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Families angered over “fun tourist destination” Auschwitz bus

Families of Holocaust survivors and Jewish groups have been angered after an image emerged of a tourist bus which presented the death camp as a “fun tourist destination”.

The coach has the printed words “Come to Auschwitz – A journey through emotions.”

The coach was made for a film made by Vit Klusak which satirises how commercialised visits to Auschwitz have become, but has apparently been sold to a real tour operator.

Erika Bezdickova, who lost her whole family in Auschwitz when she was 13, said “I was absolutely appalled when I spotted the bus offering the tours to Auschwitz…not as an event for the people who are interested in the history, but as entertainment”

Leo Pavlat, director of the Jewish Museum of Prague, says that “it advertises a trip to the former death camp as Auschwitz-style adventure tourism”.

Svatopluk Strava Auto Xaver, the Czech owner of the bus, has refused to repaint the bus, saying he cannot afford to have it newly painted.