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Italian journalist accosted in London tube

David Guetta, native Florentine and writer for Firenze Viola, was approached by a small crowd of Italian youth after a football match in London on February 25.

Guetta, a sports journalist, had been covering a Europa League match between ACF Fiorentina (known as Fiorentina of Florence) and Tottenham Hotspur F.C. (the ‘Spurs’ of Tottenham, London). While awaiting a train on his way back to his hotel after the game, Guetta was surrounded by about 20 teenagers who recognized him and sang, “David Guetta, c’è un treno per Mauthausen che ti aspetta” (David Guetta, a train for Mauthausen waits for you).

Guetta is known as the radio voice of Fiorentina. In response to the event, he published a blog, writing, “…[these young adults] almost certainly do not really know what happened at Mauthausen. Or at Auschwitz, or at Dachau, or at Treblinka. I would have liked to have this encounter on via Farini, in front of the plaque that commemorates the Florentines that left on these trains that today these people want me to go on, on which none of them ever returned.”

Guetta mentioned that in his 30 years of providing radio post-match analysis, he has been subjected to racist anti-Semitic slurs on many occasions. One such event occurred six years ago, when an individual expressed his desire to come to the radio station and “chop off his head” in regard to Guetta’s professional promotion. 

Despite not being an observant Jew, Guetta’s response to these aggressions has been to rejoin the Florentine Jewish community.

Editors of expressed solidarity with their colleague.

By Eve Litvak

Global Studies, Brandeis '16