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Holocaust survivor persistently targeted on Twitter by antisemitic trolls

Agnes Grunwald-Spier, a Holocaust survivor, author, historian and a former trustee of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust has been subjected to antisemitic abuse on Twitter.

Ms Grunwald-Spier, who was saved from deportation to Auschwitz as a young child by an “unknown official”, received the abuse after a follower tweeted about her new book “Who Betrayed the Jews?”.

One person replied to the tweet saying “no doubt you are lying about the Holohoax”, whilst another replied that “Jewish suffering is not special”, attempting to minimise the Holocaust because other people died during the war too.

One twitter user, who uses a picture of a Haredi Jew as a his picture also mocked her.

Many of the trolls fixated on her age, writing “These holohoax survivors get younger every year” to which another replied “Jews are always lying”. The first then tweeted a picture of her saying “look at her…she’s like 60 max…Liars”, met with the reply “the trauma was passed down”.

When the trolls were asked to desist one said that twitter was “not a liar Jew safe space” and that “Jews think that everything they don’t like should be illegal”.

One of the main commenters who posts under the name ‘AntiRacist Hitler’, and who directed all of his comments in the exchanges to Ms Grunwald-Spier, said that “the real Holocaust was the 100’s of millions of Europeans who died because of evil Jews”.

Other commenters said, referring to her age, “you’ve got it all wrong, goys; it’s her good Ashkenazi genetics”, simply called her “Agnes Grunwald-Liar”, or tweeted antisemitic pictures to her.

One user, called ‘Aus-Alt-Right’, tweeted “Unbelievable. 54 year old holohoax ‘survivor’ milking the goyem for all the shekels. It’s like a Nigerian scam”.

Another asked her if there was “any limit to this brainwashing industry”.