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Jews were “to blame” for the Holocaust, says video shared by Czech MP

An MP in the Czech Republic, Stanislav Huml, has shared a Holocaust denial on his Facebook page.

Huml describes the video as “brutal and [politically] incorrect” but “inspiring”, and says that it runs contrary to the supposed “ethnomasochism” of Western nations, which he sees as overburdened with guilt.

The video describes the Holocaust as “alleged” and call on Europe to “stop apologizing” for the Holocaust.

Shockingly, the video says that the Jews were “to blame” for the Holocaust.

The video appears to suggest that Elie Wiesel was never help in a concentration camp.

The YouTube Channel from which Huml shared the video also has videos that promote what it sees as the “healthy lifestyle” of the Third Reich.

When confronted about the post, Huml says that he “does not concern himself with those details” and that “the video has an actual basis in history extending back to the 15th century”.