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Czech politician says that Jews, homosexuals and Roma should be gassed

Jaroslav Staník, the secretary of the far right Freedom and Direct Democracy party, has called for Jews and Roma to be gassed.

Stanik exclaimed “Jews, gays and Roma should be gassed” in Parliament, causing a confrontation with other parties. This occurred in a private restaurant that is part of the Parliament complex and which is not accessible to the public.

One eyewitness, Marek Černoch, claims that Stanik said that Jewish and Roma babies should be shot, commenting that he “demanded that all homosexuals, Roma, and Jews should be shot immediately after they have been born. He also verbally attacked the women that were present with gross insults”.

His calls to gas Jews, homosexuals and Roma have been confirmed by several eyewitnesses.

Stanik is reportedly a close ally of the party leader,  Tomio Okamura.

The far right party holds 22 out of 200 seats in the country’s lower house.

Such comments obviously represent some of the worst verbal displays of antisemitism we see in contemporary Europe, a fact made all the more disturbing by the fact that they originate from an elected official. We will report on any action taken against Stanik, either by the authorities or by his own party.

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Czech Nationalists “blame the Jews” for country’s problems, as rising far-right party stands Holocaust denier in regional elections

The Olanška Hotel in Prague hosted a conference on 3 July named “Are you safe, Czech Republic?”, organized by the  far right “Safety, Responsibility, Solidarity” movement (Bezpečnost Odpovědnost Solidarita).

Anti-immigration, BOS has ties to the Order of the Nation party, which has growing support in the poorest regions and a presence on Facebook as Rad Naroda. About 150 people attended the conference, former army personnel present among them. Although anti-Muslim and anti-immigration activities are on the BOS agenda, there were cries of  “We blame the Jews, we had a bad experience with the Jews here. Why do they bring them over here? We want the Czechs only over here.” This was reported in the Czech online daily newspaper

Standing for Rad Naroda in this year’s regional elections is former actor and Holocaust denier Jiří Maria Sieber, whose CV includes baiting Roma people resident in the Czech Republic

Headquarters of Rad Naroda are located in a Prague villa, which belongs to the Russian Embassy. Joseph Zickler, leader of the nationalist party, says this is merely coincidental.


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Jews were “to blame” for the Holocaust, says video shared by Czech MP

An MP in the Czech Republic, Stanislav Huml, has shared a Holocaust denial on his Facebook page.

Huml describes the video as “brutal and [politically] incorrect” but “inspiring”, and says that it runs contrary to the supposed “ethnomasochism” of Western nations, which he sees as overburdened with guilt.

The video describes the Holocaust as “alleged” and call on Europe to “stop apologizing” for the Holocaust.

Shockingly, the video says that the Jews were “to blame” for the Holocaust.

The video appears to suggest that Elie Wiesel was never help in a concentration camp.

The YouTube Channel from which Huml shared the video also has videos that promote what it sees as the “healthy lifestyle” of the Third Reich.

When confronted about the post, Huml says that he “does not concern himself with those details” and that “the video has an actual basis in history extending back to the 15th century”.


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Families angered over “fun tourist destination” Auschwitz bus

Families of Holocaust survivors and Jewish groups have been angered after an image emerged of a tourist bus which presented the death camp as a “fun tourist destination”.

The coach has the printed words “Come to Auschwitz – A journey through emotions.”

The coach was made for a film made by Vit Klusak which satirises how commercialised visits to Auschwitz have become, but has apparently been sold to a real tour operator.

Erika Bezdickova, who lost her whole family in Auschwitz when she was 13, said “I was absolutely appalled when I spotted the bus offering the tours to Auschwitz…not as an event for the people who are interested in the history, but as entertainment”

Leo Pavlat, director of the Jewish Museum of Prague, says that “it advertises a trip to the former death camp as Auschwitz-style adventure tourism”.

Svatopluk Strava Auto Xaver, the Czech owner of the bus, has refused to repaint the bus, saying he cannot afford to have it newly painted.

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Shouts of “Allahu akbar” directed at Czech synagogue

Security guards outside the Spanish Synagogue in Prague reported that during their Friday night service on 4th March, a black Volkswagen car drove close to the synagogue’s entrance and the passengers shouted “Allahu Akbar” towards them.

The car departed but returned a few minutes later and the passengers again shouted “Allahu Akbar”, which means “God is great” in Arabic. By now a police patrol was present at the entrance but it is not clear whether the offenders were spoken to by police.

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Czech police investigate extremist party leader over antisemitic incitement

Two nationalist Czech politicians have been accused of leaving an antisemitic text at the grave of a woman whose murder in the 19th century was wrongly blamed on a Jewish man. Adama Bartoše,  the National Democracy (ND) movement’s extra-parliamentary chairman, and ND member Ladislav Zemanek are known to have visited the grave of Anezka Hruzova, murdered in 1899, last Easter on the anniversary of her death.

Bartoše and Zemanek displayed a sign with a photograph of the murdered woman and a text reading: “Her death cemented the Czech nation and it showed the urgent necessity to solve the Jewish question. The Jewish question has not been resolved in a satisfactory manner yet.”

Leopold Hilsner, from the local Jewish ghetto in Polna, was convicted of murdering the 19-year-old Hruzova, a Christian woman, and sentenced to death, a punishment later commuted to life imprisonment. He was pardoned in 1918. The case provoked an outbreak of antisemitism, which included the claim that it was a ritual murder.

Bartoše has previously attracted headlines for suggesting that refugees be housed in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Michal Dolezel, Brno’s councillor for the Live Brno political movement, has filed a legal complaint against Bartoše and Zemanek.

Regional police spokeswoman Dana Cirtkova said the police had launched criminal proceedings.

Source: iDNES

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“Stop” sign in Prague train station altered to say “Stop Jews”

A sign found in the bathroom at a Prague train station has been altered to include an antisemitic theme. An unknown perpetrator altered a sign saying “Stop” to instead say “Stop Jews”.

Source: CFCA

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Graffiti in Czech Republic equates Jews with the Nazis

An electrical box in a street in Olomouc, Czech Republic, has been defaced with graffiti equating Jews with the Nazis.

Source: CFCA

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Three 10-year-olds caught vandalising Jewish cemetery in Czech Republic

Three 10-year-old boys have been caught by Czech police vandalising gravestones at the Jewish cemetery in Frydek-Mistek. The police officers returned the boys to their parents.

Source: CFCA/Policejní Deník

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Czech rock group may be axed over neo-Nazi leanings

The Czech Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV) will examine the participation of the Ortel rock band associated with extreme right at the Saturday live transmission of the Czech Nightingale award-giving ceremony at the Nova television station, Czech Television said today.

Ortel finished in the second place in the Czech Nightingale and its singer Tomas Ortel, who had performed for the neo-Nazi group Conflict 88, was third in the category of male singers.

The founder of Ortel, who calls himself Tomáš Ortel, is also the founder of the neo-Nazi cult band Conflict 88. The number 88 is a neo-Nazi cryptogram for the Nazi greeting “Heil Hitler”.

Jan Chvojka, a deputy for the Social Democrats (CSSD), has filed a complaint about the performance of the group whose texts are often targeted against minorities. “The band is already moving beyond the edge of law,” Chvojka said.

“It provokes xenophobic moods, having an antisemite and chauvinistic background. I am of the view that such a group has no place at the prime time on the channel of the most watched commercial television station,” he added.

The Nova television station that broadcasts the programme said it could not see anything bad in the participation of the group and its singer.

Source: CTK National News Wire

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Jewish cemetery vandalised in Šafov, Czech Republic

Headstones at the Jewish cemetery in Šafov, Czech Republic, have been knocked over in an all-too-familiar graveyard vandalisation.

Photo: Deník