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Jewish professors claim discrimination at Boston arts college

Two Jewish professors at an American college claim they suffered antisemitic discrimination at their employer’s hands as a result of writing an article alleging a lack of Jewish perspectives within the school.

Eric Silverman and Gail Dines, who teach at Wheelock College in Boston, have filed federal workplace discrimination complaints arguing that Wheelock President Jackie Jenkins-Scott and her colleagues have harmed their reputations and careers.

Silverman works in the American Studies and Human Development departments, and Dines is a professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies and chair of American Studies. Both are seeking damages and attorneys’ fees.

Silverman told The Boston Globe: “It was just the sort of ongoing pattern that was horrifying. It sort of took my breath away.”

He alleges he was prevented from applying to administrative positions and falsely accused of using racist language in the classroom.

“People are scared to speak about anything because they’ve seen what’s happened to Eric and I, and they don’t want to be next,” said Dines, who has been at Wheelock since 1986.

Wheelock, which is known as a liberal arts college, denies the allegations and gave the following statement to USA Today: “Wheelock College is committed to providing a diverse workplace, free from discrimination and retaliation. Although Wheelock does not comment on the particulars of personnel disputes or litigation, it disagrees strongly with the allegations made in the actions recently filed against the College. The College is prepared to defend the institution against these claims, which it believes are without merit.”

Sources: USA Today and Boston Globe