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Palestinian activist says that Jews have “at best, animal rights”

Lina Allan, a pro-Palestinian activist based in Michigan, has allegedly uploaded an antisemitic video which defends stabbing “Jews”.

Despite the fact that she claims to be speaking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Allan never talks about “Israelis”, and instead directly talks about stabbing “Jews”.

She decries those who criticise the stabbing of Jews as trying to be “muftis” and tells them to “go back to watching Turkish Soap operas”.

Finally, she claims that even if it was “haram” to stab Jews, they still wouldn’t have human rights, but would have “at best, animal rights”.

The video was removed from Youtube, but was recovered by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Shockingly, it has been reported that Allan has represented the U.S. State Department at an official event in Jordan in 2012.