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“Jews out!” graffiti campaign continues in Berlin

Berlin’s Alt-Mariendorf district continues to see a campaign of antisemitic graffiti, RIAS reports.

Following last year’s spate of antisemitic vandalism, the Jew-hating slogans have continued to appear in the area. At the beginning of January, the Alt-Mariendorf underground station and its surroundings were daubed with graffiti including, “Who is Rotschild [sic]? Western Terror Jews [sic] out!”, a swastika and several “Jews Out” and also the initials “JF”.

“JF” may be a reference to the Junge Front (Young Front). The Junge Front was the youth movement attached to the Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands/Partei der Arbeit (the VSBD/PdA), a far-right political party that was founded in Germany in 1971 and banned in 1982. The VSBD/PdA represented a socialist-leaning version of Nazism. After it was banned, many of its former members founded the Nationalist Front.

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