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Hungarian man sentenced to 400 days in prison or large fine for Facebook “Holohoax” post

The district court in Esztergom, Hungary, has sentenced a man to 400 days in prison or an Ft800,000 (£1,865 or $2,735) fine for denying the Holocaust on social media. He will be taken into custody if he does not pay the fine.

Facebook user “Norbert J”, of Dömös, near Budapest, had posted an interview with rabbi Slomó Köves and beneath it he commented “Holohoax”. He apologised for his behaviour in a letter in which he claimed that he acted in anger after reading an article on the “Holocaust industry”.

The sentence was aggravated by the fact that the man has previous convictions, and the man had reportedly published several other pieces of antisemitic content on his Facebook timeline.

Source: Hungary Today

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