was convicted today by a jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court despite pleading “not guilty” to telling a Jewish man: “Shut the f*** up, you f***ing Jew. I will slit your throat.”

The incident took place on 29th September 2014 in Stamford Hill in London. An orthodox Jewish man who was recognisably Jewish from his clothes was driving a school van full of children through traffic. Miah was driving a black Mercedes towards the school van on the wrong side of the road, which caused traffic to build up and block the road.

The driver of the school van asked Miah to reverse his car to let traffic pass, at which point Miah exited his car, “aggressively” approached the van and said: “Shut the f*** up, you f***ing Jew. I will slit your throat.” He went on to refer to the school van driver as “Yehudi” (Jew) and said: “I’m going to kill all the Jews.”

Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol provided support to the victim through the lengthy court process.

The sentence has not yet been decided.

Source: Shomrim

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Neo-Nazi jailed in UK for “anti-Jewification” incitement is still sending bizarre antisemitic letters from prison

Joshua Bonehill-Paine, a neo-Nazi jailed in the UK for inciting “anti-Jewification” demonstrations in areas with large Jewish populations is still sending antisemitic letters from prison. According to Western Gazette, Bonehill-Paine sent a letter in an envelope decorated with antisemitic cartoons, including a drawing of Adolf Hitler saluting, and a Star of David next to a crude depiction of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is commonly believed by antisemitic conspiracy theorists that Jews organised the 9/11 terrorist atrocity.

Bonehill-Paine was given a three year and four month sentence following his trial in December and had only been expected to serve half under sentencing guidelines which reward good behaviour in prison, but this incident could set him back. The letters, send from prisons in Wandsworth and Manchester, describe the young facist’s absurd ambition to become a politician, write books and pursue his neo-Nazi agenda by “legal means” upon his release.

A Prison Service spokesperson told Western Gazette: “We are investigating this unacceptable incident and have put measures in place to ensure this offender’s mail is monitored by prison staff. Additionally, we will also take disciplinary action against the prisoner, which could see him being stripped of his privileges and being referred to the police for investigation.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has already referred the latest incident to the Metropolitan Police Service.

Source: Western Gazette

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BBC accused of “gratuitous” and “unjustifiable” antisemitism in Christmas and New Year dramas

Campaign Against Antisemitism has accused the BBC of “gratuitous” antisemitism in series aired over the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Citing two examples, Campaign Against Antisemitism admonished the BBC for trying to exchange artistic licence for “antisemitic licence”, saying: “Artistic licence allows distortion for artistic purposes, but there is no such thing as antisemitic licence. If antisemitism is gratuitous and irrelevant to the story or art, cut it out. This is supposed to be elementary.”

The first cited example was a serialisation of Agatha Christie’s mystery thriller, And then there were none, episode two of which was aired on 27th December 2015 at 21:00. In one scene, the characters discuss the identity of the mysterious “Isaac morris”. During the discussion, one character says: “Jews. Whenever there’s a problem, there’s Jews at the bottom of it.” Campaign Against Antisemitism questioned the “totally gratuitous conservation of Agatha Christie’s antisemitism in the BBC’s adaptation of the book”. Whilst some have responded that the antisemitism is true to the text, the title of the adaptation was changed to remove a racist term for black people, and since the antisemitism is irrelevant to the plot and characters, it is totally unclear why the BBC included it in the adaptation.

The second example involved popular soap opera Eastenders. In the episode that aired on 6th January 2016 at 18:00, one character tells another that Herod was “King of the Jews” before reciting his villainous attributes. While there is nothing new about nativity stories in which the villains are all Jews and the fact that Jesus was Jewish is forgotten, Campaign Against Antisemitism raised concern that the tradition alive and well at the BBC.

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism


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Police investigating after Jewish shoppers pelted with gas canisters by neo-Nazis in London, Shomrim assisting victims

The Metropolitan Police Service is investigating an incident that took place this evening at around 19:45 in which three Jewish shoppers were subjected to antisemitic abuse in Tottenham Hale by three white men in a white pickup truck.

The three men shouted “Hitler is on the way to you, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler, Heil Hitler” and threw small gas refill canisters towards the victims, two men and a woman.

Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, was called by the victims and is providing victim support. None of the victims were injured, but they were badly shaken by the experience.

The Metropolitan Police Service is now investigating. Anybody with information should call the police on 101 quoting reference CAD7955-06/01/16.

Jonathan Sacerdoti, Director of Communications at the Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “This disturbing incident is a reminder of the abuse that many Jewish people experience all too often. It is vital that victims report all antisemitic attacks or incidents whenever they happen, and that the police take every report seriously, investigating and charging those responsible wherever possible.”

Shomrim volunteer Michael Blayer said: “This behaviour is appalling, the victims were innocent shoppers at the Tottenham Hale Retail Park, and they were targeted because they were visibly Jewish. The verbal abuse was disgusting, and small objects were thrown towards the victims, making them fear for their immediate safety. Shomrim are supporting the victims. The incident has been reported to the Metropolitan Police, I have absolute confidence in our local police that this will be thoroughly investigated. I encourage anyone who witnessed this incident or who may have experienced a similar incident to report it.”

Source: Stamford Hill Shomrim

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London petrol station cashier reportedly tells Jewish customer “I hate you guys”

Campaign Against Antisemitism received a report that on 9th December, a Jewish man was subjected to antisemitic abuse at a petrol station in Stamford Hill, London, when he went to pay for his petrol. According to the report, as he finished paying for his petrol, the cashier said, “I hate you guys,” to which the victim responded, “What do you mean?” The cashier then allegedly answered: “I hate you and all you Jewish people.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has discussed the matter with the Metropolitan Police Service, which has confirmed that they attended the incident and treated it as a racially or religiously aggravated incident intended to cause harassment, alarm or distress, which is an offence under the Public Order Act. However, the victim declined to give police a statement and no evidence was found to substantiate the allegation, so the police were left with no option other than to have a discussion with the alleged offender and close the case.

Shomrim, the volunteer Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, was introduced to the victim and helped him to make a statement to the police, but due to the absence of a corroborating second witness statement, police action was still not possible.

A spokesman for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “The police can only act when allegations are supported by evidence, including evidence from victims themselves wherever possible. Anybody who experiences antisemitism in person should first call the police, and then if it is safe to do so, they should try to capture video evidence using a smartphone and take the contact details of anyone else who witnessed the incident.”

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism

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London university apologises for script about dukes owing money to “the Jew”

A London university has apologised unreservedly after students on its voice production course were asked to read a script about dukes owing Jews money as part of a drill in vowel and consonant projection.

Students at City Lit University wanting to improve their vocal clarity were asked to say: “The duke paid the money that was due to the Jew before the dew was off the grass on Tuesday. The Jew, having duly acknowledged it, bade adieu to the duke forever.”

The university immediately and unreservedly apologised, telling the Jewish News: “This exercise does not hold true to the core values and promotion of equality and diversity I expect of my team. I would most certainly like to issue an apology on behalf of the department for this extraordinarily outdated and offensive approach to lesson content. The learner was rightly offended…I am investigating this issue with the voice delivery team, as clearly we need to address the tutor responsible and provide support in their awareness and understanding of the offence they have caused in the first instance.”

The reaction comes after a Jewish News reader raised concerns it was “perhaps more acceptable in Shakespeare’s day than in 2015”.

Source: Jewish News

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BBC radio show presenter allows caller to opine for 13 minutes about Jewish world domination

Last week on BBC London Radio, during a phone-in, a BBC presenter and a caller discussed Jews.

The caller was given over thirteen minutes of airtime, spewing vile antisemitism, with many of his arguments left unchecked. Though it was clear from the outset that the caller was an unrepentant antisemite, the presenter allowed him to opine at length on the subject of Jewish world domination, even telling his caller: “I’m giving you more than I have done anyone.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has issued a call to action over the following excerpts:

BBC presenter: “There is a debate, listen I’m not saying there is no debate, clearly there is a debate about whether Israel in its current form should be where it is.”


“They are trying to control us more and more and more. They want to put a chip up our backsides, a ring through our noses, and a vizor for our horizons… the elite… the Rothschilds”

“It’s not just about old money, it’a about the Zionists”

“Most of the Jews of the world come from eastern Europe, from a place called originally, an empire called Cesaria… The Rothschilds, the people who own the Bank of England, the people who own the Federal Reserve, they’re all Zionist Jews. The people who own corporate America, the media, you’ll find if you just do a little bit of research, they’re all Zionist Jews. We are ruled by Zionist Jews.”

“The history of Jews from Palestine, that area of Judaism, it’s a long long history of thousands of years, has nothing to do with Zionism.”

“True Judaism… they’re against Zionism, those guys with the hats and the curly hair.”

“They control the money, the money, finance… 80% of corporate America, of the media, is owned by Jews. And they’re Zionist Jews.”

“We are dominated by the Jews’ system, the financial Jewish system.”

“We keep going on about the Jews… mainstream media, they keep banging on about the Jews and the Holocaust… we keep going on about six million Jews.”

Source: Campaign Against Antisemitism

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UK Islamist cell targets young women by glorifying ISIS and accusing “filthy Jews” of killing innocents

A documentary, The British Women Supporters Unveiled, which aired on Channel 4 in the UK, shows how a secret cell of British Islamist women is spreading antisemitic propaganda and encouraging young female Muslims to join ISIS.

The group, who were filmed in a year-long undercover operation, holds highly secretive meetings called Islamic Talks for sisters or Islamic Circles for women. In these meetings, they tell young Muslim women that Britain is waging a war against them and that those who do not support ISIS will be destroyed by Allah.

Some of these meetings are held in Government-funded community centres and take place in front of children.

One of the leading members is a mother of four, Rubana, who lives in London. She is a well-known extremist and has been an instrumental member of several, now-banned organisations, including al-Muhajiroun, which is said to have been behind 50% of UK terror plots, including the 7/7 London bombings and the Lee Rigby murder.

In a two-hour, covertly-filmed lecture, Rubana states that the “good days have already begun [because an Islamic State has been established].”

In a reference to the attacks against ISIS, she adds: “It’s not the first time nations have plotted against the believers. It’s not the first time the alliance has been formed like they have now with this coalition against the Khilafah [Islamic State]. But Allah one by one he will destroy them.”

She goes on to accuse “filthy Jews” of killing innocent Muslim women and children.

Another of the group is Umm Saalihah, has lived at the same address as Mohammed Shamsuddin, who was arrested last year on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and being a member of al-Muhajiroun.

On Twitter, Saalihah has said it is “necessary” to live under the khilafah.

A third woman, under the name Umm Usmaan, has tweeted: “Go to Sham (Syria) for it is the best of Allahs [sic] lands on earth.”

Sources: The Telegraph, RT

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British MP receives Holocaust denying antisemitic Christmas card

A British MP has received an antisemitic Christmas card filled with a diatribe against Jewish people. The front of the card shows a child asking an adult: “Do you still believe in the Holocaust?” The adult responds: “Do you still believe in Father Christmas?”

The message inside the card begins with “No Jew can be Prime Minister of England, no MP can be a Jew,” and continues in much the same vein.

Fittingly the last word of the card is “Stupid” which we think is a fitting signature for the sender.

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UK National Union of Students deliberately snubs Israeli victims of terrorism

The UK’s National Union of Students has been forced to apologise for having deliberately left out Israeli victims of terrorism from a list of countries suffering from terrorist attacks, at the union’s National Executive Council meeting earlier this month.

Despite Israel suffering no fewer than 169 terror attacks targeting Israeli Jews in 120 days, the NUS statement read out at its meeting mentioned attacks by “paramilitary organisations” carried out in Nigeria, Lebanon, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kenya, Palestine, Mali and Paris, but not Israel. The inclusion of Palestine in the list suggests that the omission of Israel was deliberately discriminatory. In recent months Israeli civilians have been the victims of numerous Palestinian perpetrated rock-throwings, vehicular attacks where pedestrians were run over deliberately by cars or vans, and stabbings. These have resulted in numerous deaths and injuries.

The original National Union of Students’ statement read “those who have perpetrated these attacks, have targeted people of all faiths, of all backgrounds and of all identities. Since the attacks, we have seen an increase in retributions places on Muslim communities here in the UK and around the world. We restate the NUS’ commitment to fighting Islamophobia.” The Jewish victims of terrorism in Israel were not mentioned, though.

Since being condemned widely for this action, National Union of Students president Megan Dunn eventually apologised to Jewish students at an event with around 100 Jewish attendees. She insisted that “antisemitism and abuse of Jewish students is unacceptable.”

Sources: Twitter and UJS

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London mayoral candidate accused of being at the centre of a Jewish conspiracy

A Jewish candidate to succeed Boris Johnson as Mayor of London has spoken out against antisemitism online. Zac Goldsmith told a lunch for Conservative Friends of Israel: “Sadly, social media is a reminder of the rising wave of antisemitism which sweeping across Europe. There is no denying or ignoring it. Particularly on social media, criticism of Israel has become a cover for an old hatred.”

Mocking the abuse he has received, Goldsmith said that according to Twitter users “I have this amazing control over the press – which should make my mayoral contest very easy; and that my family have completely infiltrated the royal family.”

Source: Algemeiner

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Men in van shout antisemitic abuse at Jews in London suburb

In a statement to Campaign Against Antisemitism, Hertfordshire Constabulary has said that last Saturday at 13:10, a person driving a white Ford Transit van along Deacons Hill Road wound down their window and shouted offensive language towards a man in his 50s. According to the police statement: “The matter is being investigated as a public order hate crime and investigations are on-going. No arrests have been made at this time.”

Did you witness this incident? If so, please tell us more about what happened.

Source: Hertfordshire Constabulary

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London School of Economics condemns exhibition of terrorists who stabbed Jews

The London School of Economics has condemned an exhibition by pro-Palestinian students which glorified Palestinian terrorists who have been stabbing Israeli Jews in a wave of antisemitic terrorism. It is surprising though that in condemning the exhibition, LSE suggested that the students might not have intended to celebrate the terrorists whose photographs were graphically displayed in the exhibition. It seems that the only purpose of the exhibition was to celebrate Palestinian terrorists who had been killed in self-defence by Israelis protecting themselves from attacks being perpetrated by the terrorists against any Jewish civilian they could find.

The full statement from LSE said:

The School was deeply troubled by the exhibition held by the Students’ Union Palestine Society in the Saw Swee Hock building in October 2015.

This is not a matter of free speech within the law, which the School is obliged to uphold across its premises: the law was not broken. Neither is it in itself a concern that offence was caused. The concern is that both the content of the exhibition and the manner in which it was displayed, together with related activities off campus and on social media, caused serious harm to relations between sections of our community on campus. The apparent celebration, even if unintended, of violence and perpetrators of violence caused significant distress to students who identify with victims of that violence.

As a university we are committed to encouraging the free exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of mutual respect. The School asks that all Students’ Union societies act with respect for the views and feelings of all their fellow students.

Source: London School of Economics

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Swastika found sprayed in London park

A swastika has been found spray-painted in West Hackney Recreation Ground. Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, found the graffiti and informed local police and Hackney Council. The Council is arranging for the graffiti to be removed. The one-hectare park reopened a year ago following a £700,000 restoration programme.

Source: Shomrim

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London Jewish man verbally abused on a date when he revealed his background

A Jewish man from London sent in the following report:

In October I went for a drink with a non-Jewish woman I met through the dating app, Tinder. It was a good-humoured experience until right at the end of the evening when it came up in conversation that my background is Israeli-Jewish (my mother is from Israel but I was born and raised in Britain). At that point the woman, a 29-year-old social worker and Green Party member, launched a furious personal attack on me, yelling, pointing her finger and making racist comments, including accusing me of personally of being a child killer, saying: “Israel has been grabbing land, killing innocent people, including children – and you probably did that too.” Other comments included claims about “you and your people” being responsible for various wrongdoings and “I wish I’d know this earlier”, suggesting that she racially profiles men that she dates. I explained that I felt her behaviour was prejudiced and racist, but she did not respond. I felt that one minute I was a perceived as a human being, the next I was some kind of a monster. I am a thick-skinned person, but this kind of unashamed racism left me feeling sick.

Source: Reported to Everyday Antisemitism

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Jewish man in London told by evangelist: “You’re Jewish so you think that you are superior to other people.”

A Jewish man from London sent in the following report:

I was sitting on a bench in Victoria Park, east London today when a man approached me and gave me a flyer for the Evangelical Reformed Church in Hackney. I politely said “No thanks”; he then held the flyer towards me and invited me to attend the church, at which point I said “No thanks, I’m Jewish” since this normally makes evangelists stop. “So you’re special, then,” he replied, before claiming that all types of people attend the church. “What do you mean by ‘I’m special’?” I asked. After repeatedly avoiding the question, he replied: “You said you’re Jewish so that means you think you’re special. You set yourselves apart from other people.” I continued to press him on what he meant my that and he eventually told me: “You’re Jewish so you think that you are superior to other people.” I told him that he is a racist, to which he replied, “I’m an evangelical. I want to save souls.” He remained calm and confident during the incident which left me feeling sickened.

Source: Reported to Everyday Antisemitism

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Swastika daubed on wall in north of London

A Jewish couple, Michael and Clarissa Israel, found a newly-painted swastika on a wall whilst walking in the north of London. Speaking to the Ham & High, Michael Israel said: “I have lived here for 13 years and it has never happened before. I’m just a bit shocked. Maybe it is connected to what has been going on in the last week [in Paris].”

Photo: Ham & High

Source: Ham & High

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London Jewish school’s website hacked with message saying “Islam is the true religion”

London’s Jewish Free School’s website has been hacked by a group calling itself the “Tunisian Fallaga Team”. A spokesperson from the school told Jewish News: “We are grateful for the speedy response of our web support team in rectifying this and ensuring the site was back online within minutes. Unfortunately attempts such as this are commonplace for many Jewish organisations who are forced to employ actions to mitigate against such nuisances.”

Image and source: Jewish News

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London’s Jewish neighbourhood watch subjected to antisemitic abuse whilst helping burglary victim

Shomrim, London’s Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, witnessed a burglary this afternoon and called the police. Whilst assisting the victim, a passerby shouted at Shomrim’s volunteers: “F***ing Jewish scum. Why do you keep calling them [the police], because he’s Muslim?”

The “Muslim” in question was the victim, who Shomrim and the Police were assisting, not arresting. The passerby was arrested on suspicion of a racially-aggravated public order offence.

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Antisemitic Polish football graffiti found on wall in London

A member of the public found antisemitic graffiti in Polish on a wall in Norbury, London. On one part of the wall the graffiti said “RTS Jude,” an apparent reference to RTS Widzew Łódź SA, a football club. In Poland, football-related graffiti often uses the word “Jew” as an insult. On another wall graffiti saying “RTS Łódzka kurwa” was found above a Star of David, “RTS” apparently referring to the football team, with the remainder of the text meaning “Łódź whore.”

This is the second recent incident in London of antisemitic Polish graffiti relating to the same football club.

Clothing Everyday Antisemitism London Ξ E-mail

Man photographed walking in London draped in SS flag

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Popular London nightclub ordered to close after antisemitic brawl, but assailants escape further action

Bouts, a popular nightclub in Kensington, London has been ordered to close for two weeks following a brawl which erupted into the street after customers were subjected to antisemitic abuse.

Video footage showed between fifteen and twenty people engaged in a fight during which one person was thrown across the bonnet of a taxi with such force that it was dented, whilst an assailant shouted “f***ing Jews”. The club has reportedly told journalists that the fight began after a customer made an antisemitic remark towards a group of Jewish people and was asked to leave.

When the club reopens, it will be required to exclude anybody younger than 21 and must close by 2am every night. Six men and a woman, all aged between 18 and 21, were arrested and issued with fixed penalty notices.

Media accounts of the incident seem to indicate that racially-aggravated offences occurred, making the use of fixed penalty notices by the police inexplicably lenient.

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London man arrested for shouting antisemitic abuse and distributing flyers

A man who shouted antisemitic abuse at passersby and distributed antisemitic flyers has been arrested. Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol observed the man and followed him until police arrived to make an arrest.

Photo: Shomrim

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Audio: Sir Gerald Kaufman MP’s “Jewish money” slur

Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman has reportedly claimed that “Jewish money, Jewish donations” dictate government policy on Israel. Kaufman was speaking at a meeting of the “Palestine Return Council” which was attended by other MPs, as well as by the blogger David Collier, who has posted an account of Kaufman’s speech.

Speaking after Martin Linton MP, Kaufman is reported to have said: “It’s Jewish money, Jewish donations, to the conservative party as in the general election in May, support from the Jewish Chronicle, all of those things, bias the conservatives. There is now a big group of conservative members of Parliament, who are pro-Israel whatever government does and they are not interested in what Israel, in what the Israeli government does.”

Kaufman had reportedly begun his speech by claiming that half of the antisemitic stabbings in Israel (which has recently seen Jews stabbed, axed, run over and shot in the streets), were “fabricated”.

The globally-recognised EUMC definition of antisemitism clearly states that it is antisemitic to make “mendacious, dehumanising, demonising, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has issued a call to action.

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London residents shocked by “Death to da Jew” graffiti

Residents of Heathland Road in London’s Stamford Hill neighbourhood have found graffiti threatening “Death to da Jew”. Police are investigating at the behest of Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol.

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Local paper publishes letter from man demanding that UK Jewish Film Festival be banned in his borough

Local paper Ham & High has published a letter by John McPartin demanding that the UK Jewish Film Festival not be permitted in the borough. Writing in response to an article in the paper about the UK Jewish Film Festival, McPartin refers to the festival as the “Israeli Film Festival” possibly because he is confused, or perhaps because he wants to make the bigoted suggestion of banning a Jewish cultural event seem more acceptable. If you would like to respond with your own letter, please send it to [email protected].

Hat tip: North London Friends of Israel and Mandy Blumenthal

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Four men arrested in London after chasing Jews, shouting abuse and kicking one of them

Four men described as being of “Asian” appearance have been arrested in London after chasing Jewish pedestrians, shouting abuse at them about Palestinians and kicking one of them. Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, followed the men and called the police, who came and arrested them.

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London man arrested for shouting “Hitler is going to kill you all Jews”

A man who shouted “Hitler is going to kill you all Jews” whilst pointing to a tattoo of a Nazi eagle on his chest has been arrested in north London. His outburst was witnessed by volunteers from the Shomrim Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol who called police to arrest him.

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British councillor suspended after claiming Israel is behind ISIS and 9/11

Kensington and Chelsea councillor Benazir Lasharie has been suspended from the Labour party after an online rant in which she reportedly posted a video entitled: “ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”. She commented on the social network saying: “Many people know about who was behind 9/11 and also who is behind ISIS. I’ve nothing against Jews..just sharing it.” She then added “I’ve heard some compelling evidence about ISIS being originated from Zionists!”

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Abusive tenant allegedly calls Jewish neighbour “F***ing Jewish c***”

A London man has allegedly been subjected to a tirade of abuse by a neighbour, who called him a “f***ing Jewish c***”. The incident has been reported to the police.

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Demonstrator in London proposes that Jews “go back” to Poland, Germany

A demonstrator against Israel in London prepared her own placard proposing that “Thieving, murdering ‘Israelis’ go home to Poland, Germany, USA”.

Photo: Eylon Aslan-Levy

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“Gucci Khan” suggests new Holocaust

Facebook user “Gucci Khan” posted a video complaining about perceived injustices in Israel, ranting: “When is the day going to come when someone is going to do something about Israel, because what I think: you should kick them back into Germany and see what happens over there, because you know what Hitler did”

Watch the extract below or click for the full video


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Man tweets from London rally against terror and receives slew of antisemitic tweets

Yesterday evening I attended the Zionist Federation demonstration at the Palestinian mission in London to protest the incitement to violence and murder against Israelis and to express solidarity with Israel at this difficult time. I posted tweets from the event and have received a number of antisemitic tweets in response.

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Man shouts “You f***ing Jewish c***s” at Jewish passersby in London

An Eastern European man shouted “You f***ing Jewish c***s” at Jewish passersby in north London and was followed by volunteers from Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol until police arrested him.

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Man shouts antisemitic abuse and threats at Jewish women

Two women were subjected to antisemitic abuse and threats in a London street. Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, responded to the incident and police are now understood to be investigating.

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Youths in car shout antisemitic abuse at Jewish school bus

A group described as “young Asian men” in a car in north London shouted antisemitic abuse at the driver of a school bus whilst children were on board. Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol, responded to the incident and police are now understood to be investigating.

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Police seek the public’s help in identifying five men following antisemitic chanting on train

British Transport Police have issued CCTV images showing five men sought for questioning following antisemitic chanting on a train travelling between Watford Junction and Milton Keynes.

PC Michael Botterill said in a statement: “A man, who boarded the train at Watford Junction, took his seat in the first class carriage. A group of West Ham fans were already seated and, as the train pulled away, they began to sing antisemitic songs. The man, quite rightly, took offence to these vile songs and challenged the group over their language. However, they refused to stop and continued with their chanting.”

Police received reports from several other witnesses to the behaviour of the men, who are believed to have left the train at Northampton. The train was the 19:03 service from Watford Junction to Birmingham New Street on Saturday 15th August, the day West Ham played Leicester City at Upton Park.

PC Botterill continued: “This sort of casual racism has gone unchallenged for too long. We know the vast majority of football fans are decent people, but for those who continue to make life unpleasant for the travelling public, our message is clear: we will not tolerate your yobbish behaviour. I think the men in the pictures we are issuing today, have information about this incident. Please let us know who they are.”

Do you recognise these men? If so, please contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40, or text 61016, quoting reference MSUB/B4 of 12/10/2015. Information can also be passed anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Man shouts “We need to kill all the Jews” at man leaving London synagogue, smashes car window

Shomrim, the Jewish neighbourhood watch patrol has reported that a man shouted “We need to kill all the Jews” at a Jewish man leaving a synagogue in a London neighbourhood with a large Jewish population. He then broke the man’s car window.

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Man arrested in London for shouting “Kill the f***ing Jews” at passersby

A man has been arrested after Jewish neighbourhood patrol group Shomrim saw him shouting antisemitic abuse at passersby, including children. At one point he shouted “Kill the f***ing Jews”. Shomrim volunteers followed him until police officers arrived to arrest him.

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Arsenal fans reportedly chant “Back to Auschwitz you go” at match against Tottenham Hotspur

Arsenal fans at a football match against Tottenham Hotspur played at White Hart Lane reportedly chanted “Back to Auschwitz you go” in the middle of a police escort. Whilst the police have reportedly taken action against vandals at the match, no action has apparently been taken against the “handful” of fans chanting antisemitic abuse.

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BBC uses antisemitic caricature in Proms programme

The official programme for the BBC’s flagship Proms summer music festival contained an antisemitic caricature.

Leopold Auer was a famous Hungarian Jewish violinist to whom numerous pieces of music were dedicated, including a piece by Tchaikovsky. The BBC Proms programme included Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto and to illustrate it, the BBC used a caricature of Auer — Tchaikovsky dedicated his Violin Concerto to Auer but changed it to Brodsky after Auer suggested revisions. The caricature featured Auer as a ghoulish figure with an enormous hooked nose.

The caricature used may well have been licensed from the Lebrecht Library, which lists the drawing as an “antisemitic caricature”. If the BBC did indeed purchase the rights to use the image from the Lebrecht collection, it is hard to imagine that they could have missed the description of the caricature.

In response to Twitter users who demanded answers, the BBC said: “We use a range of caricatures and illustrations in our concert programmes and wanted one of Leopold Auer. We’re sorry to anyone who was offended by the image choice — this was never our intention.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has issued a call to action.

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Demonstrator outside Downing Street calls for new Holocaust


An anti-Israel demonstration outside Downing Street on Wednesday predictably degenerated as antisemitic slurs were hurled at a mostly Jewish crowd gathered to honour the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit. Police made seven arrests but this lady went unpunished for calling for the annihilation of six million Jews. Sussex Friends of Israel identified her as Pamela Hardyment who is a well-known face at anti-Israel demonstrations.

Video: Israel Advocacy Movement

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Demonstrator waving penny at Jews outside Downing Street and shouting “This is all you know” arrested

An anti-Israel demonstration outside Downing Street today predictably degenerated as antisemitic slurs were hurled at a mostly Jewish crowd gathered to honour the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit. Police made at least one arrest and took away this man who made antisemitic comments.

Video: Zionist Federation

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“Alex Petriou” believes that the world is ruled by a Satanic Jewish conspiracy

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Shopping centre stall’s swastika and Star of David logo removed

The Nirvana beauty product stall in West 12 Shopping Centre decorated its signage with a swastika inside a Star of David. The sign was removed following a complaint by Campaign Against Antisemitism. There has been no explanation from the stall’s management.

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Man shouts “Late for the showers?” at Jewish man in London as he hurries past

A Jewish man wearing a kippah (Jewish skullcap) was hurrying down the road in Edgware. Someone doing their gardening called out “Late for the showers?” and laughed. During the Holocaust, Jews were murdered in gas chambers at concentration camps in rooms that had been made to look like communal showers.

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Former Councillor claims “Zionists created Hitler and decades after you still use him”

Twitter user Susan John-Richards claims that “Zionists created Hitler and decades after you still use him”. Her Twitter profile says “Who are the real planners behind our puppet politicians in this world? They Take our votes and serve their lords!!” In 2010 Susan John-Richards stood as an independent councillor for Tooting after leaving the Conservative Party in 2009.