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Continued campaign of antisemitic propaganda in Berlin, targeted at Jews and Israelis in their homes

RIAS have reported a sinister development in the campaign of antisemitic propaganda being distributed in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district since October of last year. New reports reveal that similar material has been targeted at Jews and Israelis directly in their homes in Berlin.

Since October, antisemitic propaganda material against “Jewish terror” and “potential attacks on Berlin’s citizens, streets and public libraries” has been attached to cars belonging to Jews and Israelis living in Charlottenburg. Police have advised that other cars were not affected and that this action appears to directly target Jews. In November, identical propaganda material was thrown onto Israelis’ balconies.

In December, the same material was found attached to a Jewish person’s car in Berlin’s Grunewald district, the first recording of such a targeting outside Charlottenburg.

One month later, another member of Charlottenburg’s Jewish community was targeted with material thrown on their balcony, which included a leaflet featuring the Anonymous logo. In the same month, identical leaflets were found attached to advertising displays, again in the Charlottenburg district.

At the end of January, again in Charlottenburg, new leaflets appeared, attached to traffic lights. These warned against “modern, Mossad dazzler attacks” and “TMS!”, possibly a reference to trans-cranial magnetic stimulation.

RIAS are appealing for further sightings and incidents to be reported immediately to

Source: Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus