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Travelling Auschwitz exhibition’s opening marred by over 100 antisemitic social media posts

Over 100 antisemitic social media messages have been reported to Spanish authorities after a travelling exhibition was targeted by antisemites ahead of its opening.

The exhibition, which features over 600 objects from Auschwitz, including a freight carriage used to transport captives to the camp, is being organised by Musealia, a Spanish company. Musealia’s director, Luis Ferreiro, was inspired to launch the exhibition after reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankel, an Auschwitz survivor. Mr Ferreiro said “If I had been a movie director, I would have made a film; if I had been an author, I would have written about it, but I am part of a family exhibition company, and we have invested a lot in the conservation of these objects, their transportation and expensive production ”.

Commenting on the scores of antisemitic social media messages the exhibition attracted, he commented that “people use the anonymity of social media to launch negationist and hate-filled messages. This shows us that there are still people who need to know this story”.

Musealia have organised the exhibition in conjunction with the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum. It started in Madrid this month, and will travel to 7 European cities and 7 American cities in the coming 7 years. School groups and children attend free.

Robert Jan van Pelt, the exhibition’s chief curator, is unsurprised by the antisemitism it has prompted. He commented: “I have spent 30 years working in this area and Auschwitz attracts deniers. What we are doing with this exhibition is establishing the facts and putting solid evidence on display”. Sadly, we must agree with him – this story is entirely unsurprising, as experience tells us that any Jewish issues coming into the public eye risk being met with floods of antisemitism.

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French ultra-Nationalist arrested for allegedly plotting to assassinate Macron wanted to kill “Blacks, Arabs, Jews and homosexuals”

Last week, an individual who described himself as a, “right-wing nationalist” was arrested on charges relating to an alleged planned assassination of President Emmanuel Macaron during the Bastille Day parade in Paris on July 14th.

The suspect was reported convicted in 2016 of inciting terrorism.

RMC, a French radio station reported that the individual who is a resident of Argenteuil, a small town near to Paris was charged with terrorist offences. The individual in question was traced based on inflammatory comments made on an online chat he had participated in. The man described himself as a ‘nationalist’, and a proponent of extreme right ideology now commonly described as the “alt-right”.

In RMC’s report, it is stated that the detainee had used the online chat room to express his desire to obtain an AK 47. He was reported to the authorities by other online users. When the police arrived to arrest him, he allegedly threatened them with a knife.

The radio station further reported that during his interrogation, the detainee admitted to wanting to kill, “Blacks, Arabs, Jews and homosexuals” in a shocking confession of blatant racism and anti-Semitism. Police sources confirmed the radio’s statement, affirming that “His plot was vague, but he made it clear that he wanted to attack minorities.” It is speculated that the individual was inspired by previous mass shootings, such as the Columbine High School massacre, a tragic event which took place in 1999.

Allegedly the detainee described himself as “mentally unstable”, although this has yet to be confirmed by a medical body.

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Jewish students in Austria seeking legal action against student leaders who mocked Holocaust

Benjamin Hess, President of the Union of Jewish Austrian University Students, the main representative group for Jewish students in Austria, has revealed that the organisation will be seeking legal action after two secret groups were revealed to have contained worrying antisemitic rhetoric.

The Facebook group “FVJUS Men’s Collective” and the Whatsapp group “Badass warlords” both contained antisemitism. They included pictures of a pile of ashes captioned “Leaked Anne Frank nudes!” and a picture of Hitler with the caption “Hey. I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s your number…So Auschwitz, maybe?”

There is also a picture of Hitler with the caption “you can’t be racist if there is no other race”, clearly making light of the attempts to exterminate non-“Aryans”.

A gallery of some of the content, which also includes misogynistic and Islamophobic rhetoric, can be viewed here.

Benjamin Hess said that the content should be “prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.

Most worryingly, many of the group’s participants were student leaders, notably student leaders of the Conservative Austrian People’s Party at the University of Vienna, where Hess is a student. The CAPP are a centre-right party in Austria, but many of the nation’s future leaders will come through the ranks of the University of Vienna.

Following student elections, Hess said that he was “shocked” that the people in question had not lost their seats as a result of their bigoted discourse. Despite a demonstration involving 200 people, the University of Vienna seems to have taken no serious action against the culprits. It is however very encouraging to see people turn out to show solidarity with Jewish students.

Hess commented that “this scandal goes beyond just the students, because it is known that participation in the students’ union and the Conservative student party is the first step to a larger career. These people go on to be the country’s leaders”.

Whilst the content in the group may have been made without malicious intent, it demonstrates a lack of concern for rising antisemitism and the experiences of Jewish and other minority students. More worrying is the failure of the University to take disciplinary action and the re-election of the students involved, both of which communicate to all involved that antisemitism is an acceptable part of academic life.




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VICE ex-founder in vile antisemitic rants says Israelis have a “whiny paranoid fear of Nazis”, calls Holocaust education “brainwashing”

Gavin McInnes, a former founder of the popular online media company VICE and current YouTube personality, has made a series of grossly antisemitic comments during and following a trip to Israel.

Following a visit to Yad Vashem, Israel’s official Holocaust memorial and museum, McInnes said that he thinks that the Israeli Government and Jewish organisations funded his trip and they “assume we’re going to listen to all this shit we get fed”, having previously said he was “at the Holocaust museum, or the ‘Holocaust’ museum — no, I’m just kidding”. Read together, these statements clearly indicate that McInnes may believe in some form of Holocaust denial.  He then continues “I felt myself defending the super far-right Nazis just because I was sick of so much brainwashing and I felt like going, ‘Well, they never said it didn’t happen. What they’re saying is it was much less than six million and that they starved to death and weren’t gassed, that they didn’t have supplies'”.

Though he did clarify that “I’m not saying it wasn’t gassing. Please don’t take that clip out of context, but that’s what the far-right nuts are saying”, it is quite clear from his previous statement that he has sympathy for those who deny the Holocaust and is all-too-happy to malign those who teach others about the Holocaust as engaging in “brainwashing”, which as a standalone statement is often a favourite term of Holocaust deniers.

He then attempts to minimise the Holocaust by pointing out that “Mao killed 70 million… Stalin, with the Bolsheviks, killed 30 million. But the Russians don’t talk about that. They don’t even necessarily see it as a horrible thing”. Nobody is denying these events, but in bringing them up in this matter, McInnes is committing a false equivalence. Far worse, he then went on to lay the blame for the starvation of Ukrainians under Stalin on Jews, laughing as he says “I think it was ten million Ukrainians who were killed. That was by Jews. That was by Marxist, Stalinist, left-wing, commie, socialist Jews”.

He also asked “Wasn’t the Treaty of Versailles, wasn’t that disproportionately influenced by Jewish intellectuals?”, in a statement which seemingly blames Jews for the rise of the Nazis.

The idea that Jews somehow provoked Germany at Versailles is a common thread in the thinking of far right antisemites, as is the idea that the atrocities of the Soviet Union can be attributed to Jewish influence, but one need not be familiar with the common context in which these views are expressed to recognise that blaming Jews for some of the worst events in history is grossly antisemitic. According to the Definition of Antisemitism, “Antisemitism frequently charges Jews with conspiring to harm humanity, and it is often used to blame Jews for “why things go wrong””.

On Tuesday he uploaded a video called “10 things I hate about Jews”, which he later renamed to “10 things I hate about Israel”, in a blatant display of trying to dress up his antisemitism as criticism of Israel. In the video he seems to imply that Jews should be more grateful to America for its role in defeating the Nazis, describes Hebrew as a “spit language” and says that Jews have a  “whiny paranoid fear of Nazis that’s making them scared of Christians and Trumps who are their greatest allies”. The idea that being worried about Nazism makes Jews “whiny” or “paranoid” is both laughable and extremely belittling, particularly against the backdrop of rising antisemitism in Trump’s America that Trump does not seem committed to tackling in any meaningful way, having axed a special State Envoy dedicated to combating Antisemitism in America as a part of his budget cuts.

He later claimed that he made the comments in the hope that Jews would refute his statements, saying “I landed, and I’ve got tons of Nazi friends. David Duke and all the Nazis totally think I rock…no offense, Nazis, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I don’t like you. I like Jews”. The sincerity of such a statement is obviously quite dubious, particularly because it was followed with the comment that Israelis should “embrace Christianity”.

McInnes drew praise from antisemite and former head of the KKK David Duke, who shared a photograph of McInnes holding one of his books, called “Jewish Supremacism”, a vile antisemite work which essentially attempts to reassert the lies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, passing itself off as academic research. However, we cannot be sure if the image is doctored or not. Nonetheless, even if it is, drawing praise from Duke should be a firm reminder that one has strayed down a very dangerous path.

McInnes left VICE in 2008 and has since been involved with Rebel Media, a right wing Canadian publication whose writers have been extremely supportive of Trump, one of whom described Hasidic Jews as “cult-like” people who they wouldn’t want in their neighbourhood, and also include Tommy Robinson, the founder of the Far Right “English Defence League” who is associated with the anti-Islam “Pegida” group whose founder had to resign after posing as Adolf Hitler and describing immigrants as filth”, “trash” and “brutes”. One of their former writers authored a book called “Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation”.


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German Parliamentary candidate appears to call for Hitler’s return, apparently faces no discipline from her Party

Elena Roon, a Parliamentary candidate for the far right “Alternative for Germany” party, has posted an image of Hitler with the caption “Missed since 1945”.

She is a party Chairwoman in Nuremberg, and will be running for Parliament in the area.

She allegedly shared the image in a private Whatsapp group.

The full caption stated “Missed since 1945 … Adolf, please get in touch! Germany needs you! The German people!”

Roon did not deny sending the images, but publicly stated that she  repudiates “right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism”.

She also denied wishing for Hitler to return, saying “whoever wishes to draw the conclusion that I condone what it says in the images is twisting the truth round completely”.

Such denial will be of little comfort to Jews and other minority groups within Germany, who see a far right party whose members will put on a respectable face when facing the public, but who are clearly happy to glorify Nazism and to hold antisemitic and racist attitudes privately.

The Party’s regional head said that the allegations were “most probably unfounded”, having said that there would be consequences if she had harmed the party. The fact that consequences were only cited in relation to the Party’s reputation, as opposed to the fact that she has called for Hitler’s return, shows how little a problem the party’s establishment has with antisemitism.


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PewDiePie pays two men who unveil “Death to all Jews” sign live on his YouTube channel

PewDiePie, the Swedish YouTube Celebrity who is the personality behind the most subscribed-to channel on the entire site, paid two men who revealed a “Death to all Jews” sign for him in a video.

In the bizarre video, he stated that he would delete his account when he reaches 50 million subscribers. At the time, he had 49 million.

He was reviewing the website Fiverr, which you can pay someone to reveal a message of one’s choice, though it seems as if he didn’t know that this particular message would be unveiled.

He has since apologised, saying “I don’t feel too proud of this, I’m not going to lie. I’m not anti-Semitic or whatever it’s called. It was a funny meme, and I didn’t think it would work… I swear, I love Jews. I love them”, and the two men in the Fiverr video have also apologised.

This does appear to be a very poor attempt at a joke gone wrong, although the explanation could of course be more sinister. However, the mere fact that PewDiePie has so many millions of subscribers, most of whom are young, and many of whom will be or will have been exposed to antisemitic ideas, particularly in anti-Israel discourse, seeing something like this on the channel of a prominent cultural influencer could have the unfortunate effect of normalising antisemitism. Despite this, his apology is to be welcomed.

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Egyptian Sheikh and cleric calls Jews a “cancer”, “germ”, and a “people of falsehood, heresy and decline”

The Middle East Media Research Institute has released footage of an Egyptian cleric, Sheikh Ali Qassem, spouting antisemitic propaganda in a lecture, which is currently on YouTube, called “Path to Allah”, and which was released in December.

In the tirade, he begins by dismissing the concept of “openness towards others” as a “loathsome term”, and seeks to “enlighten” his viewers about the “Jewish Other”.

He then says the Jews “cursed Allah”, that they “slayed innocent people” and “even slayed the prophets”. These two claims mirror long-standing antisemitic canards which were common in Christian Europe. The first resembles a blood libel, examples of which can be found frequently in the Islamic world, but the latter seems to closely correspond to the accusation that Jews “killed Jesus”, who is also considered a prophet in Islam. The claim of “deicide”, as it was to Christians, was frequently used to incite violence against Jews in Christian territories, and a parallel claim seems to be taking root with Islamic extremists.

The cleric then calls Jews “the brethren of apes and pigs”, which is a term increasingly used to smear Jews in the Muslim world, and which has a long history of being applied to Jews by Muslims.

He then uses the term a “people of falsehood, heresy and decline” who will be enemies of the Muslims “until Judgement Day”.

He accuses Jews of having a “covert hatred” towards Muslims which has “not ceased for a single moment”.

He ends the video by celebrating the recent fires in Israel.

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely for antisemitism to start to come to an end in Muslim countries when religious figures are able to pass such unadulterated hatred of Jews off as religious discourse. There is potential for religion to bridge the gap between Jews and Muslims, with both being monotheistic religions, and with various Jewish and Muslim thinkers having written positively about the other, not least of which being Maimonides and his son. However, sadly there are still many cases like this when religion is used to entrench antisemitism in Muslim communities.


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Muslim Public Affairs Committee founder writes “Zionists taught society to hate Muslims”, supports antisemitism of Malaysian ex-PM

Ashgar Bukhari, a founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, who reportedly resigned from the organisation in September 2015, has recently defended the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, after he was given a dressing down by fellow Muslim Mehdi Hasan on the topic of several antisemitic comments he had made.

Mahathir Mohamed had said that “the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them”. He wrote in 2012 that he was “glad to be labelled as antisemitic” and described sympathy with Jewish victims of the Holocaust as “wasted and misplaced”.

Astonishly, Bukhari defended the comments, bizzarely suggesting that the “whole argument revolved around the…use of the word Jew”, which he contended could either be used positively or negatively. This is clearly factually incorrect, and a brazen misreading of the conversation. Hasan contended that Jews should not be collectively held responsible for Israel, and described the comments as antisemitic.

Saying that sympathy for victims of the Holocaust is “wasted and misplaced” is not a disagreement over the usage of the word “Jew”, but is a shameless attempt to delegitimise the irrefutable historical facts of the Holocaust and to dehumanise its victims. Indeed, when read alongside statements, which he refused to retract in the interview, that Jews “rule the world by proxy”, such a comment could easily be taken as him expressing the view that the Holocaust was somehow justified. Yet Ashgar Bukhari says that it is “wrong to call the Former Prime Minister of Malaysia antisemitic”.

Similarly, claims that Jews control world affairs are antisemitic according to the International Definition of Antisemitism which states that it is antisemitic to make “mendacious, dehumanising, demonising, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions”. The claim that Jews “get others to fight and die for them” is particularly pernicious, and borders on blood libel, as well as suggesting a belief that Jews cause many of the world’s wars, a belief that Campaign Against Antisemitism research found to be held by 26% of British Muslims. These are not comments a Muslim community figurehead in the UK should be defending.

When researching this, we discovered that Bukhari had announced his resignation from MPAC in a Facebook post on September 11th 2015. In the post, he wrote that Muslims send money abroad to help war torn Islamic countries “never realising that the bombs only fell because the Government and Zionists taught society to hate Muslims right here”. According to the International Definition of Antisemitism, it is antisemitic to use “the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism”, amongst which the canard of Jews controlling world affairs could be considered, to speak about Zionists. This is an example of a leader in the Muslim community, who even styles himself as a “reformer”, using his last act as a figurehead of a Muslim communal organisation to spread an antisemitic canard, providing Muslims in the UK with an easy scapegoat for their problems, and the actions of Western governments.

Bukhari has been no stranger to antisemitism. Several years ago he was forced to repudiate David Irving, the British Holocaust denier, to whom he had sent £6000, which he claims he did under the belief that he was merely an “anti-Zionist” who had been smeared as something much worse. He also famously accused Mossad of breaking into his house and stealing one of his shoes and claimed that “any Muslim who fights and dies against Israel and dies is a martyr and will be granted paradise”. Despite this, he has been allowed to speak for British Muslims on numerous occasions, both in his capacity as a founder of MPAC UK and independently, including appearances on BBC News, The James O’Brien Show, LBC, Sky News and The Big Questions.


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Rapper Lupe Fiasco accuses “dirty Jewish execs” of stealing his money, quits music industry after backlash

Rapped Lupe Fiasco has apparently decided to quit music after having released an antisemitic track.

The Chicago-born rapper, 34, released a track on his Soundcloud earlier this week, which included the line “Artists gettin’ robbed for their publishing / By dirty Jewish execs who think that it’s alms from the covenant”.

The idea that Jews are obsessed with money and exercise undue influence over various areas of business is an inherently antisemitic one, yet is an idea which is very common.

However, media coverage has tended to focus on the first line about “dirty Jewish execs”, whilst ignoring the accusation that such behaviour is “alms from the covenant”. The idea that Jews are led to extract money from others due to a perceived sense of religious superiority is clearly antisemitic, and is in fact a common theme found in the antisemitism of white nationalists.  Here two antisemitic stereotypes co-exist; the idea of Jews as baseless cosmopolitans, influencing, dominating and exploiting the world of business; and the idea of Jews as backwards religious traditionalists, who allow everything to be directed by religious precepts, many of which are painted as supremacist in nature.

He faced a backlash from fans after releasing the freestyle track, and fired back against accusations of antisemitism in a series of tweets, saying “I’ve walked inside the ovens of Auschwitz” and “I’ve studied the Hebrew bible”. However, clearly studying the Bible and visiting Auschwitz does not exclude one from being antisemitic, particularly when one makes blatantly antisemitic comments such as these without apology.

Instead of apologising for his comments, he instead claimed he was “getting beat up for telling the truth”.

He went on to say that he would not release any more music.


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Australia: Man charged with terrorism after making “how to” videos about killing Jews

A man in Australia is being charged with a series of terrorism-related offences after he allegedly produced a series of videos inciting violence against Jews.

The man, 50, was arrested by police in Adelaide on Thursday, and is being charged with four counts of advocating terrorism, each of which carries a potential 5 year sentence.

His lawyer has claimed that her client has mental health difficulties, and his initial hearing took place via telephone from the state infirmary.

Commonwealth Prosecutor, John Clover, said:

“In each video the defendant is depicted advocating with other persons engaged in acts of terrorism via the defendant providing explicit verbal instructions as well as physical demonstrations with weapons as to how to kill Jewish people”.

We applaud the action of the police and prosecution services, who have assured Jewish communities in Australia that there is no heightened risk as a result of the videos.


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Female student subjected to antisemitic abuse after turning down advances of non-Jewish man

A female student, who is in the process of converting to Judaism, at the Community College of Philadelphia has submitted a complaint to Drexel University after being subjected to antisemitic abuse by someone thought to be one of their students.

The student’s online dating profile stated that she ideally “would prefer a Jewish partner”.

After she rejected his advances, he expressed his displeasure that she would prefer to have a Jewish partner, saying “not my fault I’m not Jewish”.

Naturally, the exchange should have ended there, but she was shortly after contacted by another profile, which was fake.

She strongly suspects that the same person was behind this new profile, which was made under the username “ImWantJewNeed”.

The profile’s summary included “I’m a nice Jew guy looking for ladies that want to see my draddle” (s.i.c), “living my life as if I was the only Jew alive”, and listed its favourite media as “how to be a Jew 101 and ijewradio” and under the “you should message me if” section wrote “your (s.i.c) looking for a practicing Jew”, a clear reference to the earlier exchange.

She was contacted by the profile, when he made references to money and generally entirely focused on her Jewish identity.

Though she took the unwelcome conversation with good humour, even asking him “how was your Shabbos?”,  harassing a Jewish (or a soon-to-be Jewish) woman online because she doesn’t want to go out with you, and fixating on her Jewish identity, is clearly antisemitic. It is also worrying that this individual is apparently unwilling to accept a woman’s right to say no to his advances.

The student has reported the incident to the boy’s university, who appear to be taking the incident seriously. We will be advising her as the complaint is taken forward.


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Alex Jones says “Jewish mafia” responsible for Obamacare, Uber, TPP

American conspiracy theorist and popular Conservative radio host Alex Jones has made a long antisemitic statement in which he alleges that a “Jewish mafia” is ‘behind’ things as diverse Obamacare, TPP, to Uber – the cab hailing app.

He claims that there is a “Jewish mafia in the United States” who “run Uber” and “the health care” and that “they’re going to scam you; they’re going to hurt you”.

It is unknown why he thinks that Uber is a conspiracy.

He also accused George Soro and Madeleine Albright of being Nazi collaborators.

He then complains about being described as antisemitic for his comments about TPP, yet goes on to say “I better do some exposes on the Jewish mafia”. He describes a metaphorical Jewish presence as someone “foaming at the mouth with knives at cabinet meetings, basically threatening the president”.

Claiming that Jews are behind everything from TPP to Uber, and that Jews are a sinister influence on policy is a typical antisemitic canard, which has been lifted straight from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Jones makes reference to a ” a global, corporate, combine”, and frequently speaks about “globalists” elsewhere – rhetoric directed towards “globalists” often crosses over into antisemitism, and many of the ideas seem to have originated with antisemitic conspiracy theories.

The author of the Daily Wire report on Jones’ rant astutely suggests that such conspiracy theories were more commonly the preserve of the American left wing, which have gradually been adopted, and eventually popularised, by the Alt Right and figures such as Jones, with the result being that the far left and far right have ‘met in the middle’ in their anti-‘globalist’ conspiracy theorising. The extent to which such an analysis is correct is not for us to comment on, yet when considered alongside the often-related issue of antisemitism, it is strikingly similar to the ever-increasing willingness of the far left to engage in antisemitism, a prejudice often considered to have been the preserve of the right. Jones’ comments, then, can be taken as the latest indicator of the ever-growing similarity between the far left and far right, particularly when it comes to their propensity to single out Jews.


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Trump supporters send death threats to Jewish journalists

Although Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has publicly stated that he has no ties to antisemitic hate groups, that has not stopped Trump’s antisemitic               supporters – neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right – from making death threats against the press.

Jewish journalists have discovered that for some Trump supporters, demonstrating loyalty to their “Glorious Leader”, the extreme right’s nickname for Trump, has threatened their sense of personal safety.

Jewish Russian-born journalist, Julia Ioffe, infuriated Trump supporters when she wrote an article for the magazine, GQ, that was critical of Trump’s wife, Melania. As a result, Ioffe, filed a report with the Washington D.C. police over  threats “to kidnap or injure a person”.

Flooded with death threats and prank calls, Ioffe, even received a prank call that played a recording of Hitler’s speeches. Another caller said “her face would look good on a lampshade”. Ironically, Ioffe’s family fled Russia because of antisemitism.

Reporter Bethany Mandel, a convert to Judaism, who has an active presence on Twitter, wrote in an article for the Jewish newspaper, the Forward, that after making anti-Trump tweets, she was a victim of “terrifying and profound antisemitism”. But it was receiving actual death threats in her private Facebook mailbox that motivated Mandel, a resident of New Jersey, to file a report with the New Jersey police.

Ultimately, Mandel, who was called a “slimy Jewess” and told that she “deserved the oven”, felt so threatened that she even applied for a gun permit.

Former Breitbart writer, Ben Shapiro, who is an Orthodox Jew, also felt the need to purchase a weapon after being hit “with a number of death threats”. Shapiro told writer Bethany Mandel that “there are an outsized set of Trump supporters who will threaten your safety”. The fact that Jews feel so threatened by supporters of the Trump campaign that they feel like they must own weapons for their own safety indicates just how dire the situation is becoming, with rising far-right activity clearly denting citizen’s faith that the police can protect them.

Shapiro, who is the recipient of hate tweets from David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, left the conservative website, Breitbart, because he was unable to support their pro-Trump editorial stance.

And yet, according to Jewish writer, Bradley Burston, a reporter for the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, it’s just not Trump’s supporters who are dangerous. Trump harms democracy because he “enables and tolerates and excuses and pumps it [antisemitism]”.

Andrew Anglin, the editor of the alt-right (alternative right) white nationalism website, The Daily Stormer, told the Los Angeles Times that “virtually every alt-Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign”.

Peter Montgomery, who tracks far right groups at People For The American Way, an advocacy group, believes that the extreme right’s involvement in politics will have “damaging, long-term consequences” for America. This fact would not surprise Burston, who criticized Trump for giving “a podium to bigots, an arena stage to hatred”.

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Palestine activist implies another Holocaust is coming, spouts blood libel

Mamal Tamimi, a member of the Palestinian  Tamimi family renown for their anti -Israel protests is shown to use social media to express highly inflammatory  anti-semitic messages and images in an article from Israellycool dated 16th September 2016.

“Much has already been written about her support for terror against Israel. But what is perhaps less known is that she is an out-and-out Jew hater”, states Aussie Dave.

His article contains examples of Mamal Tamimi’s postings which demonise Israelis, are wholly offensive against Jews in the context of the Holocaust,  describing Zionists as “zionazis”; contains highly defamatory age-old anti-semitic prejudices  including blood libel and child killings. She is also shown to express denial of Jewish identity against Ashkenazi Jews; and espouses false claims which deny Jewish heritage to Israel and specifically to Temple Mount, and advocates killing Zionists.

One image she shared of the Grand Mufti and Hitler said, regarding the former’s support for the Holocaust, that Netanyahu should “b carful”, implying that another Holocaust is going to happen. She also shared an image which claimed that the “real Holocaust” was happening in Palestine; such a claim borders on Holocaust denial, as the sheer difference in deaths in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Holocaust, and the fact that the Arab-Israeli conflict has been an armed conflict in which Israel has frequently been called upon to defend itself means that no meaningful comparison can be drawn between them.

Another image she shared was a cartoon of a Nazi beating a creature with a whip. The creature was depicted wearing a kippah, with peyot and with stereotypical “Jewish” features.

She has also shared an image purporting to show a quote from Menechem Begin in which he describes the Jews as the “master race”. Claims that Jews believe they are superior to other have been a common theme in antisemitism throughout the ages, yet are used almost entirely to incite hatred against Jewish people and their beliefs.

One picture she shared shows Haredi Jews searching through large dustbins. She captions it “Zionists searching for their history in Palestine”, clearly showing that when she speaks of “Zionists”, she is really just speaking about Jews.

She has written of “vampire Zionists…drinking Palestinian bloods” – a shameless rehashing of age-old blood libel.

Aussie Dave reports that the Tamimi family include teenager Shirley Temper , whose real name is Ahed Tamimi , renown for her anti-Israeli online videos. He claims that Mamal Tamimi is also involved in the Tamimi Press, which he describes as an anti-Israeli propaganda outlet owned by Ahed Tamimi’s father Bassem Tamimi, and  supported by some sections of the mainstream media, and smaller media like AMZ Productions of Oregon. This content demonstrates how easily anti-Zionist rhetoric can feed into pure, unadulterated antisemitism.




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Trump supporters blame Jews for perceived debate failure

‘Alt-right’ supporters of Donald Trump have blamed Jews for his perceived lacklustre performance in the Presidential Debate yesterday.

Alt-right supporters of the candidate held a live YouTube stream of the debate, which unsurprisingly featured many antisemitic comments.


One suggested that the moderator of the debate had been somehow controlled by Jewish influence, writing “Anderson cooper eats jew dick”. Trump stated at several times that he believed the debate moderation to be unfair.

Another wrote “Greatest Kike Pussy Grabber of All Time”

The live stream was organised by the publisher of the Daily Stormer, an overtly racist and nationalist publication. Followers of the website often refer to Trump as their “glorious leader”, often complaining that there is a Jewish conspiracy to undermine him. He has previously written of a “Jewish problem” and admitted that white nationalism is central to the alt right movement.


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50 Jewish students threatened in Antisemitic Instagram post

A 17-year-old male student in Sunnyvale, California, has been arrested after he was alleged to have sent antisemitic threats to Jewish students.

The student, who has not been identified because of his age, allegedly made the threats to at least two Jewish students at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale and Homestead High School in Cupertino, but it is thought he may have targeted up to 50.

The mother of one of the students took a screenshot of the threat, which was made from an account called “Jewslaughter”.

The message reads “Jews disgust me, I’ll fucking kill you. I got connections to the aryan brotherhood gang. You and the rest of your people are dead”.

The message also features a swastika.

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RT readers cheer that “k!kes are dead” after Tel Aviv building collapse

Russia Today’s coverage of a Tel Aviv building collapse provoked many antisemitic comments.

A building site had collapsed, killing two and injuring seventeen.

One of the comments said “surely the crane is anti-semitic”. Whilst such a comment may appear harmless, in reality it attempts to delegitimise the experience of antisemitism.

Comments such as “SQUASHED kosha spaghetti and pasta” and “With all the bad news in the world everyday, it’s nice to see something different, for a change” actively revelled in the death of Jews.

Comments such as “Lols, another Jewish builder trying to save a shekel or two on the materials” played on antisemitic canards.

Perhaps most shockingly, comments such as “Yay K!kes are DEAD !!! lol ZioTechnology just collapses ha ha ha” appeared.

Others said it was “another Holocaust” and “cause for celebration”, whilst one commenter mocked the Holocaust saying “6 trillion feared dead”. Another replied to the first comment “you mean Holohoax”.

The comments still remain up.



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14-year old viral poet called “filthy k*ke rat”, “jew rat”, told Jews are “lying demons”

A video of Royce Mann, a 14-year-old Jewish boy, reciting a poem called “White Boy Privilege” recently went viral on social media. However, the discussion provoked by the video was marred by the boy being targeted for dozens of antisemitic comments.

Many of the comments were critical of the perceived self-loathing white people have in relation to their ideas of white privilege, but one person wrote “”it’s not self-loathing, he’s Jewish, it’s a typical tactic of this group to subvert white gentile societies”. Others called him a “filthy kike rat” or said “That’s a Jew. Not a white person. How does one mistake a rat for an eagle?”, to which another replied that “Jews are filthy, lying demons”, whilst another said “Little jew rat is not white, once again a fucking filthy rat faced kike pretends to be white”.

Another said Jews “promote the anti-white narrative” and one asked “why are Jews always doing this?”

Other comments suggested that he should talk about “Jewish privilege”.

One comment described the Holocaust as “a big lie”, that “Jewish men are effeminate because their mothers control them” and that “Hitler pleaded for peace but all the Jews accepted was war”.

There were dozens of similar comments, which seem to have co-ordinated from antisemitic internet messageboards.

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Anti-Trump organiser contacts the FBI over antisemitic abuse

According to a report by Politico dated 15th August 2016, Andrew Weinstein, an organiser of an anti-Trump petition to the Republican National Committee, has contacted the FBI over  an alleged “torrent of antisemitic abuse” online.

For example, one commenter wrote “It’s time to put the SMACK DOWN on these filthy Jew rats!”

One far right runs a story on Weinstein calling him a “Filthy Anti-Trump K*ke”

Weinstein had organised a petition signed by 75 prominent Republicans which called on Reince Priebus to cut off support of Trump’s Presidential race from the RNC.

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Austrian man jailed after circulating Nazi propaganda, uploading image of “Heil Hitler” cat

An Austrian man has been jailed for 18 months after posting various images online which were deemed to constitute “far-right propaganda”. He was charged under Austria’s 1947 anti-Nazi Prohibition Act, which bans material deemed to be attempting to glorify Nazism.

The 38-year-old from Salzburg was found guilty of uploading over 20 images deemed neo-Nazi propaganda onto the internet. One of the images was a cat allegedly performing a Nazi salute.

Police also found clothes with Nazi symbols in the man’s house.


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Palestinian activist says that Jews have “at best, animal rights”

Lina Allan, a pro-Palestinian activist based in Michigan, has allegedly uploaded an antisemitic video which defends stabbing “Jews”.

Despite the fact that she claims to be speaking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Allan never talks about “Israelis”, and instead directly talks about stabbing “Jews”.

She decries those who criticise the stabbing of Jews as trying to be “muftis” and tells them to “go back to watching Turkish Soap operas”.

Finally, she claims that even if it was “haram” to stab Jews, they still wouldn’t have human rights, but would have “at best, animal rights”.

The video was removed from Youtube, but was recovered by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Shockingly, it has been reported that Allan has represented the U.S. State Department at an official event in Jordan in 2012.

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California man allegedly threatened to “desecrate” Synagogues, wanted Jews “cleansed” from the planet

A man was arrested on Thursday morning, in close proximity to one of the sites for the Jewish Maccabi Games and a Synagogue, for allegedly making several threats in a video he made and posted online.

Yoon Chul Shin posted the video on dailymotion last month, which allegedly threatened to “desecrate” Synagogues and also made threats that amounted to genocide, stating “Now I’m on a f**king mission all of you Jewish c***s will be cleansed from this f**king planet”.

Shin was pulled over near Temple Beth El and police initially suspected that he had explosive materials in his car, though an extensive search was not able to reveal them. The Temple was evacuated for the duration of the search.

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Edinburgh student calls Zionists “sub human”, says they should be subjected to the “worst torture”

A student at the University of Edinburgh and NUS delegate has allegedly posted horrific antisemitic incitement on his Facebook account.

The student described an Israeli footballer, Nir Bitton who plays for Celtic, as “a filthy Zionist rat”. Describing Jews in animalistic terms, particularly describing them as vermin, is a recurring antisemitic trope, and replacing the word ‘Jew’ with the word ‘Zionist’ does not make it any less antisemitic.

He also writes that “Zionists are sub human” and believes that Nir Bitton should in “a jail cell for supporting the apartheid regime”. The use of the term subhuman unambiguously and directly draws upon the terminology used by the Nazis to describe their victims, particularly Jews.

Another commenter replies “gas him”, to which the student replies that it would be “too good for him”, instead suggesting that he should be exposed “to the worst torture” – a direct act of incitement of violence towards a man whose only ‘crime’ is to have been born a Jew in Israel.

The incident has been reported to the police and is being investigated as a hate crime.

The Union of Jewish Students commented:

“We are aware of the offensive and hate-filled social media posts made by a student at the University of Edinburgh. There is no place for such reprehensible comments in society.

The matter is being dealt with by EUSA and the Police Hate Crimes Unit.

As always, any concerned students of the University of Edinburgh should feel free to be in touch with UJS.”

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Comments on Muslim/Jewish social experiment: “re-open Auschwitz”, “We need another Holocaust”

A YouTube channel that carries out social experiments produced a video in which a man dressed up as a Hasidic Jew and walked through the street with a woman in a Muslim headscarf, and a man dressed in traditional Arab dress walked through a Jewish neighborhood with a woman dressed in a long skirt and with covered, in a similar way to how many Orthodox women dress.

Many of the reactions of passersby were positive, whilst other were negative, perhaps because of cultural as well as religious taboos.

However, the comments on the video have large amounts of antisemitic content.

One comment reads “we don’t need any relationship with Americas and Jews”. Another says “this is why people hate jews”. One states “Jewish Nazis”, whilst another says “Jews look fat” and “Fat and Rude American Jews”.

Several make reference to the Holocaust, making statements such as “re-open Auschwitz”, “We need another Holocaust for the Jewsh (sic) people ;)”, whilst another repeatedly said “the Holocaust was a hoax”.


Others said things such as “the JEWS were swarming like flies” – images of Jews depicted as insects of pests have been common antisemitic tropes.

Another simply states “fuke you jewish”

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German YouTuber sentenced for hate speech

Controversial, German YouTube star ‘Julien’ has been found guilty of hate speech by Tecklenburg County Court in Germany, for a video he launched last year on his channel, JuliensBlog.

In the video, which received 800 000 hits over four months, Julien launched into a tirade against the striking train drivers’ union, Gewerkschaft der Lokführer. In the rant, Julien remarks that “those vermin [the union] should be gassed” and, “You know how Jews were transported to Auschwitz? That’s where these train drivers should be taken. I’ll drive the train. I’ll even do it for free. And without striking.” The YouTuber accompanied these statements with images of Auschwitz prisoners.

Julien received a 10 month prison sentence with two years’ probation. He was also ordered to pay a fine of €15,000 and cover all court costs.

In December of last year, Berlin courts fined Danish imam Sheikh Abu Bilal Ismail €1,300 for incitement to hatred but did not sentence him, following his sermon at a Berlin mosque where he called for the audience to “destroy the Zionist Jews…,” and to “count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one…make them suffer.”

Source: Westfälische Nachrichten

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Fraudulent scheme in China plays on Jewish stereotypes

A scheme in China defrauded people of their money using the name “Jewish Wisdom Network” . It used Jewish stereotypes to draw people into the scheme, such as that all Jewish people are very successful. Most Chinese people have never met a Jew and there is a stereotypical belief that Jewish people are intelligent and destined for success.

The scheme disappeared with no trace of explanation whether victims would ever receive their money back. According to one report: “Technically, it appears to have been some sort of multi-level marketing organization, which compensates salespeople for recruiting others into the organisation. Such outfits peddle everything from beauty solutions to Tupperware — in this case, probably to spread ‘Jewish People’s Wisdom’ educational franchises through the country.”

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Abu Qatada discusses Holocaust and Protocols in antisemitic YouTube broadcast

Notorious Jordanian cleric Abu Qatada has denied the Holocaust, praised the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and spread the blood libel in a video on his YouTube channel.

The Salafi Islamist preacher, who formerly lived in the UK and was imprisoned and then deported to Jordan after being suspected of links to terrorism, discussed the issues last month in the 24th instalment of a series titled “1000 Books Before Death”.

While discussing the Protocols, he began to claim that Jews use gentile blood in matzos, saying: “There are two [issues] that are, in fact, one and the same. The first issue is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and the second is the Jewish matzos. They both constitute the first issue.

“The second issue is the Holocaust. … In the first three years when we were jailed together with common criminals, they would tell us to come out of our cells. Where are we going? To a big get-together to commemorate the Holocaust… Britain in its entirety commemorates the Holocaust, even the prisoners. The Holocaust is their claim that Hitler killed six million in the gas chambers. This is a worthless lie, of course. Even the burning of Jews did not happen. They would burn the dead. When someone in the Jewish camps died, where could they bury him? They would throw him into the oven. That’s all there was to it. They claimed that six million Jews were killed in the fighting. The number of Jews in Europe before the war was six million. It is a lie, which they blew out of proportion in order to benefit from it.

“A Jewish journalist wrote a book titled The Holocaust Industry. The Jews peddle this. It is an industry. They fabricated it and used it to drain the world.”

Abu Qatada then returned to the programme’s ostensible topic, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

“If anyone talks about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, they turn him into a laughing stock,” he said. “He is regarded as a lunatic who does not belong to humanity. Who can even mention The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? What is even stranger is [what happens] when someone talks of the matzos of Zion. Do you know about the Jewish matzos, which are eaten on the Jewish holiday? Let me talk a little about the matzos before moving to the Protocols, their history, and the attempts to deny them … there is a text in the Talmud… It says that the matzos eaten by the Jews on their holiday must be consecrated with the blood of a man from among the Gentiles. Usually they take a Christian because they cannot overpower a Muslim. This actually happened, yet they treat it as a mockery. … If you say this in the West they mock you. ‘Who would eat blood?’ they say. But this is the truth.”

He went on to repeat conspiracy theories about Jewish financial and geopolitical influence, stating: “The Jews control the world and that is a fact. The Jews run the global economy, that is a fact. … The West hates the Jews for a reason. They view the Jews as bloodsuckers. They view them as usurers who suck the blood of the people.”

Source: MEMRI

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Jewish woman harassed by German man on OkCupid to declare position on Israel

RIAS have reported that a Berlin-based, Jewish woman was harassed on the dating site OkCupid to declare her “political position” on Israel when arranging a date.

The website asks users to respond to various questions to identify good matches. The Jewish woman’s details reportedly stated that she was Jewish, and in the multiple choice answers, she had selected “Jewish and it’s important”. The stranger demanded to know if that referred to “a political position”, adding that he does not support Israel and meeting would be pointless unless she accepts that. The man reportedly also felt uncomfortable that the woman mentioned she is bilingual, which he took as a sign of dual loyalty.

The woman broke off contact after complaining to him that he had demonstrated an obsessive preoccupation with Israel and demanded that she take a political position simply because she is Jewish.

Source: Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus

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Michigan pro-Palestinian activist says arguing against stabbing of Jews is “at best” like defending animal rights

A Jordanian pro-Palestinian activist based in Michigan has told her YouTube audience that arguing against the stabbing of Jews by Palestinian terrorists is like defending animal rights “at best”.

Lina Allan told viewers that anyone saying that stabbing Jews is forbidden in Islam (haram) should “stop interfering,” admonishing them: “Let me tell you that at best, you are representing animal rights – not human rights, but at best, animal rights. Let me tell you, even animals would not object to this if they could talk…Spare us your views, and go back to watching Turkish soap operas. It would be better if you didn’t talk about something you don’t understand.”


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St Petersburg man suspected of posting antisemitic material on social media sent to court

The case of a St Petersburg resident suspected of antisemitism has been sent to court, according to Life78 TV.

According to investigators, Vladimir Shevchenko posted a number of images and articles offensive to Jewish and black people on the Russian social network between November 2013 and January 2015.

Source: Life78 TV