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Antisemitic Drinking Game Played in Princeton

A group of students at a Princeton High School have reportedly played ‘Jews vs Nazis’ beer pong

A local news source reported that the underage students played the game, a variant of the popular drinking game, in a basement, photos of which later drew attention online. However, this appears not to be an isolated incident, but rather a general trend, as various websites seem to host rules for the ‘game’. At least one of the sites hosting rules for the game also describes Holocaust education as ‘ideological’ with ‘commercial aspects’ and openly espouses various forms of Holocaust denial. Disturbingly, the rules incorporate an ‘Anne Frank cup’ which is hidden by the ‘Jews’ team, and a rule that allows the ‘Nazis’ team to send one of the opposing players ‘to Auschwitz’. Whilst any antisemitic intentions of the students involved are yet to be established, making light of the systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews in such a way must be taken seriously regardless of the motives.
The Schools Superintendent for the area has confirmed that the incident is being investigated and has also been in touch with a local Rabbi with a view to improving Holocaust education in the area.