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Holocaust deportation memorial vandalized in Berlin


Written by Isca Stieglitz

The Ellen Epstein Street commemorative sign, which marks Moabit Station, from where Berlin’s Jews were deported to their extermination, was vandalised again. The sign, from the “They Were Neighbours” Initiative, was sprayed with silver paint, sometime during Wednesday-Thursday night.

The memorial reads “from here drove trains to the gas”. The vandal writes “this isn’t true” in spray paint, crossing out the word “gas”. Denying the use of gas in the Holocaust amounts to Holocaust denial, as it denies the main method used by the Nazis to exterminate their victims. Indeed, it denies the industrialised method of slaughter that made the scale of the extermination of Europe’s Jews possible in the first place.

This occurred only three weeks after the sign had been cleaned from a previous incident on 28 July, when the sign was doused with black paint.

We were alerted to this incident by Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus – RIAS.