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South African singer songwriter exposed as prolific antisemite

Singer songwriter Loyiso Matana Ka-Zikhali, from Durban South Africa, has been exposed as a prolific antisemite by Spotlighting SA. According to the organisation, the musician, whose real name is Loyiso Fareed Matana, has been discovered posting a stream of antisemitic abuse on Facebook, including:

  • “Indeed Zionist Jews are a cancer to the world”.
  • “A law written by kike Jews judges) in South Africa supreme law”.
  • “Cost of living in Western Cape is very expensive the Jews own it”.
  • “Zionist Jews have mastered this art of (blackmagic)“.
  • “The native the agenda of the Jew is to control the currency and economy”.
  • “The agenda of Jews is ‘world domination’”.
  • “Jews had to make a plan for Jesus to vanish”.

Source: Spotlighting SA

By Everyday Antisemitism

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