Everyday Antisemitism

“Trump Youth” group founded by Nazi sympathizer

A movement for millennial supporters of Donald Trump, which calls itself “Trump Youth”, is being run by an individual who has expressed sympathy for the Nazis, according to Forward.

In terms of rhetoric, the leader, Jayme Liardi, uses similar terms against “globalists” as the Nazis used about Jews, describing them as “parasites” that are “feeding on our energy”.

He is also suspicious of “fluoride in the water” and genetic engineering.

Forward report that on his personal website, Liardi implies that the Nazis have been unfairly portrayed. He writes “And yes, I read Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’. I quickly realized that I was not being given all of the facts — that what passes for history is merely rehashed propaganda from the war.”

When writing about “globalism”, Liardi seems to link the idea to Jews, writing about certain government actions as being “kosher” when they benefit these alleged “globalists”. For example, he claims that “if you have no identity, one will be installed into you by the kosher forces of The State”.

The site asks new users to register their ethnicity when creating an account.