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Jewish Texan businessman’s photograph defaced with swastikas on billboards

A Jewish businessman in Athens, Texas, has said he feels uplifted by the response of his community after billboards bearing his photograph were defaced with swastikas. Jeff Weinstein’s real estate business had placed signs around a plot of land, advertising a development opportunity, but vandals painted a swastika over the image of his face on the signs.

Weinstein, who is one of the few Jews in Athens,  said: “It backfired, it didn’t work because…my community is defending me saying we love you, so in the big scheme of things…this really is a great place.” Weinstein posted a photograph of the vandalism on Facebook, receiving an overwhelmingly supportive response. Weinstein commented: “In the real world, bad things happen. People say things that you wish they didn’t. In the end, what you find out is that people really do care about each other and they don’t want this to go on anymore and that makes you feel good.”


Source: CFCA/Tyler Morning Telegraph

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