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French Politician’s Antisemitic Twitter Account

Djamel Boumaaz, a local politician in the French city of Montpelier, has been discovered using antisemitic language on his twitter bio. Boumazz used the phrase ‘interdit aux chiens et aux juifs’, which translates as ‘forbidden to dogs and Jews’.

A screenshot of the bio can be viewed here.

The Jerusalem Post has since investigated Boumazz’s posts, which has revealed further antisemitism, including describing the Holocaust as ‘imaginary things’, and tweeting a photo of the bodies of Holocaust victims with the caption ‘I have a heap of Jewish friends’. The JP also reported that he is a known friend and associate of the prominent antisemite and Holocaust denier Dieudonne.

Boumazz, a Muslim, was previously a member of the French National Front, before leaving the party in disagreement over Marine Le Pen’s anti-Islamic rhetoric.

The local police are currently investigating.