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Severe Antisemitic Bullying at Connecticut School

The mother of a 12-year-old pupil at Walsh Intermediate School in Branford, Connecticut, has reported shocking antisemitic bullying suffered by her son to a local media outlet

Orit Avizoz spoke to WTNH News 8, a station that covers news in Connecticut, after having complained to the school administration. Ms Avizoz discovered the extent of the bullying that her son was subjected to when it became apparent that he was afraid to go back to school. The boy had his head slammed in the lockers by the bully, was kicked and punched repeatedly when on the floor, and was subjected to chants of ‘Kill the Jew’.

Another local news source has reported that despite the clear antisemitic language used during the attack, the incident is being treated merely as an instance of bullying, as opposed to being treated as a hate crime. Branford Schools Superintendent, Hamlet Hernandez, has released a statement clearly prompted by the incident, but which makes no direct reference to the incident itself or to antisemitism.