Everyday Antisemitism

Bianca Jagger shares list of MPs littered with far-right rhetoric

Bianca Jagger, former wife of Mick Jagger and Human Rights campaigner has shared a list, originating from a far-right source, of MPs who voted in favour of the War in Iraq, with many entries featuring comments such as ‘Jew’, ‘married to a Jew’, or ‘connected to Labour Friends of Israel’. ‘Jew’ is mentioned 34 times on the list, ‘Zionist’ 4 times, and ‘Israel’ 65 times. Jagger suggested that her followers should read it to understand why ‘they’ want to Jeremy Corbyn ousted.

The list also singles out people for other features, describing various MPs as ‘negro’, ‘Judeo-Negro hybrid’ or ‘homosexual’. The website she linked to elsewhere cites David Duke, former ‘Grand Wizard’ of the KKK, and describes the US media as being ‘largely owned by Jews’.

Jagger later apologized for posting the ‘despicable’ tweet, claiming that she had not noticed its content due to tiredness, this despite her having urged her thousands of followers to ‘read it carefully’.

Whilst Jagger seemed to draw a link between the page’s contents and the challenge to Corbyn’s leadership, a suggestion that Corbyn would likely condemn, this concern appears to be shared by others who shared the page, several of whom were explicitly critical of attempts to oust Corbyn. One account, ‘@accouder’, tweeted support for Corbyn, writing that ‘we need a lab leader without blood on their hands’. Others that had shared the link also retweeted messages in support of Corbyn’s leadership, attacking his challenger, Angela Eagle. ‘@butlincat’, another user who shared the page, penned an article detailing an alleged plot to oust Corbyn, an article which culminating with him urging readers to ‘Sign the petition in support of Jeremy Corbyn’. These incidents belong to a worrying trend in which figures on the political left, including among others Naz Shah and one of her associates, Green Party council candidate Christopher Eddie, and an SNP activist, have demonstrated a willingness to engage in antisemitic discourse more frequently associated with the far right.