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Jewish professors claim discrimination at Boston arts college

Two Jewish professors at an American college claim they suffered antisemitic discrimination at their employer’s hands as a result of writing an article alleging a lack of Jewish perspectives within the school.

Eric Silverman and Gail Dines, who teach at Wheelock College in Boston, have filed federal workplace discrimination complaints arguing that Wheelock President Jackie Jenkins-Scott and her colleagues have harmed their reputations and careers.

Silverman works in the American Studies and Human Development departments, and Dines is a professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies and chair of American Studies. Both are seeking damages and attorneys’ fees.

Silverman told The Boston Globe: “It was just the sort of ongoing pattern that was horrifying. It sort of took my breath away.”

He alleges he was prevented from applying to administrative positions and falsely accused of using racist language in the classroom.

“People are scared to speak about anything because they’ve seen what’s happened to Eric and I, and they don’t want to be next,” said Dines, who has been at Wheelock since 1986.

Wheelock, which is known as a liberal arts college, denies the allegations and gave the following statement to USA Today: “Wheelock College is committed to providing a diverse workplace, free from discrimination and retaliation. Although Wheelock does not comment on the particulars of personnel disputes or litigation, it disagrees strongly with the allegations made in the actions recently filed against the College. The College is prepared to defend the institution against these claims, which it believes are without merit.”

Sources: USA Today and Boston Globe

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Manager fails to tackle Holocaust-relativising antisemitism in Berlin, Germany

RIAS have reported an antisemitic incident that occurred at a workplace in Berlin-Mitte, Germany at the end of last year.

The victim was subjected to repeated claims by a colleague that Israel’s conduct in Gaza was equivalent to the Holocaust. When the person objected, the colleague in question began question the person’s “Jewish background”. When it emerged there was none, the colleague changed tack, accusing the affected person of being an “Islamophobe” and “anti-Islamic”.

Their manager requested that “political discussions” not be held in the workplace and granted the victim’s request to work in a different office. Under the EUMC working definition of antisemitism, “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is explicitly antisemitic. As RIAS point out in their report, the manager failed to recognise antisemitism and respond accordingly.

Source: Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus

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UN guard dismissed for ordering American Jewish volunteers to leave immigrant camp on Greek island

A group of American Jewish volunteers for IsraAID has told Israel Today about an incident which saw them ordered to leave the transit camp where they had been trying to help migrants.

The incident began when volunteers working with other organisations swamped antisemitic at the Jewish women. At that point, a UN security guard arrived and, instead of quieting the antagonists, joined in the verbal assault of the Jewish women, demanding they leave the camp.

One of the group said: “The situation quickly deteriorated. The guard…yelled at me and said there was no place here for people like me. ‘Like me?’ I asked. ‘You mean Israeli? But I’m an American Jew.’ The guard replied by insisting that we [Jews] are all the same: murderers. He then threatened to arrest us if we didn’t leave the camp.”

An Israeli Arab member of IsraAID came to the defence of the women. He notified the camp administration of the incident, leading to the security guard’s dismissal.

The young Jewish women had traveled from the United States to volunteer with IsraAID, and were wearing the Israeli group’s shirts at the time of the incident.


Source: CFCA/Israel Today

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Jewish dentist stopped from working for US Navy due to “divided loyalties”

A Jewish dentist in New York who decided to close his successful practice after 35 years and instead provide his dental services to the US Navy has been refused security clearance because he may have “divided loyalties”.

Dr Gershon Pincus had begun making the 400-mile commute to a naval clinic because “I can think of no better way to experience the sunset of my career than by using my professional skills as a dentist to assist those who have chosen to serve in the United States military.”


As part of a security clearance review, Dr Pincus was interviewed and during the course of his interview, his family connections to Israel were discussed, including that his elderly mother and two siblings live there and that his son tragically died of a drug overdose whilst serving in the Israeli Defence Forces. Dr Pincus has only visited Israel three times in the past ten years, including one visit for his father’s funeral and has no holdings in the country or an Israeli passport. The security investigation concluded: “There is nothing in subject’s background or character that would make him vulnerable to blackmail, extortion, coercion or duress.”

However, in March, Dr. Pincus was subjected to a second interview in which all but one of the questions related to his connections to Israel. In September, Dr Pincus’s security clearance was denied, putting a stop to his dental work. The Statement of Reasons explained: “You have weekly telephone contact with your mother and brother in Israel. You added your mother, sister and brother may have contact with neighbours in Israel. Foreign contacts and interests may be a security concern due to divided loyalties or foreign financial interests, may be manipulated or induced to help a foreign person, group, organisation or government in a way that is not in U.S. interests, or is vulnerable to pressure or coercion by foreign interests.”

Avi Schick, a partner with the Dentons law firm, has taken the case pro bono because he said that when he first heard that someone could be stopped from serving the Navy just for having relatives in Israel, he was so sceptical that he promised to take the case pro bono if the facts turned out to be true.

Schick has now petitioned Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to review Dr Pincus’s case.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Fired editor who was told to stop covering “Jewish issues” is accused of “playing the victim” by German newspaper

Daniel Killy, former Executive Managing Editor of Bremen’s Weser-Kurierwho became the victim of threats and abuse for writing about Jewish issues and Israel and was fired shortly after, has been accused of “playing the victim” by the German daily newspaper Junge Welt.

In November, Killy reported to Arutz Sheva that he discovered a Nazi-style denunciation of his life and work, written by a former editor at the paper (himself the son of a Nazi), had been circulated amongst Bremen’s politicians.

According to Killy’s account, he received a letter from his Chief Executive Officer at the paper’s publisher, Bremer Tageszeitungen AG, officially forbidding him from engaging in voluntary work for the Jewish Community. In a meeting with his CEO, Killy says that he was warned: “Mr. Killy, you need to understand that we as Bremen’s monopoly paper can’t afford to be considered pro-Jewish.” When Killy responded that this explanation was perhaps seventy years too late, he said that his CEO replied: “No, no, of course I didn’t mean it like that” and assured him that there was no longer a problem.

Six weeks later he was fired.

In an article on their website, Junge Welt describes Killy’s report to Arutz Sheva as being “clearly intended to incite controversy amongst an Israeli and international audience regarding how a Jewish editor is treated by a German newspaper.” Quoting Meedia, Germany’s largest news agency, they restate Bremer Tageszeitungen AG’position that, as an active member of Hamburg’s Jewish community, Killy’s lacked necessary journalistic neutrality.

In his interview with Arutz Sheva, Killy remarks that, “this instruction [to cease writing on Jewish and Israeli issues] went against Germany’s official state doctrine. Germany is a steadfast friend of Israel and protector of its Jewish population. To be forbidden, as a journalist, to take a stand for Jewish issues, is a demonstration of blunt anti-Semitism, and does not stem from media neutrality.”

Junge Welt reports that, in addition to Killy’s “neutrality” being questionable, he had also neglected to acquire written permission prior to engaging in voluntary work as press spokesperson for Hamburg’s Jewish community, thereby breaching the terms of his contract with the Weser-Kurier.

Junge Welt goes on to report the upset accusations of antisemitism caused at Weser-Kurier and writes that management called into question the quality of Killy’s journalism. Editor-in-chief Moritz Döbler stated, “We were forever arguing over the position of the paper,” and Ruth Gerbracht, chair of Bremer Tageszeitungen AG, is reported to have been “appalled at how Killy was damaging our paper.”

Junge Welt concludes by stating, “Criticism against Israel does not necessarily equal antisemitism and firing an editor with Jewish beliefs is not automatically motivated by antisemitism.”

Sources: Junge Welt, Arutz Sheva

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New York police officer quits after sustained antisemitic abuse from fellow officers

An officer in New York Police Department (NYPD), David Attali has revealed secret recordings he made of fellow officers subjecting him to disgusting, sustained antisemitic abuse. One officer reportedly referred to him constantly as “Jew” or “dirty Jew”, and never called him by his name.

In one exchange, officers can be heard suggesting Attali should go to a concentration camp because “you will lose so much weight”. In another exchange three officers taunt Attali: one says, “I want to push you into an oven and f***ing burn,” another joins in, “I want to tattoo a number on you,” and a third adds, “DKS7741, step up, breathe in this tube. And, oh wait, he died, surprise, surprise.”

His locker was allegedly repeatedly vandalised including with advertisements for pork products, a newspaper headline saying “Heil Hitler” and a handwritten sign which read: “This sign is covered with bacon grease. If anyone touches it he will go straight to hell.”

Attali requested a transfer which was refused, so he began secretly recording the abuse and complained to NYPD’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) unit which found his claims to be “unsubstantiated”. He has now launched a lawsuit against the City of New York and five officers.

Attali has ceased to be a police officer, saying: “This is the only thing I wanted to do. This is the job that I love, this was it. It [the abuse] was too much for me. That’s it, I’m done. I’m out…I really had no option.”

Steve Worth, the lawyer who represented the accused officers during the EEO investigation said Attari made it clear he wanted to leave the NYPD, saying: “The way he did it was to bring false claims against these officers and to bring a lawsuit to get money on the way out the door.”

NYPD began investigating after Attali supplied his recordings and has now brought disciplinary charges against three officers.

Sources: Forward, NY Daily News and ABC 7 NY