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Report finds rampant antisemitism in Dutch schools

A report written by a Dutch Jewish journalist, Margalith Kleijwegt, at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Education, found that there is rampant antisemitism within Dutch schools, especially amongst Muslim students.

The report, entitled “Two Worlds, Two Realities – How do you deal with it as a teacher?” gave many examples of antisemitism within the classroom, as recounted by teachers. In one example a student stood up and threatened to “gun down all Jews” with a rifle. In another example, in Amsterdam a female student of Moroccan descent stood up and pronounced: “If I had a Kalashnikov [assault rifle], I’d gun down all the Jews.”

The report found that some teachers feel they have no influence over students who have deep-seated prejudices against other students especially against Jews.

Kleijwegt wrote in the report, “Antisemitic behaviour is a recurrent problem in some schools. Some see it as a provocation [by pupils], others fear it goes deeper: that pupils receive anti-Jewish attitudes at home.”

Source: Arutz 7