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Jewish woman harassed by German man on OkCupid to declare position on Israel

RIAS have reported that a Berlin-based, Jewish woman was harassed on the dating site OkCupid to declare her “political position” on Israel when arranging a date.

The website asks users to respond to various questions to identify good matches. The Jewish woman’s details reportedly stated that she was Jewish, and in the multiple choice answers, she had selected “Jewish and it’s important”. The stranger demanded to know if that referred to “a political position”, adding that he does not support Israel and meeting would be pointless unless she accepts that. The man reportedly also felt uncomfortable that the woman mentioned she is bilingual, which he took as a sign of dual loyalty.

The woman broke off contact after complaining to him that he had demonstrated an obsessive preoccupation with Israel and demanded that she take a political position simply because she is Jewish.

Source: Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus