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Jewish couple in Belgium afraid to leave house after antisemitic harassment and death threats

A Jewish woman named Nicole, 43, and her husband, have been left afraid to leave their house after persistent antisemitic harassment.

Nicole and her husband have lived in Marchienne-au-Pont for two and a half years, the last two months of which has seen them ensure antisemitic harassment, including death threats, damage to their home, verbal abuse and physical aggression.

Recently a Star of David was painted onto their door. The couple also appears to have been sent large amounts of hate mail.

“A few people have discovered that we are Jews. Since then we have been threatened with death” she said. Their treatment highlights the increasingly hostile environment that many Jews are subjected to across mainland Europe.

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Phoenix woman allegedly sent 65,000 messages, including antisemitic abuse, after first date

A Phoenix woman has been celebrated by neo-Nazi publication the Daily Stormer after allegedly sending 65,000 messages to a Jewish man she went on one date with, many of which were antisemitic.

31-year-old Jacqueline Ades was arrested on May 8th and has been charged with alleged threatening, stalking, harassment and failure to appear in court.

Police say that among the threatening messages she sent included “I hope you die … you rotten filthy Jew”, “I’m like the new Hitler…man was a genius”, and saying she wanted to “bathe” in the man’s blood”.

Ades has claimed that she “loved him selflessly”, despite bombarding him with antisemitic abuse and death threats.

She also allegedly illegally broke into his home and carried a butcher’s knife.

The notorious neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer described her as “awesome” and her actions, which apparently included thousands of similar messages to those detailed above, as a “harmless prank”.

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Legal challenge to infamous neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin clears first legal obstacle

A lawsuit against the founder of the neo-Nazi publication the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, a far-right extremist who named the publication after the propaganda paper of the Third Reich, has cleared a major legal hurdle.

Anglin’s lawyers had challenged the US courts’ jurisdiction in the case, claiming he was not “a citizen of any state” and was not resident in the US when the alleged conduct was committed. U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch dismissed this, stating that there was clear evidence that Anglin was domiciled in Ohio when the lawsuit was filed.

Tanya Gersh commenced legal action against Anglin last April, alleging that he had intentionally inflicted “emotional distress” against her, in breach of a Montana anti-intimidation law. Gersh claims that Anglin initiated what turned into a barrage of antisemitic abuse directed at her and other Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana, when he claimed that they were running an “extortion racket” against the mother of Anglin’s fellow neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Anglin allegedly publicised the personal information of Jewish residents to his neo-Nazi following, which Gersh claims was used to incite the campaign; one of his articles allegedly urged neo-Nazis to “take action” against Gersh and other Jewish residents of Whitefish.

Gersh claims that her family received reams of threatening antisemitic messages, including her 12-year-old son.

Critics have accused Anglin of attempting to evade the lawsuit by concealing his whereabouts, which he claims he has done in response to “credible death threats”. He vacated the United States in 2010, but Gersh’s lawyers successfully proved he had maintained sufficient business, civic and family ties to the US to demonstrate that he was still domiciled there, including maintaining a postal address to receive donations. Speaking from the Bench, Magistrate Lynch said “even assuming Anglin’s statements are true, they are not sufficient to demonstrate that he lost his Ohio domicile by acquiring a new one abroad”.

David Dinielli, representing Gersh from the Southern Poverty Law Center, claimed that the decision was a clear indication that “you can run but you can’t hide” and that “traipsing around the world doesn’t mean you can escape the responsibility for the harm you caused in the U.S., even if that conduct occurred over the internet”.

Whilst the contemporary far right has attempted to re-brand itself into something more palatable, Anglin’s publication is explicitly neo-Nazi, with sections on the “Jewish question” and “race war”. Google and GoDaddy temporarily rendered the site inaccessible after Anglin mocked the victim of a neo-Nazi terrorist in a car ramming attack at Charlottesville.

Anglin’s site is currently describing Gersh and her team as “Jewish terrorists” on a bulletin pictured below.

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Canadian law firm receives threatening antisemitic letter calling for “genocide of Jews”

A Toronto law firm specialising in immigration law has received an antisemitic letter which called for genocide of Jews.

The letter, which was received on Wednesday, claimed that Jews were organising a “genocide of the white race”, a common libel made by contemporary antisemites, particularly those on the alt right.

The letter reads “Jewish genocide of the white race via immigration. Time for a genocide of Jews”.

The reverse side shows a mock-up of the film poster for Dawn of the Dead which reads “Dawn of the Dead Jew” with the tagline altered to read “when there’s no more room in HELL the JEW will walk the earth”.

Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center CEO Avi Benlolo wrote that “the language and imagery used in this antisemitic letter are horrendous. This is not an isolated incident, and it’s very concerning that Canadian Jewish businesses and organizations continue to be targeted with such despicable hate mail. I urge police to take all reports seriously and thoroughly investigate who is behind these threatening letters”.

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Wave of antisemitism in Poland following passage of controversial Holocaust bill

The passage of the controversial law that criminalises suggestions of Polish complicity in the Holocaust has been followed by a wave of antisemitism in Poland, a country which already is amongst the most antisemitic in Europe.

The Israeli Embassy has reported that it has been sent a large number of antisemitic messages, issuing a statement in which they said “in the last few days we could not help ut notice a wave of antisemitic statements, reading the Embassy through all channels of communication”.

The Embassy has also voiced concerns of growing antisemitism throughout Polish society, including antisemitic statements made in the media, following the passage of the law.

The Embassy stated its support for the spirit of the law, emphasising that concentration camps in Poland should be referred to as “German Nazi camps”. However, the outpouring of antisemitism demonstrates ingrained problems in Polish society. The governing party of Poland, Law and Justice, have faced a string of controversies involving antisemitic members.

A few days ago barriers were put up around the Embassy following security concerns.

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Nine Canadian Synagogues receive Christmas cards stating that “Jewry must perish”

At least nine Synagogues across Canada have had hate mail addressed to them over Christmas, according to Canadian news sources.

The mail seems to have originated from a single perpetrator who addressed Christmas cards to the Synagogues.

The cards featured a Swastika inside a yellow Star of David, a reference to the badge which Jews were forced to wear under the Third Reich. The Star of David was depicted as “bleeding”.

He also wrote “Jews must perish”.

Police are apparently taking the issue very seriously, with a specialist hate crime unit investigating, news we welcome given that the unambiguously violent language and imagery used clearly suggests that the perpetrator could easily be willing to escalate to physical violence.

B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn commented “It’s unfortunate at this time of the year, with the Jewish community celebrating Hanukkah…that you have a message of targeted hate that’s going out to religious institutions across the country. Unfortunately some (people) feel emboldened…at this moment in history to express hate toward identifiable groups and Jews in particular”.

So far four Synagogues in Toronto, one each in Hamilton, Kingston and Ottawa respectively, and two in Montreal have been targeted, with separate reports confirming the incidents over the past week.


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Argentine Jewish author breaks into tears on air when reading antisemitic email

Federico Andhazi, a Jewish-Argentine author and journalist, has broken into tears on air when recounting antisemitic abuse he has received.

The author was speaking on the popular “I give my word” program.

Andhazi began by recounting the story of his grandmother, Esther Fainzilber, who was arrested in 1953 in the Soviet Union when participating a study group, eventually fleeing the country.

He then began to quote pieces of an antisemitic email he received. One passage stated “Jewish Zionist, piece of scourge, not even good enough for poor quality soap”, which he said was just one piece of a long antisemitic email. This is of course a reference to the Holocaust, as soap was manufactured from the remains of many victims.

Andhazi commented:

“This is part of the mail and, really, it is the most readable, I read it because I do not want to keep silent, because when we keep silent, the truth is that it did not go well. They have no chances, democracy is here to stay, we will defend it with tooth and nail, let them know, and also with the words”

“You have to know that we will not be silent. You have to know that we will look for you. With law and justice. We will not be silent and we will not rest. We already know from which server this terrible threat came out. Let the criminals know, yes,  they are criminals, that it will not happen again. I promise in the name of Esther Feinzilber, in the name of my grandfathers, who had to flee their land because of people like them. But I have bad news for them, this time they will not be able to”

A video, in Spanish, can be viewed here.

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Munich: Jewish restaurantier faces persistent harassment from BDS

Due to the rise of antisemitism in Munich, Florian Gleibs, the Jewish owner of the Schmock Israeli restaurant, is closing his restaurant in the Bavarian capital after 16 years of operation.

Gleibs, who is 45, told the German national daily newspaper, Die Welt, that when his restaurant became a magnet for anti-Israel tirades, he hung up a large sign in Schmock’s window that said: “We are not involved in politics.”

But, despite Gleibs efforts, the personal attacks against Gleibs and his restaurant continued. In an article in the Jewish Chronicle, Gleibs stated: “I always have to get into discussions and I don’t want to do it anymore.” Gleibs said that he even received a letter where he was accused of being a “corrupt thief who hawks goods produced by terrorists on stolen land, with stolen water, and fertilized with Palestinian blood”. Such claims amount to nothing short of blood libel.

Marcus Schaefert, who is the spokesman for the Bavarian domestic intelligence agency, told Die Welt, that “anti-Zionist antisemitism pretends to criticize Israel, but, in fact, rejects Israel’s existence”.

And this anti-Israel hate, which is being driven by the German BDS campaign, has been directed at Gleibs. “People from the educated, well-off middle class have decided to hold me responsible as a representative of Israel, according to the motto: What you people are doing is no different than what we Germans did back then [in the Holocaust],” Gleibs told Die Welt.

Charlotte Knobloch, the leader of the Munich Jewish community, and a Holocaust survivor, explained to the Jerusalem Post, “The BDS campaign disguises the socially unacceptable. It has modernized the Nazi slogan, ‘Don’t buy from Jews!’ by demanding, ‘Don’t buy from the Jewish state'”.

Gleibs, who is actually an Iraqi Jew, told Die Welt that he “sees antisemitism as more emotional now than before the [2014 war].” He revealed to the Die Welt reporter that he has experienced firsthand “people on the streets screaming ‘Jew, Jew, cowardly swine come here and fight alone.'”

But German antisemitism will not force Gleibs out of the restaurant business. His popular restaurant, Meschugge, will offer patrons dishes from his now closed Schmock restaurant. However it won’t be closed for long. Schmock is being turned into an eatery that serves up cuisine from the country of Laos. Gleibs told the Jewish Chronicle that his new Laotian restaurant “will run perfectly” because the public doesn’t care about Laotian history’s darkest days. “Nobody will care about that because no Jews [were] involved.”

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Chicago-area doctor receives antisemitic hate mail

A Jewish doctor from the Chicago area received an unmarked envelope from Baltimore.  The envelope contained a sheet of paper with the “Happy Merchant” and “Pepe the Frog” antisemitic memes.

The doctor in question is often attacked on Twitter by various antisemites, and returns in kind. However, the fact that the harassment has stepped over from the digital realm and into the doctor’s day-to-day life is extremely worrying, and demonstrates the necessity of taking such online abuse seriously.

The issue was reported to the police, who expressed concern and said they would investigate.  However, they said that, unfortunately, they didn’t think there was much they would be able to do

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Trump supporters send death threats to Jewish journalists

Although Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has publicly stated that he has no ties to antisemitic hate groups, that has not stopped Trump’s antisemitic               supporters – neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right – from making death threats against the press.

Jewish journalists have discovered that for some Trump supporters, demonstrating loyalty to their “Glorious Leader”, the extreme right’s nickname for Trump, has threatened their sense of personal safety.

Jewish Russian-born journalist, Julia Ioffe, infuriated Trump supporters when she wrote an article for the magazine, GQ, that was critical of Trump’s wife, Melania. As a result, Ioffe, filed a report with the Washington D.C. police over  threats “to kidnap or injure a person”.

Flooded with death threats and prank calls, Ioffe, even received a prank call that played a recording of Hitler’s speeches. Another caller said “her face would look good on a lampshade”. Ironically, Ioffe’s family fled Russia because of antisemitism.

Reporter Bethany Mandel, a convert to Judaism, who has an active presence on Twitter, wrote in an article for the Jewish newspaper, the Forward, that after making anti-Trump tweets, she was a victim of “terrifying and profound antisemitism”. But it was receiving actual death threats in her private Facebook mailbox that motivated Mandel, a resident of New Jersey, to file a report with the New Jersey police.

Ultimately, Mandel, who was called a “slimy Jewess” and told that she “deserved the oven”, felt so threatened that she even applied for a gun permit.

Former Breitbart writer, Ben Shapiro, who is an Orthodox Jew, also felt the need to purchase a weapon after being hit “with a number of death threats”. Shapiro told writer Bethany Mandel that “there are an outsized set of Trump supporters who will threaten your safety”. The fact that Jews feel so threatened by supporters of the Trump campaign that they feel like they must own weapons for their own safety indicates just how dire the situation is becoming, with rising far-right activity clearly denting citizen’s faith that the police can protect them.

Shapiro, who is the recipient of hate tweets from David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, left the conservative website, Breitbart, because he was unable to support their pro-Trump editorial stance.

And yet, according to Jewish writer, Bradley Burston, a reporter for the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, it’s just not Trump’s supporters who are dangerous. Trump harms democracy because he “enables and tolerates and excuses and pumps it [antisemitism]”.

Andrew Anglin, the editor of the alt-right (alternative right) white nationalism website, The Daily Stormer, told the Los Angeles Times that “virtually every alt-Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign”.

Peter Montgomery, who tracks far right groups at People For The American Way, an advocacy group, believes that the extreme right’s involvement in politics will have “damaging, long-term consequences” for America. This fact would not surprise Burston, who criticized Trump for giving “a podium to bigots, an arena stage to hatred”.

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50 Jewish students threatened in Antisemitic Instagram post

A 17-year-old male student in Sunnyvale, California, has been arrested after he was alleged to have sent antisemitic threats to Jewish students.

The student, who has not been identified because of his age, allegedly made the threats to at least two Jewish students at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale and Homestead High School in Cupertino, but it is thought he may have targeted up to 50.

The mother of one of the students took a screenshot of the threat, which was made from an account called “Jewslaughter”.

The message reads “Jews disgust me, I’ll fucking kill you. I got connections to the aryan brotherhood gang. You and the rest of your people are dead”.

The message also features a swastika.

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Jewish businessman called “Jew boy” by neighbour, told to leave the country

A retired 71-year-old woman has pleaded guilty to religiously or racially aggravated harassment after subjecting her Jewish neighbour to a campaign of abuse.

Susan Dean subjected her neighbour Allan Rich to antisemitic abuse which stemmed from a dispute over their adjoining beach huts. The huts come with the seafront properties, but Mrs Dean was initially upset as she felt that Mr Rich and his friends “encroached” and prevented her from enjoying her hut.

Mr Rich is the chairman of the management committee for the block of luxury flats, and was the CEO of a successful company.

Mrs Dean left Mr Rich an anonymous note in which she called him “Jew boy”, a common term of antisemitic abuse.

Three days later, she told Mr Rich in another note that he should leave the country.

She also said that she could not attend a communal barbecue as she “was not Jewish”, which appears to be her suggesting that Jews make non-Jews feel unwelcome and are only concerned with other Jews, a common antisemitic canard.

Mr Rich and his wife were apparently so upset by the antisemitic abuse that they were reduced to tears and were fearful of using their own balcony as Mrs Dean may have been using hers.

The prosecutor said “These aren’t off the cuff handwritten notes, they are typed up notes that were then placed in strategic places and they clearly caused the aggrieved a lot of distress”.

In his appeal to a magistrate asking for a restraining order, Mr Rich stated:

“[Susan Dean’s] religious hate is causing me and my family great sadness.”

“I have never had to deal with such a horrible situation in my whole life. I can no longer go out on my balcony because she will shout abuse and we can no longer walk around the side of our flat because if she is there she will shout at us, so we have to walk our dog on a different route.”

“When we received the first note my wife and I could not sleep that night. We were both led to tears.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to do it or how they could be so vile. I’m not even sure how she knew my religion.

I do not want to be abused at my own home, my wife doesn’t feel safe coming down with other family members and I do not feel safe for my wife to be their alone.

This caused us to cut our stay in Sandbanks short, but she has also been sending abusive letters to our other address.

I’m worried she may react one day and do something out of the ordinary, that she could be stood at my door with a knife, because I do not know how much she hates me and my religion or how far she may go to satisfy her hate”.

Mrs Dean was fined and was given a restraining order, prohibiting her from having any contact with Mr Dean or his family.

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Man sends 17 antisemitic letters to BBC in two weeks

A pensioner has been found guilty of having broken his restraining order after he sent multiple antisemitic letters to the BBC.

James Evans, 69, sent the seventeen letters, which referred to “yids”, and “Zionists” and claimed that “Jewish people rule the world”, over a two week period in May.

He also frequently referenced George Soros, a common theme in antisemitic conspiracy theories.

He has apparently sent around 70 letters prior to this spree, leading to a restraining order.

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Trump supporters tell Jewish writer “it’s the ovens for you” and that she’d “get a gold star”

Laura Silverman, a Jewish author, freelance editor and publishing consultant, was recently subjected to antisemitic abuse online after making a negative tweet about Donald Trump.

Silverman was sent an image of Pepe the Frog, an internet meme often favoured by the far right, standing in front of Auschwitz and captioned “You get a gold star!”

Having reported the image, Silverman was subjected to further antisemitic abuse. Several told her to “nap in an oven” and she was sent an image of the Auschwitz gates photoshopped to read “not an argument” – an attempt to imply that Silverman had used the Holocaust to silence opposition, despite the fact that she had been actively victimized by far-right trolls.

Silverman said that the images she was sent “terrified” her. She was sent pictures of emaciated Auschwitz inmates and human remains captioned “Straight outta Auschwitz”. She received an email from someone using the pseudonym “Anuddah Shoah” that read “They know about you!”: You Zionist K*ke. Do you really think you can stop Mr. Trump? You Israeli supremacists have no chance”.

She also said that as she commented on the Republican National Convention someone told her “It’s time for you to flee for Israel. If you wait too long it’s the ovens for you”.

These are particularly nasty examples of the memory of the Holocaust being routinely used to threaten, intimidate and belittle Jewish people who dare to express an opinion in public.

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Continued campaign of antisemitic propaganda in Berlin, targeted at Jews and Israelis in their homes

RIAS have reported a sinister development in the campaign of antisemitic propaganda being distributed in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district since October of last year. New reports reveal that similar material has been targeted at Jews and Israelis directly in their homes in Berlin.

Since October, antisemitic propaganda material against “Jewish terror” and “potential attacks on Berlin’s citizens, streets and public libraries” has been attached to cars belonging to Jews and Israelis living in Charlottenburg. Police have advised that other cars were not affected and that this action appears to directly target Jews. In November, identical propaganda material was thrown onto Israelis’ balconies.

In December, the same material was found attached to a Jewish person’s car in Berlin’s Grunewald district, the first recording of such a targeting outside Charlottenburg.

One month later, another member of Charlottenburg’s Jewish community was targeted with material thrown on their balcony, which included a leaflet featuring the Anonymous logo. In the same month, identical leaflets were found attached to advertising displays, again in the Charlottenburg district.

At the end of January, again in Charlottenburg, new leaflets appeared, attached to traffic lights. These warned against “modern, Mossad dazzler attacks” and “TMS!”, possibly a reference to trans-cranial magnetic stimulation.

RIAS are appealing for further sightings and incidents to be reported immediately to

Source: Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus

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New York resident returns home to find note warning: “American Holocaust, you are a dead Jew”

Police in New York are investigating a series of antisemitic notes left in an East Harlem apartment building over the past month. One resident returned home to discover a note on her door warning: “American Holocaust, you are a dead Jew.”


Between 22nd January and 1st February, 21 similar notes — possibly left in bundles — were left in the hallway on the floor where the victim lives, NY Daily News reported. Some were threatening and some contained swastikas.

Source: CFCA/NY Daily News

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Carefully laminated leaflets found in Frankfurt decrying ‘Jewish bankers’

Leaflets have been found in Frankfurt decrying supposed Jewish financial dominance, a classic antisemitic trope which alleges that Jews exercise malevolent power over the rest of the population by controlling the country’s finances.

Source: CFCA/New Antisemite/Twitter

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Jewish school pupil in Texas finds swastika note under windscreen wiper

The Northeast Independent School District has opened an investigation after a picture of a swastika was found attached to the windshield of a Jewish pupil’s car at Reagan High School in San Antonio, Texas. The swastika picture was found after school on Wednesday and reported to the school’s principal. There are no security cameras in the school’s car park, so unless a witness comes forward, it is unlikely that the perpetrator will be caught.

Source: CFCA/Kens5

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Neo-Nazi jailed in UK for “anti-Jewification” incitement is still sending bizarre antisemitic letters from prison

Joshua Bonehill-Paine, a neo-Nazi jailed in the UK for inciting “anti-Jewification” demonstrations in areas with large Jewish populations is still sending antisemitic letters from prison. According to Western Gazette, Bonehill-Paine sent a letter in an envelope decorated with antisemitic cartoons, including a drawing of Adolf Hitler saluting, and a Star of David next to a crude depiction of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is commonly believed by antisemitic conspiracy theorists that Jews organised the 9/11 terrorist atrocity.

Bonehill-Paine was given a three year and four month sentence following his trial in December and had only been expected to serve half under sentencing guidelines which reward good behaviour in prison, but this incident could set him back. The letters, send from prisons in Wandsworth and Manchester, describe the young facist’s absurd ambition to become a politician, write books and pursue his neo-Nazi agenda by “legal means” upon his release.

A Prison Service spokesperson told Western Gazette: “We are investigating this unacceptable incident and have put measures in place to ensure this offender’s mail is monitored by prison staff. Additionally, we will also take disciplinary action against the prisoner, which could see him being stripped of his privileges and being referred to the police for investigation.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has already referred the latest incident to the Metropolitan Police Service.

Source: Western Gazette

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Letters faxed to New York Jewish communities warn of “satanic” Jews

An antisemitic letter sent to three New York State communities with large Jewish populations has prompted a police investigation.

The letter was faxed to government offices in the town of Ramapo and villages of Wesley Hills and Pomona, and suggests Jews “siphon away the ‘life’” out of Christians and other religions and should be placed on “reservations” and forced to work.

Detective Lt. Mark Emma said on Monday: “This is obviously an antisemitic letter, certainly written by somebody who’s not quite rational.”

If they trace the sender, he or she could face a harassment charge and police would consider whether the incidents constitute a hate crime.

Wesley Hills Mayor Marshall Katz said the letter was “Nazi-ish” and that its contents “personally hurt” him. He added that the letter was well written and contained no misspellings, commenting: “It reads like an intelligent person wrote it and that’s even more upsetting.”

Pomona Mayor Brett Yagel, who called the letter-writer a “warped individual”, said the village received a similar handwritten letter last year, whereas the more recent faxed version was typed.

The full letter said:

When the OrthodoxJews and the Hasidic Jews recite the Talmud, they siphon away the “life” from the “goyim” (Christians) and transfer it to themselves and to their immediate family.That is why, in the yeshiva schools, the yeshiva boys recite the Talmud from 9:00am to 3:00pm daily. This causes tragedies and accidents to Christian families and to other righteous gentiles in America and worldwide.

The religious Jews are at war with the “goyim”, and the Talmud is their weapon. The Talmud gives the Jews satanic and demonic powers to snatch the souls out of the heads of boys and girls of all faiths (Christian, Moslem, Hindu, and Buddhist). These soul-less children then become drug addicts or commit suicide, while the religious Jews sing and dance in their yeshivas and synagogues, and multiply like rodents.

The jewish group known as “Chabad” or “Chabad-Lubavitch” used to kidnap Christian peasant boys and slice off their penis. They did this to instill [sic] terror into the hearts of the “goyim”.

These chasidic and orthodox jews are a severe danger to civilised society. They need to be placed on reservations under the supervision of the United Nations. They should be given physical work to keep them occupied. They should not be allowed to recite the Talmud ever again. This will result in a better, more peaceful, happy life for all “goyim” and for all people of good will in America and worldwide.

Thank you and God bless you all.

Source: Lohud

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Jewish wind farm developer in Vermont warned “You think no one knows you’re a Jew”

Police in Vermont are investigating an antisemitic voicemail left for a Jewish employee of a wind power firm. The anonymous message, left on the employee’s voicemail at the office of Iberdrola Renewables, says:

“You [name removed] are a Jew and you cannot wait to drive 28 stakes through a town full of free, white Christian men with guns, and unfortunately the way to attract free, white Christian men with guns to you is to try and take their homes. So, why don’t you go to Palestine [name removed] where you can shoot the feet of Palestinian soccer players, you can burn babies alive, you can rape Russian sex slaves and really overtly enjoy yourself rather than this covert activity in Vermont where you think no one knows you’re a Jew because you’re going to find out that they do. Bye-bye.”

The one-minute voicemail was left by a female caller on 27th October 2015, shortly after a public consultation meeting about Iberdrola’s proposed 28-turbine wind project, which if built, would be the largest in the state.

The Iberdrola employee discovered the message and reported it to the police, but they refused to act because the woman did not threaten her victim with violence leading the company’s lawyer to file a formal complaint.

Source: VT Digger

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British man receives Jewish newspaper smeared with faeces

A 91-year-old subscriber to the Jewish Chronicle from Essex, UK, has complained to the police after finding that his copy of the Jewish Chronicle had been delivered having been smeared with faeces. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

Source: The JC

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President of Hungarian foundation blames “Zionism” for country’s problems

Following the reversal of a decision to erect a statue to a notorious Hungarian antisemite, the president of the foundation which had tried to erect the statue has written an official letter denouncing “Zionism” as the cause of Hungary’s problems.

Source: CFCA/Fórum az antiszemitizmus ellen

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British MP receives Holocaust denying antisemitic Christmas card

A British MP has received an antisemitic Christmas card filled with a diatribe against Jewish people. The front of the card shows a child asking an adult: “Do you still believe in the Holocaust?” The adult responds: “Do you still believe in Father Christmas?”

The message inside the card begins with “No Jew can be Prime Minister of England, no MP can be a Jew,” and continues in much the same vein.

Fittingly the last word of the card is “Stupid” which we think is a fitting signature for the sender.

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New York police investigating “Die Jews” bomb threat note at Mount Sinai Hospital

New York police are investigating after a note threatening Jews was left in one of the women’s bathrooms at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

The note was discovered Tuesday morning on the counter above one of the sinks in the woman’s bathroom and was handed over to the hospital’s security office which then alerted the police.

The note said, “Bomb in cabinet, Die Jews.”

The note was sent away for forensic examination.

Anyone with information is asked to call New York Crimestoppers on 800-577-TIPS.

Source: CFCA/JP Updates

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail South Africa Ξ E-mail

South African antisemitic conspiracy theorist ordered to cease and desist

The Equality Court in Durban, South Africa has ordered Snowy Smith, a vehement antisemite to apologise and stop sending antisemitic e-mails. Magistrate Aletta Moolman issued an injunction requiring Smith to cease and desist at the request of the South African Jewish community. In issuing the injunction, Moolman remarked: “The e-mails distributed by Smith impinge adversely on the dignity of the Jewish people and constitute hate speech against people of the Jewish faith or belief and ethnic origin.”

Smith’s e-mails were deranged, and obsessed about a “New World Order” conspiracy led by world Jewry. Excerpts from the e-mails included:

  • “The enemy is Zionist Jew, freemasons, communism, fascist, military dictatorship new world order. Most Zionist Jews are freemasons.”
  • “The Zionist Jew NWO (new world order) orchestrated and systematically planned the downfall of every White Owned, White Run Country in Africa, including South Africa using communism.”
  • “The Zionist Jew NWO orchestrated and systematically planned the last World War and almost every war and or major revolution in history.”
  • “There is only one group of terrorists in the world today and they are Zionist Chabad Freemasons, Illuminati Jews and the Billionaire Wall Street Bankers. We know exactly where they are.”

Source: South African Jewish Report

Everyday Antisemitism Florida Hate Mail Ξ E-mail

Florida residents receive antisemitic notes berating them for putting up Chanukah decorations

Residents of a gated community in Cooper City, Florida, have received antisemitic notes since Saturday, berating them for putting up Chanukah decorations. Police are investigating the notes and are trying to find the person responsible for leaving them in at least three mailboxes. One of the notes read “X-Mas is not for the Jews.” Another resident, whose car is decorated with a menorah on the roof received a note saying “WTF is on your roof? #x-masisbetter”. A third note was more explicit. The victims said that they will not be taking down any of their decorations

Source: Local 10

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Switzerland Ξ E-mail

Swiss leaflets claim Holocaust is a “myth” used to “extort billions of euros from the German people”

Swiss police are investigating following the discovery of typewritten antisemitic leaflets delivered through mailboxes in Kreuzlingen.

The leaflets were titled “The Myth of the Holocaust” and claimed that the Holocaust was “a deliberately invented lie” spread by “Zionists” and “many Jewish-paid liars” in order to “extort billions of euros from the German people”.

Source: CFCA/Tachles

East of England Education Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Ξ E-mail

UK professor tells Israeli schoolgirl she won’t answer question about horses because “Jews are the new Nazis”

A retired professor who used to teach at the University of Cambridge has told an Israeli schoolgirl that she will not answer her question about horses until “there is peace and justice for Palestinians”. Marsha Levine, an expert on the domestication and history of horses was approached by 13-year-old Shachar Rabinovitch by e-mail. Shachar was undertaking a school project and sent Levine an e-mail in her best, most polite English. Levine politely responded that “You might be a child, but if you are old enough to write to me, you are old enough to learn about Israeli history and how it has impacted on the lives of Palestinian people. Maybe your family has the same views as I do, but I doubt it.”

Speaking to a Jewish journalist1, Levine said: “Jews have turned themselves into monsters. I want this girl not to worry about horses…I don’t see any obligation to further her ego or make her feel better about herself. I don’t think it’s about her – I think it’s about her parents. I gave her useful information which might help her for the rest of her life. I have to stand up for what I believe in…The Jews have become the Nazis. Jews are behaving just like the people who treated them. It’s not all Israelis or all Jews.”

Speaking to the Telegraph, Shamir Rabinovitch, who posted his daughter Shachar’s e-mail exchange with Levine on Facebook, said he was “shocked” by the reply. He said: “You have to ask yourself: what is there to gain from not talking to a 13-year-old girl? How does that solve anything? She asked a very polite question about horses, something she is interested in. Why do you reply with such anger? It really crossed the boundary. I think it’s ok to have different opinions about Israel…But it’s not OK to involve children in this stuff.”

Sources: Israelly Cool and The Telegraph




1 Dysch, M. (2015) Ex-Cambridge academic justifies boycotting Israeli schoolgirl by claiming ‘Jews have become Nazis’, Jewish Chronicle, 1 December

Australia Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Online Ξ E-mail

Hacker sends 4m “Death to the Jews” SMS messages after breaching phone network

A hacker attempted to send more than 4m text messages saying “Death to the Jews” by exploiting the network of a global telecommunications company, according to a report in The Guardian. Around 5,000 messages were successfully sent through the SMS Global system, evading the company’s blocks.

The newspaper’s investigation attributed the sending of the antisemitic text message to a data breach dating back to 2013, when hackers managed to access the systems of SMS Global, which provides messaging services for “some of the world’s best known brands” and has more than one million customers worldwide.

The identity of the hacker remains unknown, but they attempted in April 2015 to send more than four million messages to phone numbers across the Middle East, reading “Our motto forever: Death to America, Death to the Jews.”

SMS Global’s clients include Nestle Waters, Serco, Etihad Airways, Emirates Transport, Tecom, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, the Australian Football League and law enforcement agencies around the world. SMSGlobal’s corporate structure is based largely in Australia through SMS Global Investments Pty Ltd, SMS Global Holdings and SMSGlobal Pty Ltd.

Source: The Guardian

Everyday Antisemitism Facebook Florida Hate Mail Town Planning Ξ E-mail

Florida Planning Committee member targeted for voting in favour of synagogue construction

A Boca Raton Planning and Zoning Committee member says he was targeted through social media and e-mail due to his vote in favour of a Synagogue and Jewish museum in East Boca Raton, Florida. The planned synagogue and Israel centre have reportedly been heavily opposed by local residents.


Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail North Carolina Ξ E-mail

North Carolina Jewish school closes as FBI search for sender of antisemitic threats

B’nai Shalom Day School in Greensboro, North Carolina, has closed while FBI and local police search for the sender of a letter which “expressed a clear threat to the school and its occupants.” The FBI said the letter contained “racially charged language”.

Source: CFCA/Fox8

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Nevada Ξ E-mail

FBI investigates letters sent to Las Vegas residents demanding that they stop letting to Jews and others

The FBI are investigating letters sent to residents in Spring Valley, Las Vegas, demanding that residents stop renting their homes to Jews, and members of other minorities because “we want to keep this neighbourhood white”. The letter is signed with what appears to be an attempt at drawing a swastika. It appears that whoever sent the letters went to considerable effort, with each one written by hand.

Source: CFCA/KSNV News3LV

Everyday Antisemitism Germany Hate Mail Vandalism Ξ E-mail

Man in Germany finds his mail covered in antisemitic scrawl

It has been reported that a man living in Germany, who receives mail from organisations such as the German-Israeli Society, returned home to find his post covered in Jew-hating defacement, including swastikas and the words “Filth” and “Jew”.

Source: Watch: Antisemitism in Europe

Everyday Antisemitism Germany Hate Mail Ξ E-mail

“The gas chambers for Jews should be reopened” says hate mail to Viennese Jews

An antisemitic letter was sent to the Institute for Jewish Adult Education in Vienna calling for the reopening of the gas chambers. Many of the six million European Jews murdered by the Nazis were killed using gas.

Photo: Forum gegen Antisemitismus

Everyday Antisemitism Hate Mail Ireland Ξ E-mail

Irish council worker admits to sending Justice Minister series of antisemitic messages

John Dillon, a council worker in Dublin has admitted sending ten antisemitic e-mails to former Irish Justice Minister Alan Shatter over a five week period. In the e-mails, Dillon called Shatter a “perfidious Jew” and “Yiddish whore”, telling him to “f*** off back to the West Bank Zionist a**hole”.

Shatter said of the e-mails: “I got them because I am Jewish, no matter how much of a hard neck you have, persistence of that nature is upsetting and distressing…For any Jewish person to receive this is upsetting, when it’s persistent and ongoing you don’t know what the next step is going to be for this person.”

At the time of his arrest, Dillon claimed that he was exercising his right to free speech and that it was a “political matter” but he has since apologised for the messages, saying he sent them because he was “depressed”.

Photo: Irish Sun