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Ron Paul tweets, then deletes, antisemitic and racist cartoon by well known far right artist

Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning American Republican politician who has been described as the “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party movement, has tweeted an antisemitic cartoon before quickly deleting it.

Paul tweeted a cartoon by the far right cartoonist Ben Garrison that depicted racist and antisemitic caricatures all punching a representation of America with a large, red hand which is labelled “cultural Marxism”, itself a term that itself is often used in connection with antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Ron Paul ran unsuccessfully for the Republican Presidential nomination in both 2008 and 2012, though gained a cult-like popular following along the way.

Paul has been accused of racism in the past, after a series of blatantly racist newsletters were published in his name. He denied knowledge of the racist material published in his newsletters under his name, just as he today denied knowledge of this tweet. He was also friends with Murray Rothbard who, despite being Jewish himself, openly associated with KKK leader David Duke, with Rothbard himself making several virulently antisemitic statements.

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“Flurry” of antisemitic incidents in South Africa cause concern among communal leaders

The South African Jewish Board of Deputies has expressed its concern after a “flurry” of antisemitic incidents in the past days.

In one incident, a group of passengers waiting for their luggage from an El Al flight were called “wicked Jews” by a passer by who said “You people are wicked. Jews are wicked people, very wicked people”.

A mural with the German flag centred around a Swastika also appeared in Johannesburg.

SAJBD Chairman Shaun Zagnoev has also commented on a series of particularly virulent instances of online antisemitic abuse, saying: “The posts show how easily radical anti-Israel sentiment can spill over into hateful slurs and threats against Jewish people in general. We are being told that we are ‘scum’, ‘rats’, ‘bastards’, ‘pigs’, ‘swine’ and ‘fat-nosed f***ks. We are further being warned that “our time is coming” and that “the Holocaust will be a picnic after we are done with you””.

Zagnoev believes that the incidents are linked to a flare-up of tensions in South Africa surrounding Israel, after popular DJ Black Coffee was attacked by BDS for performing in Israel, leading supermodel Shashi Naidoo  to retaliate against BDS by branding Gaza a “sh*thole”, for which she received death threats before apologising.


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Ann Coulter seemingly uses “globalist” as an ethnic slur for Jews before discussing “globalists” involved in sexual harassment

Ann Coulter, the controversial American right wing political commentator, has seemingly stepped beyond the insensitive comments about Jews she has made in the past in favour of explicit antisemitism in a series of tweets in which she described various Jewish figures as “globalists” in what is, at best, an extremely poor attempt at satire.

The term “globalist” is a political term which is commonly used in conspiracy theories. Whilst it is not inherently antisemitic, it is often used to allude to Jews with accusations similar to those of classic antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump had recently referred to outgoing staff member Gary Cohn as a “globalist”, a statement that the Washington Post described as antisemitic. Commenting on the headline, Coulter then singled out a series of Jews as “globalists”.

She first tweeted that “Baseball Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax is also a Globalist”. Koufax is a Jewish baseball player who famously declined to play on Yom Kippur.

Whilst identifying a Jewish athlete who is not known for his political views as a “globalist” is a clear indication that the term is simply being used as a stand-in for Jew, Coulter then uses it as an ethnic designator, tweeting “Paul Newman is only half Globalist”, and that “Jake Tapper is also half Globalist”. Jack Tapper’s parents are both Jewish, but his mother converted to Judaism. In this case it appears that the terms is being turned into a racialised proxy for “Jew”.

Whilst it may appear at first that Coulter is satirising the idea that Globalist is an antisemitic term, this position is seemingly weakened by Coulter applying the term to another antisemitic canard. After repeatedly using “globalist” as an explicitly ethnic designator for Jews, she muses “Boy, a lot of Globalists popped up in the scandals!”. Some have said that Coulter is portraying Jews as sexually licentious and predatory, which is a classic antisemitic canard that has its roots in early Christian antisemitism. Using the term in this context seems like an excuse to repeat another antisemitic canard. Furthermore, according to the Definition of Antisemitism, antisemitic ideas are ‘often used to blame Jews for “why things go wrong”’. That is why some commentators have said that this tweet seems to take what may have started as an attempt at satire and turn it into what appears to be a more sinister expression of antisemitic ideas.

Regardless of Coulter’s intentions, she was met with thousands of likes and retweets from the far right. Her tweets were widely circulated by far right sources. One commenter branded several of those involved in the #MeToo scandal as Jews, with a chart purporting to given an ethnic breakdown of all those accused. Others replied with antisemitic caricatures or peddled antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the media.

Coulter has made comments which have been insensitive to the point of antisemitism in the past, previously claiming that Jews need to become Christian “to be perfected”. Tweeting about the Republican Presidential debates, she wrote “How many f—ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”.


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Allure magazine editor accuses Gal Gadot of the “murder of hundreds of children” on Twitter

Rawan Eewshah, the editor of Allure magazine who previously has worked at Buzzfeed and Complex Networks, has resorted to blood libel in Twitter comments she made about Gal Gadot, Everyday Antisemitism can reveal.

The tweets came in response to Gadot posting an image with the phrase “protect kids, not guns”. Eewshah responded by referring to Gadot as a “child murderer” before continuing to claim that “your wcw took part in the murder of hundreds of children but posts “protect kids not guns” on her twitter”.

Claims like this are often made against Gadot, who served in the IDF. There is zero evidence that she ever harmed any children, let alone “hundreds”, and such claims are simply a contemporary variant of medieval blood libel myths, which have been used to incite violence against Jews for hundreds of years. According to the Definition of Antisemitism, “using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis” is antisemitic.

Allure magazine is read by well over a million people.


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UC Berkeley faces calls from Jewish groups for blood libel Professor’s resignation

Hatem Bazian, a Professor at UC Berkeley specialising in diaspora studies and Islamic studies, is facing calls for his resignation following a series of antisemitic tweets which came to light recently.

Bazian allegedly tweeted a video which claimed that “Israeli soldiers killed young Palestinians for their organs”, a contemporary variation of antisemitic blood libel myths with no grounding in reality. According to the Definition of Antisemitism, “using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis” is antisemitic.

In another tweet, he shared an image equating Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Holocaust. Such a comparison is so detached from reality that by making it, one must either deny the extent of genocide of Jews during the Holocaust or make claims amounting to blood libel about Israel. Additionally, according to the Definition of Antisemitism, “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is antisemitic.

In 2002 he insinuated that Jews control the University’s decision-making. At this time, he was a graduate student at the University.

Tikvah, a group for Jewish and Zionist students, has published an open letter sent to the University, which can be read here.

The University has said it is aware of the material and has stated that “it will not tolerate anti-Semitism, along with every other form of bias and discrimination”. It must now follow up these words with action against Bazian in order to ensure that Jewish students feel welcome on their campus.

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Republican House candidate peddles antisemitic white nationalist conspiracy theory on Twitter

Paul Nehlen, a GOP candidate seeking to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan, has outed himself as holding white nationalist beliefs in a series of tweets to a Jewish activist.

Nehlen tweeted “Just admit you are a (((bigot))) @aricohn and I’ll pretend you didn’t pretend you were white for the purposes of starting a race war w me” before commenting that “It’s okay to be white. It’s not okay to pretend to be for purposes of undermining whites. But you knew that”.

Nehlen’s word are unambiguously those of a far-right antisemite. White Nationalists and neo-Nazis often accuse Jews of attempting to subvert what they perceive to be the interests of the “white race”.

According to the Definition of Antisemitism, Antisemites often ‘blame Jews for “why things go wrong”‘. The Definition also states that “making mendacious, dehumanising, demonising, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions” is antisemitic, as is blaming Jews “for real or imagined wrongdoing”.

Nehlen has also used “echoes”, the use of triple parentheses, which was originally developed by the alt-right to covertly refer to Jews. Putting the parentheses around the word “bigot” is used to associate purported bigotry with Jewishness, itself a long-standing antisemitic canard.

The phrase “it’s okay to be white”, whilst perhaps not seeming inherently worrying, was popularised by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and is frequently parroted by White Nationalists.

Nehlen has clearly stepped up his rhetoric since last year, apparently emboldened by the Trump Presidency and the growing acceptability of antisemitism in American public life. Nehlen has repeatedly refused to say whether or not he is indeed a White Nationalist, but this rhetoric makes his allegiances clear for all to see.

The ADL commented that Nehlen has “on numerous occasions in recent months demonstrated associations or affiliations with white supremacist concepts and entities, including appearing on a white supremacist podcast, ‘Fash the Nation’; sharing racist and anti-Semitic graphics on social media; and following a number of white supremacists on Twitter”.

Following Nehlen’s antisemitic comments, Ari Cohn, the activist against whom they were directed, received hundreds of antisemitic messages on Twitter from white supremacists.

Everyday Antisemitism will be following coming events with keen interest. Electoral success by any measure for a man who has openly cast his lot with far-right extremists would demonstrate that American society is taking a distinct and worrying turn for the worse.


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Travelling Auschwitz exhibition’s opening marred by over 100 antisemitic social media posts

Over 100 antisemitic social media messages have been reported to Spanish authorities after a travelling exhibition was targeted by antisemites ahead of its opening.

The exhibition, which features over 600 objects from Auschwitz, including a freight carriage used to transport captives to the camp, is being organised by Musealia, a Spanish company. Musealia’s director, Luis Ferreiro, was inspired to launch the exhibition after reading “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankel, an Auschwitz survivor. Mr Ferreiro said “If I had been a movie director, I would have made a film; if I had been an author, I would have written about it, but I am part of a family exhibition company, and we have invested a lot in the conservation of these objects, their transportation and expensive production ”.

Commenting on the scores of antisemitic social media messages the exhibition attracted, he commented that “people use the anonymity of social media to launch negationist and hate-filled messages. This shows us that there are still people who need to know this story”.

Musealia have organised the exhibition in conjunction with the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum. It started in Madrid this month, and will travel to 7 European cities and 7 American cities in the coming 7 years. School groups and children attend free.

Robert Jan van Pelt, the exhibition’s chief curator, is unsurprised by the antisemitism it has prompted. He commented: “I have spent 30 years working in this area and Auschwitz attracts deniers. What we are doing with this exhibition is establishing the facts and putting solid evidence on display”. Sadly, we must agree with him – this story is entirely unsurprising, as experience tells us that any Jewish issues coming into the public eye risk being met with floods of antisemitism.

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UN drops Palestinian “Supermom” who claims Jews drink Arab blood, yet Amnesty International fail to act

Crowned a “Supermom” by the Arab press, Manal Tamimi, 45, a pro-terrorist Palestinian activist, has recently lost her status as a UN “human rights defender” because of antisemitic tweets that accuse Jews of drinking Palestinian blood.

On September, 2015, this post appeared on Tamimi’s Twitter feed: “Vampire zionist celebrating their Kebore Day [Yom Kippur] by drinking Palestinian bloods, yes our blood is pure and delicious but it will kill u at the end” (September, 2015).

Tamimi’s tweet promotes the classic blood libel, which goes back centuries, that Jews murder non-Jews, especially children, so that Jews can use their blood to bake matzos for Passover, and re-enact the crucifixion of Christ.

The tweet is part of a series of antisemitic tweets that Tamimi posted starting in 2015. The married mother of four calls for both violence against Jews, “Zio roaches”, and the destruction of Israel. The tweets are accompanied by vile drawings that pay tribute to Nazi era political cartoons.

“I do hate Israel, i do hate zionism, i wish a third Intefada  [Intifada] coming soon and people rais [raise] up and kills all these zionist settlers everywhere”. (August 1, 2015)

“…I have a very good Jew friends, I hate Zionists & I’m not denying that, Zionism, KKK and ISIS R all the same to me” (August 20, 2017)

“The much needed button–delete Israel” [referring to nuclear holocaust] (October 5, 2015)

“You will never make peace with vampires because the taste of your blood will always attract them” (March 31, 2016)

However, it is significant that Tamimi, who is constantly calling for the expulsion of Jews from Israel, only lost her honored title because of an official complaint about her tweets that was filed by the NGO Monitor, Jerusalem, a watchdog that tracks the activities of human rights groups. A letter of protest was delivered to the UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights.

In response to NGO Monitor’s complaint, Tamimi, the leader of the Popular Resistance Organization Committee, was removed from the list of “human rights defenders” that had been compiled by S. Michael Lynk, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the disputed territories.

Earlier this year, Tamimi, who runs an online news service, the Tamimi Press, spoke at a  EU financed conference that was held in Barcelona, Spain. The topic was “preventing violent extremism”.

Her participation in that conference strains the boundaries of reason. Every Friday, for the past 7 1/2 years, Tamimi, her husband, Bilal, and their followers, have marched from their  village of Nabi Saleh, to the Jewish community of Halamish, where the group hurls rocks at the Israeli soldiers, who are guarding the town. On July 21, 2017, in Halamish, three members of the Salomon family were stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists while they were having their Shabbat dinner.

It is important to note that Tamimi has not publicly condemned the murders, and, in fact,  sees nothing wrong with stone throwing. According to a report in the Algemeiner, “the Tamimi’s contend that the soldiers’ arrests of rock throwers constitutes persecution of the residents of Nabi Saleh”.

It is a given, however, that a thrown stone is as dangerous as a gun. In recent years at least 15 Israelis have been murdered as a result of stone throwing, and countless others have been injured. Given Tamimi’s mindset, it is deeply troubling that she was invited to appear at a conference that condemns violence.

And the fact that this conference was funded by the European Union is of great concern. NGO Monitor President Gerald Steinberg told the Algemeiner, “There is no excuse for funding Jew hatred in the guise of promoting peace…or for giving antisemites such as Tamimi the status of ‘human rights defenders'”.

Steinberg is highly critical of the actions of both the UN and the EU: “the disconnect between noble objectives and immoral actions has been clear for many years”. Steinberg believes that “full transparency and oversight for the massive sums [of money] going to radical NGOs is crucial so that this behavior is halted”.

However, unlike the UN, Amnesty International, has embraced Tamimi’s cause, despite her blatant antisemitism. According to the Algemeiner, “Amnesty has declared that Tamimi’s village, Nabi Saleh, is a “community-at-risk”.

Amnesty researcher, Saleh Hijazi, who has worked in the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Ministry of Planning has publicly stated: “We need to tell the Israeli authorities: enough – you are no longer facing a tiny village on a small hill. You now have the entire Amnesty movement to reckon with”.

According to the Algemeiner, in an undated essay published in the Huffington Post, Edith Garwood, Amnesty International USA’s specialist on Israel, the disputed territories and the PA, wrote that Tamimi’s group from Nabi Saleh “face frequent violent repression from the Israeli army just for practicing their human rights to peacefully expression their opposition” to Israel.

Garwood believes that “even in cases where the protesters have thrown stones…these have posed little or no serious risk” to the targeted Israelis.

The fact that Garwood, a prominent Amnesty International official, can so easily disregard Tamimi’s virulent antisemitic tweets, while downplaying the connection between stone throwing and fatal traumatic brain injuries, should send up a red flag to the international community.

Amnesty International fails on all levels, as a social justice organization, when its contempt  for Israel is so great, that it whitewashes stone throwing as a form of legitimate peaceful protest.

What Amnesty International’s position regarding Tamimi’s remark that Jews are blood-drinking vampires is unknown.

However, what is known is that, in 2016, government officials banned Tamimi from entering the UK. The British Home Office  has refused to explain why Tamimi was denied a visa.


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Georgia council candidate compares Jews to Nazis, calls Zionists “cockroaches”

Suwanee City Council candidate Joe Briggs has defended antisemitic tweets he made, which have recently come to light.

Briggs said CNN was run by “white supremacists” for firing Jeffrey Lord for tweeting “Sieg Heil”, claiming “Zionists in Israel far worse than anything described in Mein Kampf. Get over it”.

In September, he called for Trump to “get the Jews out of the White House and out of POTUS’ ear”.

Later in September, he wrote: “At least the Nazis assimilated and contributed to US society. The problem is that Jews don’t care about racism — because they are racist. They only care about racism directed towards them. Square that”.

In a statement, Briggs said “I’m absolutely not racist in the very least”, claiming that someone “unscrupulously dug up the ultimate ‘antisemitic’ dirt” on him to halt discussion about traffic zoning.

Briggs has thankfully dropped out of the race following public pressure.

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American feminist writer claims that rape is “related to” Zionism

Mahroh Jahangiri, an American feminist writer and activist, has claimed some sort of causal link between “Zionism” and rape.

Sharing a screenshot of an article about sexual violence, Jahangiri tweeted “if we can admit rape is related to racism/militarism/zionism/our role in white supremacy writ large, we’ll be better equipped to address it”.

Zionism is merely a movement for Jewish self-determination. There is absolutely no plausible connection between Zionism and sexual violence, beyond the unfortunate fact that sexual violence is common everywhere in the world.

Furthermore, in listing Zionism alongside “racism” and “white supremacy”, Jahangiri portrays Zionism as an “inherently racist endeavour”, which is antisemitic according to the International Definition of Antisemitism.

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Dutch football fans mock the Holocaust on Twitter using image of child victims

Fans of the Dutch football team Feyenoord have used their rivalry with Ajax as an opportunity to mock victims of the Holocaust.

A Dutch caption placed over an image of two Holocaust-era Jewish children wearing the Nazi yellow star reads “when 020 had one star”. The number is a reference to the postal code of Ajax.

Ajax has, like Tottenham Hotspur in London, a reputation of being a “Jewish” club. In the past, rival fans have been heard chanting antisemitic slogans and songs, including “Hamas Hamas, Jews to the gas”. The Antisemitism got so bad that many Jewish fans stopped attending games.

The image shows Avram (5) and Emanuel Rosenthal (2), who were both murdered by the Nazis a matter of weeks after the photograph was taken.

Another image shared on Twitter shows a warning label on a packet of cigarettes which has been made to read “smoking will kill you, so free packs for any Ajax Jew”.

Ronny Naftaniel, the executive vice chair of CEJI, described his “shock” at seeing the image, saying ““Feyenoord supporters, for once leave Jews alone if you must taunt Ajax”.

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Haaretz journalist Allison K Sommer compares Haredim to neo-Nazis

Allison Kaplan Sommer, a journalist for the English language edition of Haaretz, has compared Haredim in Israel to neo-Nazis.

Writing on Twitter, Sommer said “Sorry, Tal, but the haredim are as as hateful to Reform Jews as the neo-Nazis are to Jews, and secular Israelis stand by silently”

Whilst there are genuine problems in terms of intra-communal relations in Israel, and legitimate criticisms can be made of the response of some Haredim to non-Orthodox Jews, such a comparison is flippant, inflammatory and comes across as deliberately hurtful, as does any attempt to compare Jews to Nazis.

She faced a backlash from her Twitter followers, and from others, but does not appear to have apologised for her comments.

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Democrat Candidate for NY City Council can’t stop talking about “greedy Jewish landlords”

Thomas Lopes-Pierre, a fringe candidate for New York City Council, has posted a plethora of antisemitic statements about “greedy Jewish landlords” on social media.

Lopez-Pierre’s Twitter bio reads “Jewish landlords OWN 80% of private rental buildings in Upper Manhattan; GUILTY of GREED for pushing Black/Hispanic tenants out. Democrat: 7th Council District.”

He appears to have written many tweets centred around “greedy Jewish landlords”, which is inherently antisemitic as it draws on the antisemitic canard of Jews being obsessed with money. Moreover, he published a “List of Greedy Jewish Landlords that gave $1,000+ political contributions to NYC Council Mark Levine”, which seems to hint at an antisemitic conspiracy in which Jews are alleged to have used their money to subvert the political process.

Similarly, he has accused Jewish landlords of conspiring against Hispanic and Black residents, which appears to be an accusation of Jewish supremacism and an allegation that Jews are attempting to oppress other minority groups and create division, an idea that is a mainstay of contemporary antisemitism.

He has also shared various negative news articles about Jews, which whilst not being antisemitic on their own, when coupled with his deeply antisemitic language elsewhere clearly demonstrate an underlying antisemitism, despite his insistence that he has no problems with most Jews.

He describes himself as a “Christian manof Dominican, Puerto Rican and Haitian descent” who supports “economic and social justice”. Despite his claim to care about social justice, his social media clearly shows that he has a borderline obsession with Jewish people.


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French “coexistence” champion tweeted “bring on Hitler to kill the Jews”

Mehdi Meklat, a young French Arab who has become a darling of the left for his championing of coexistence between different ethnic groups, has been exposed as having authored several antisemitic, homophobic and extremist tweets.

Meklat allegedly tweeted “Bring on Hitler to kill the Jews” during a French awards ceremony.

He also wrote of the “troubling” “beauty” of Mohammed Merah, the killer of several Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse and said “I miss Bin Laden”. There were a myriad of tweets which could be considered offensive, with some sources suggesting he made “thousands”.

He has also made homophobic tweets, tweeting ““Long live the fags, long live AIDS under President Francois Hollande”.

Meklat said that he was merely trying to “an experiment to test the borders of provocation”, pointing to the fact that some, but not all, of the tweets were made under a pseudonym. However, calling for “Hitler to kill the Jews” goes beyond the provocation; indeed, it is a man calling for the genocide of Jews in a country in which Jews are already increasingly plagued with antisemitism.

Despite these worrying comments, he had also spoken about how antisemitism is often disguised as anti-Zionism. These contradictory statements demonstrate a reality which France must deal with of established immigrant Communities which have had difficult integrating into mainstream French society, often carrying with them antisemitic attitudes, as evidenced by the shocking amounts of antisemitism in France. Sadly, one of the great success stories of these communities, who had been hailed as a champion of coexistence, is clearly not immune to such attitudes despite the prominent role he has taken in trying to improve race relations in France.

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Neo-Nazi finally faces trial, after 2 year delay, for threatening to massacre Jewish schoolchildren

David Lenio is finally being charged with allegedly threatening to massacre Jewish schoolchildren, after a delay of almost two years.

Lenio, a White Nationalist from Montana, is alleged to have said that he wishes to “execute 30 or more grade school students”, put “two in the head of a Rabbi or Jewish leader”, and said that the “USA needs a Hitler to rise to power”.

He is also alleged to have tweeted:

“I think every jew on the planet deserves to be killed for what kikes have done to our #dollar and cost of living Killing jews > wage #slave”

“I’m not even opposed to shooting up a random school like that sandy hoax stunt only realer, to voice my displeasure with being a wage slave”

“Let’s make national news, I david lenio know israel did 9/11 and I am so poor that I want to shoot up a kalispell Montana public school …”

Lenio appears to have been arrested in 2015, and subsequently released on a plea bargain which saw felony charges for intimidation reduced to a misdemeanour, in a manner which has been called into question.  Despite repeatedly referring to himself as a “wage slave”, Lenio appears to have been released into the custody of his wealthy investment banker father.

As a condition of this release, he was ordered not to use social media, a restriction which he has allegedly consistently breached. Despite him initially being apprehended with several weapons, there does not appear to be any evidence that he was disarmed as a condition of his release.

Fortunately, it appears that Lenio will finally come before a Judge this month to answer felony charges. The fact that it has taken this long, despite him apparently having consistently fetishised violence, particularly against Jews, is a rather worrying failure of the Justice and Security systems in the United States. This is a man who repeatedly threatened to kill Jews, against whom a case was dropped in an apparently clandestine manner, and who appeared to be heavily armed. Indeed, it seems quite miraculous that he did not carry out any of the attacks that he threatened, given that the only engagement he was forced to have with the authorities was to report where he was living if he moved. We can only hope that he finally meets with the full force of the law and that prosecutors are more proactive against bringing similar threats to justice in the future.


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Muslim and “anti-Zionist” students in Texas glorify the Holocaust, call to “kill some Jews”

The Canary Mission, an group which monitors extremist activity on US campuses, has released a dossier on antisemitic social media comment being circulated by students at the University of Texas, Arlington.

The messages include calls to “kill some Jews”, calls to “stuff Jews in the oven”, and included many references to the Holocaust and antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Among the authors of the tweets is Ismail Said Aboukar, a member of Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students’ Association, who wrote that “Jesus is going to slay the Jews” and made multiple references to Jews controlling world business, as well as writing “the world would be soooo much better without the Jews man”.

Nancy Salem, another SJP member and BDS supporter, asked a friend to “kiss the Palestine ground” for her and to “kill some Jews”.

She also asked “How many Jews died in the Holocaust?”, answering for herself – “not enough”.

The Canary Mission identified 24 students making blatantly antisemitic comments at the University, with 19 being affiliated with Students for Justice in Palestine and 12 being affiliated with the Muslim Students’ Association.

This serves to highlight the growth of Islamic antisemitism, and its connection to anti-Zionist politics, on University campuses, in a situation which is quickly making Jewish students feel unwelcome at Universities across North America and Europe.


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People tweet “light that Jew on fire” at Trump inauguration Rabbi, call Trump a “puppet for the Jews”

Rabbi Marvin Hier made history at Trump’s inauguration by becoming the first Orthodox Rabbi to speak at a President’s inauguration.

Rabbi Hier has met with various Presidents, and is the founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an organisation named after the famous Nazi hunter, and which fights against antisemitism, terrorism and racism, as well helping to educate about the Holocaust.

The fact that Rabbi Hier was asked to speak at Trump’s inauguration, after a divisive campaign which caused many Jewish leaders to express concern, could be seen as a sincere positive step from the Trump camp. Unfortunately, his appearance was marred by torrents of antisemitic abuse.

Some tweets include the following:

“Why is there a Jew on my screen”

“He escaped from the camp! Gas him before its too late”

“someone light that Jew on fire”


“What the hell is some Jew rabbi doing at the inauguration? They are the enemies of America !”

“not down with that false pig religion of the devil”

“Guys, the Jew put a spell on us!”

“The Jew disappeared soon after his speech. Holding human form takes a lot of energy” – this tweet, which suggests Jews are not really human, but also plays on conspiracy theories about Jews (who are often referred to in more obscure conspiracy theories as “shapeshifters”) controlling the world.

“crazy how they let a Jew speak after their attacks on 9/11”

“Trump is just a puppet for the Jews”

“bruh this is why we need Hitler. who the fuck let the jew out the chamber”


In the photo displayed above, someone photoshopped an antisemitic caricature of a Jew, and wrote that they were “wearing my ‘they live’ glasses”. They live is a film in which special glasses make the protagonist able to see the propaganda behind everyday advertising and media. However, the creator of the film has recently disavowed its popularity with neo-Nazis, insisting that the film is about consumer capitalism and has nothing to do with antisemitism.

Some in the Jewish community criticised Rabbi Hier for appearing at Trump’s inauguration, as many believe the President employed antisemitic tropes during his campaign. However, it is extremely worrying to see such vitriol being directed towards a Rabbi who was chosen to speak by the President. If these people are Trump supporters, it indicates that some of Trump supporters do not merely engage in antisemitic discourse, but will refuse to accept a Jewish person even when they have some form of personal endorsement from the candidate they support. However, of the hundreds of tweets that Rabbi Hier received, though they tended to have the general character of far right antisemitism, that some would have come from opponents of Trump.

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LBC and the Daily Mail must deal firmly with Katie Hopkins after her latest publicity-craving provocation

Katie Hopkins has built her career as a publicity-craving ‘provocateur’ but yesterday she crossed a line.

Some celebrities who thrive on outrage make genuine mistakes, but often they will deliberately wound and then apologise just to generate headlines. We cannot imagine that her latest move is a mistake.

Ms Hopkins has retweeted an American neo-Nazi called “AntiJuden” whose profile includes a swastika and the emblem of Hitler’s SS. The American neo-Nazi had cheered her support for racial profiling, tweeting: “Now that is the way it should be told”.  Even without examining its timeline, the virulently antisemitic nature of the account, which now appears to have been closed down by its owner, should have been immediately apparent to Ms Hopkins.

When the inevitable Twitter backlash arrived, Ms Hopkins could have taken the opportunity to redeem herself by issuing a full and genuine apology. Instead, she tweeted a mealy-mouthed apology which trivialised the account’s extremist antisemitic views by referring to it as merely “dodgy” and was accompanied by a photo of Ms Hopkins striking a forthright pose but with a teardrop photoshopped onto her cheek, leaving little doubt as to the insincerity of her words.

Ms Hopkins has prior form in this area. In the run-up to the last General Election, she attracted opprobrium and scorn for making a Holocaust joke about the then Labour leader, Ed Milliband, who is Jewish, and his wife Justine.

If yesterday’s episode was indeed an accident, Ms Hopkins has made herself accident prone. Having built her career on trolling the airwaves, she has developed quite a following amongst neo-Nazis like “AntiJuden”, which cannot come as any surprise to the LBC producers and Daily Mail editors who decided to give her a platform as a presenter and columnist. LBC thrives on debate, but having taken Ken Livingstone off air after his claim that Hitler supported Zionism, if they retain Katie Hopkins then their cover as a responsible broadcaster sometimes caught in the crossfire will be well and truly blown. The Daily Mail likewise.

LBC and the Daily Mail may decide to fire Katie Hopkins, and we would applaud them if they do. If they decided to reprimand her instead, she should, at the very least, be required to visit a Nazi concentration camp and for once make a positive contribution to a debate, perhaps by presenting a show and devoting a column to explaining how irresponsible demagogues are fueling the resurgence of Nazi propaganda online.

We await their decision with interest. While we wait, you may wish to contact them at [email protected] and [email protected].

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Corbyn’s hypocrisy exposed yet again by Labour’s latest stealthy readmission of suspended antisemite

Three weeks ago, on 12th December, Jeremy Corbyn publicly stated that he and the Labour Party accepted the International Definition of Antisemitism, as adopted by the government.

Yet it has now been reported that Labour has quietly allowed the virulently antisemitic Labour councillor Ilyas Aziz back into the Labour Party after gross breaches of that same definition. Mr Aziz announced he had been readmitted on 31st December.

Mr Aziz has explicitly compared the actions of Israel to that of the Nazis.The International Definition states: “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is antisemitic. He has also stated the Jews in Israel should be forcibly relocated to America. The International Definition states that: “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination” is antisemitic. He shared a post invoking the blood libel: the International Definition states that: “Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis” is antisemitic.

Mr Aziz’s disciplinary process has taken place in secret, with all the lack of transparency that Shami Chakrabarti, supposedly once an advocate of justice and human rights, enshrined in her whitewash report into antisemitism in the Labour Party: not only was it conducted in secret, but the reasons for the lifting of his suspension have not been explained.

Mr Corbyn has now been exposed as a hypocrite. He and the Party have dissembled on the matter of the Labour Party’s adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism.

The report he commissioned from Baroness Chakrabarti has now once again been shown to be a whitewash. It has allowed cover for the quiet lifting of an antisemite’s suspension, and failed to adhere to the definition the Party claims subsequently to have adopted, despite Tom Watson also declaring on 29th November in relation to antisemitism that: “I know there are still some outstanding issues that cannot be ignored. They won’t be ignored. Action is being taken now.”

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership is, as the Labour MP Ruth Smeeth stated: “Not a safe space for Jews”. With its first action in relation to antisemitism in 2017, Labour have quietly but clearly demonstrated that the current leadership are determined to do nothing to cleanse the Party of antisemites. In doing so they have nakedly exposed their stated acceptance of the International Definition of Antisemitism as nothing more than a PR stunt, a declaration made hastily in response to the government’s adoption of the definition that Jeremy Corbyn never had any intention of making good on.

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Besiktas fans tweet “Burn the Jews” and other antisemitic abuse in match against Hapoel Beersheba

Fans of the Istanbul-based Turkish football club have tweeted large amounts of antisemitic abuse following their European qualifying match against Hapoel Beersheba.

Avlaremoz documented some of the tweets, which included:

“We will write ‘champion Besiktas’ on Jewish sperm.”‎

“We drew Jewish sons of bitches. If we do not score 5 goals, we are not men. ‎Jewish bastards.”‎

“You will say ‘Mr. Besiktas who f—s Jews.'”‎

‎”We want Jewish asses.”‎

“Do not return without raping the Jewish bastards. Wish you success, Besiktas.”‎

‎”Hey Israel, we are coming to f— your mothers!”‎

‎”We drew Hapoel. There will be +18 Jewish porn. Nice lots.”‎

‎”Get ready for World War IV. My Besiktas will play against the Jewish bastard ‎Israeli team. There will be a bloodbath. Hapoel [Beer]Sheba.”‎

‎”Come on, Jewish bastards. Let us vomit our hatred on you.”‎

“Are you ready, Besiktas? This time you will walk up to the Jew.”‎

‎”Let’s go to Israel and burn Jews for the love of Besiktas.”‎

One referred to a Hadith of Jews hiding behind trees, tweeting “So we will Fuck the Jewish sperm behind gharqad trees one by one?”.

Earlier this week we covered similar antisemitic tweets originating in Turkey, following political unrest surrounding the assassination of the Russian ambassador, and last month a Turkish Jewish writer was murdered in the street with a police investigation still in progress, which is yet to rule out antisemitism as a motive.

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Turkish twitter users blame “Zionism” and “lowlife agent of the Jewish lobby” for assassination

Following the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey,  many Turks have taken to Twitter to blame the attack on Zionists and Jews.

Avlaremoz, a Turkish publication which deals extensively with Jewish issues, documented several tweets, some of which included:

“The real enemy of all the Muslims and all of the oppressed in the world is Zionism and the cursed Israel. Behind the assassination is the Jewish lobby and the USA”

“The assassin is a lowlife agent of the Jewish lobby”

“The Jew does not want Turkish-Russian rapprochement. By inciting Islamophobia, their pawn in Turkey is also involved in the game. Whoever will benefit from this should be the perpetrator. (Dograel – a distorted form referring to the word Israel.)”

“This looks like Jewish work. Simple and effective”

“The assassin has the typical Jewish look. I don’t know if it’s just me but he is a real Jew”

After the attack, protesters invaded the HQ of the People’s Democratic Party, which is pro-Kurdish in its stance, climbing to the top of the building and starting fires, yet many took to Twitter to blame Jews for the further unrest:

“If you were not treacherous, if you were not kafir, if you did not have Jewish roots, you would not attack unarmed soldiers. Victory will be ours, hell will be yours.”

“As you have cowardly asses, you were not able to confront our soldiers and you carried out a treacherous bomb explosion, you Jewish bastards. You will not make it. Revenge will be ours, remember that.”

“Hey you, cowardly Jew, whose humanity is only as much as his money. As you and your dogs burn in hell, those who you have made martyrs will be in heaven.”

“Obviously, we will not have peace unless there are explosions in Iran, England and in the Jewish lands.”

“Cowardly, undignified ones with no honor. You do not have the courage to stand up to a single soldier of ours. Satans. Armenian, Jewish sperms. You will all be croaked.”

“We do not want death penalty for them. We want torture for them. Let them all pay for what they have done, Jewish dogs.”

“Vile, ignoble, Armenian, Jewish, dogs of Hitler. They attacked our soldiers again dastardly. May Allah curse you. The pigs of the EU, USA and Israel.”

“You will not make it, ignoble servants of Jews. This system will change and this country and this nation will get rid of you. Get out and take your owners with you.”

“You Godless ones, those without a holy book, you Armenian, Jewish, Persian, kafir underbred ones. Cursed sperms of rats. Enough is enough.”

Such tweets are illustrative of how even when an event occurs which involves no Jews, to which there is no logical or reasonable connection to Jews, Israel or Judaism, and for which there is no evidence, even circumstantial, that Jews have been involved, that Jews will nonetheless become a scapegoat.

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Rapper Lupe Fiasco accuses “dirty Jewish execs” of stealing his money, quits music industry after backlash

Rapped Lupe Fiasco has apparently decided to quit music after having released an antisemitic track.

The Chicago-born rapper, 34, released a track on his Soundcloud earlier this week, which included the line “Artists gettin’ robbed for their publishing / By dirty Jewish execs who think that it’s alms from the covenant”.

The idea that Jews are obsessed with money and exercise undue influence over various areas of business is an inherently antisemitic one, yet is an idea which is very common.

However, media coverage has tended to focus on the first line about “dirty Jewish execs”, whilst ignoring the accusation that such behaviour is “alms from the covenant”. The idea that Jews are led to extract money from others due to a perceived sense of religious superiority is clearly antisemitic, and is in fact a common theme found in the antisemitism of white nationalists.  Here two antisemitic stereotypes co-exist; the idea of Jews as baseless cosmopolitans, influencing, dominating and exploiting the world of business; and the idea of Jews as backwards religious traditionalists, who allow everything to be directed by religious precepts, many of which are painted as supremacist in nature.

He faced a backlash from fans after releasing the freestyle track, and fired back against accusations of antisemitism in a series of tweets, saying “I’ve walked inside the ovens of Auschwitz” and “I’ve studied the Hebrew bible”. However, clearly studying the Bible and visiting Auschwitz does not exclude one from being antisemitic, particularly when one makes blatantly antisemitic comments such as these without apology.

Instead of apologising for his comments, he instead claimed he was “getting beat up for telling the truth”.

He went on to say that he would not release any more music.


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Tennessee students: “may Allah annihilate the Jewish dogs”, “we need a new Hitler”,

The Canary Mission, a group which monitors antisemitic and other extremist activity on American University campuses, has exposed various Muslim students at Universities in Tennessee as having posted virulent antisemitic statements online.

Canary Mission had previously revealed a “cesspool” of antisemitism at Knoxville, University of Tennessee.

In a new investigation, Dana Swaies, who had previously been an organiser for the Muslim Students Association, and who studies at Middle State University Tennessee, was found to have posted a number of antisemitic statements on his Twitter. One tweet in Arabic read “may Allah annihilate the Jewish dogs”. Responding to a rocket attack on Israeli territory he tweeted “Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dog!!! May Allah annihilate you!”.

Dareen Ahmad, another member of the MSA at Middle State called for a “new Hitler” who he hoped would wipe out Israel.

Following the kidnapping of Israeli’s in 2014, Ahmad wrote “May Allah annihilate them…May Allah defeat them. Dogs,” and “May Allah annihilate you [Jews], Allah willing!”.

He also wrote that the “yahood” (Jews) are stopping Palestinians from returning home.

A freshman at Memphis University, Nadeen Elayan, called Jews “pussies” for mourning the murder of three Jewish boys by terrorists.

Mohamed Khalil, a sophomore at Memphis, wrote “fuck the Jews, may Allah annihilate them”.

Nadine Taha also accused “Zionists” of committing Genocide of Palestinians, directly comparing it to Nazi Germany, which is antisemitic according to the International Definition of Antisemitism.

Comments such as these demonstrate two things all-too-clearly. Firstly, they are indicative of a horrible environment for Jewish students on University campuses, who are being asked to co-exist with people literally and openly calling for their extermination, who often can do so with impunity. Secondly, they illustrate the extent to which anti-Israel discourse has crossed over a line into unambiguous and dangerous antisemitism, much of which amounts to incitement. Such a situation is intolerable for Jewish students, and Universities must start address antisemitism on their campuses before social media barrages like these turn into incidents of physical violence.

These are just a small selection of the comments from Muslim students in Tennessee.


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Chicago-area doctor receives antisemitic hate mail

A Jewish doctor from the Chicago area received an unmarked envelope from Baltimore.  The envelope contained a sheet of paper with the “Happy Merchant” and “Pepe the Frog” antisemitic memes.

The doctor in question is often attacked on Twitter by various antisemites, and returns in kind. However, the fact that the harassment has stepped over from the digital realm and into the doctor’s day-to-day life is extremely worrying, and demonstrates the necessity of taking such online abuse seriously.

The issue was reported to the police, who expressed concern and said they would investigate.  However, they said that, unfortunately, they didn’t think there was much they would be able to do

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Palestine activist implies another Holocaust is coming, spouts blood libel

Mamal Tamimi, a member of the Palestinian  Tamimi family renown for their anti -Israel protests is shown to use social media to express highly inflammatory  anti-semitic messages and images in an article from Israellycool dated 16th September 2016.

“Much has already been written about her support for terror against Israel. But what is perhaps less known is that she is an out-and-out Jew hater”, states Aussie Dave.

His article contains examples of Mamal Tamimi’s postings which demonise Israelis, are wholly offensive against Jews in the context of the Holocaust,  describing Zionists as “zionazis”; contains highly defamatory age-old anti-semitic prejudices  including blood libel and child killings. She is also shown to express denial of Jewish identity against Ashkenazi Jews; and espouses false claims which deny Jewish heritage to Israel and specifically to Temple Mount, and advocates killing Zionists.

One image she shared of the Grand Mufti and Hitler said, regarding the former’s support for the Holocaust, that Netanyahu should “b carful”, implying that another Holocaust is going to happen. She also shared an image which claimed that the “real Holocaust” was happening in Palestine; such a claim borders on Holocaust denial, as the sheer difference in deaths in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Holocaust, and the fact that the Arab-Israeli conflict has been an armed conflict in which Israel has frequently been called upon to defend itself means that no meaningful comparison can be drawn between them.

Another image she shared was a cartoon of a Nazi beating a creature with a whip. The creature was depicted wearing a kippah, with peyot and with stereotypical “Jewish” features.

She has also shared an image purporting to show a quote from Menechem Begin in which he describes the Jews as the “master race”. Claims that Jews believe they are superior to other have been a common theme in antisemitism throughout the ages, yet are used almost entirely to incite hatred against Jewish people and their beliefs.

One picture she shared shows Haredi Jews searching through large dustbins. She captions it “Zionists searching for their history in Palestine”, clearly showing that when she speaks of “Zionists”, she is really just speaking about Jews.

She has written of “vampire Zionists…drinking Palestinian bloods” – a shameless rehashing of age-old blood libel.

Aussie Dave reports that the Tamimi family include teenager Shirley Temper , whose real name is Ahed Tamimi , renown for her anti-Israeli online videos. He claims that Mamal Tamimi is also involved in the Tamimi Press, which he describes as an anti-Israeli propaganda outlet owned by Ahed Tamimi’s father Bassem Tamimi, and  supported by some sections of the mainstream media, and smaller media like AMZ Productions of Oregon. This content demonstrates how easily anti-Zionist rhetoric can feed into pure, unadulterated antisemitism.




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Labour activist says “the Jews ran slavery”, rants at news reporter

Self-described “Labour activist” Kevine Walcott has subjected a Channel 4 interviewer and the Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust to a tirade on Twitter, claiming that Jews should apologise for the slave trade.

The incident took place as Channel 4’s Cathy Newman interviewed disgraced Corbyn ally Jackie Walker over remarks she had made about Jews and the Holocaust, including that Jews were the “chief financiers” of the slave trade, a proposition described by the Legacies of British Slave Ownership project at University College, London as based on “no evidence whatsoever.”

Walcott assumed that Newman was Jewish and demanded in tweets that Newman personally apologise for the slave trade, writing: “you and jewish community has never apologise for your well documented role in the slave trade and its the greatest holocaust [all sic]”.

Walcott followed up with an unsolicited tweet to the Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Karen Pollock, calling her a “slave trade denyer [sic]” and “the greatest racist in world” and demanding that she “apologise for the slave trade”.

Various Twitter users said that they would be reporting Walcott to the Labour Party, however the Party now keeps the outcome of its disciplinary process secret, so it is unlikely that we will find out whether Walcott in fact suffers any consequences for her comments.

According to the definition of antisemitism, “accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews” is antisemitic.

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Newsweek Middle East Editor’s antisemitic Twitter rant

An Editor of Newsweek Middle East has gone on an antisemitic rant on Twitter after her channel screened a documentary about the Israel-Palestine conflict littered with factual inaccuracies.

Leila Hatoum, the channels deputy senior editor, took to Twitter to dismiss those who had questioned the documentary, calling the critics “Zionist trolls”.

She also said that Jews are not semites, denying Jewish people their history and historical ties to both their own religion and their ancestral homeland. She references the Khazarian hypothesis, the discredited idea that Ashkenazi Jews (whom she falsely describes as the majority of the Israeli Jewry) have no ancient near eastern ancestry, writing “Something u should know, eastern-european are originally khazar tribes which converted to judaism. They do NOT have an israelite blood” and “Most jews in israel are not semits. They are descendants of europe’s khazar tribes, mixed hybrids, Ary etc. Whose ancestors adopted Judaism”.

She also wrote “hitler’s mom was jewish. prostitute who gave him an STD was jewish,his gf was jewish &his dr was jewish”.


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Corbynites abuse NEC member with references to the Holocaust

Johanna Baxter, a Labour National Executive Committee member and Trade Union official, has been bombarded with abuse in Twitter for her role in deciding who can and cannot vote in the upcoming Leadership election.

The NEC has recently voted to exclude certain “entryists”, people who are joining as affiliated supporters in order to vote in the leadership election, from voting. Such voters disproportionately tipped the previous election in Corbyn’s favour.

Baxter was tweeted ‘”putting members first” eh? first in the gas chambers ?’

Another reply suggested that Labour members felt “like the Jews did in Nazi Germany”. Such a comparison is vastly irresponsible and downplays the extermination of six million European Jews who were murdered for nothing other than being Jewish; on the other hand, people are well within their rights to question the rise of antisemitism and intimidation within a political party without being subject to such hyperbole.

Another replied “your electoral rigging is particularly offensive to Palestinians because they know why”.

She also drew comparisons to Stalin’s purges.

Baxter had previously spoken of being pressured and harassed to support Corbyn’s automatic inclusion on the leadership ballot.


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Sadiq Khan target of antisemitic abuse for attacking Corbyn

Sadiq Khan, the recently-elected Labour Mayor of London who enjoys one of the largest mandates in British political history, has been the target of antisemitic comments after he backed Owen Smith against Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party’s leadership race.

Khan has been a critic of how Corbyn handled the EU referendum, and has expressed his concerns about antisemitism within Labour under Corbyn, describing the increase in antisemitism as “deeply distressing and upsetting”.

After Khan’s rejection of Corbyn, several people responded on social media, with one Corbynite tweeting a picture of Sadiq Khan wearing a Kippah and eating matzah at a Pesach event with Jewish communal leaders. The man tweeted “who owns you @sadiqkhan?”

Another suggested that he wanted to “help his masters in Tel Aviv”. Such a comment implies an antisemitic belief in a Jewish conspiracy controlling world politics to some degree.

Sadiq Khan has often been proactive in working alongside and listening to the Jewish community which he now serves. His first act as Mayor of London was to attend a Holocaust memorial event. As a part of his campaign he pledged to help protect Jewish Londoners from Islamic extremism.

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Labour supporter: Antisemitism scandal is “Fake, Jewish, Hasbara Plot”

Yemmi Agbebi is a Labour member who has expressed support for Corbyn and senior Vodafone employee.  His social media suggests that he hold worrying views about both antisemitism in the Labour Party and Israeli Jews.

On 6th May 2016, Agbebi tweeted:  “Despite “FAKE JEWISH HASBARA” anti-Semitism PLOT, Muslim Labour candidate poised to win #London mayoral election

Two days previously, Agbebi tweeted that “Antisemitism is a get out of jail card for Zionists”.

Agbebi has described Israel as a “disgusting nation of self-righteous neo-Nazis” on both 1911th May and 4th May and as a coral of the most disgusting Species on Earth

A previous tweet on 13th April 2016, suggests that he believes that Israeli Jews cause the world’s moral evils, pogroms and apartheid.

On 10th April 2016, he tweeted that most American Jews “usually do the bidding of Meshiac Netanyahu“.

Agbebi is a senior Vodafone employee, working as Programme Director and Global Head of PPMO. Vodafone has a strong presence in Israel.


Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 15.04.57

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Holocaust survivor persistently targeted on Twitter by antisemitic trolls

Agnes Grunwald-Spier, a Holocaust survivor, author, historian and a former trustee of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust has been subjected to antisemitic abuse on Twitter.

Ms Grunwald-Spier, who was saved from deportation to Auschwitz as a young child by an “unknown official”, received the abuse after a follower tweeted about her new book “Who Betrayed the Jews?”.

One person replied to the tweet saying “no doubt you are lying about the Holohoax”, whilst another replied that “Jewish suffering is not special”, attempting to minimise the Holocaust because other people died during the war too.

One twitter user, who uses a picture of a Haredi Jew as a his picture also mocked her.

Many of the trolls fixated on her age, writing “These holohoax survivors get younger every year” to which another replied “Jews are always lying”. The first then tweeted a picture of her saying “look at her…she’s like 60 max…Liars”, met with the reply “the trauma was passed down”.

When the trolls were asked to desist one said that twitter was “not a liar Jew safe space” and that “Jews think that everything they don’t like should be illegal”.

One of the main commenters who posts under the name ‘AntiRacist Hitler’, and who directed all of his comments in the exchanges to Ms Grunwald-Spier, said that “the real Holocaust was the 100’s of millions of Europeans who died because of evil Jews”.

Other commenters said, referring to her age, “you’ve got it all wrong, goys; it’s her good Ashkenazi genetics”, simply called her “Agnes Grunwald-Liar”, or tweeted antisemitic pictures to her.

One user, called ‘Aus-Alt-Right’, tweeted “Unbelievable. 54 year old holohoax ‘survivor’ milking the goyem for all the shekels. It’s like a Nigerian scam”.

Another asked her if there was “any limit to this brainwashing industry”.

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Holocaust denial ‘artist’ planning Edinburgh Fringe Festival performances

Alison Chabloz, a self-styled singer-songwriter who was exposed by Campaign Against Antisemitism last year, has been attempting to find venues to perform in during the Edinburgh Festival. She was reported to have performed a quenelle, a neo-Nazi gesture targeted exclusively at Jews, and for antisemitic content she had performed which denied the Holocaust.

In an article on her blog, Chabloz announced that she had approached several venues with a view to performing her Holocaust denial show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Her show, named “Tell Me More Lies”, claims to express “frustrations caused by smear campaigns waged against ‘Holocaust’ revisionists”, described by Chabloz to be “groundbreaking musical comedy interspersed with socio-political satire”.

However, much of Chabloz’s material simply mocks or outright denies the Holocaust. In one of her songs she describes Elie Wiesel’s books as “full of nonsense tales”, says of Irene Zissblat “I cannot speak Hungarian but oh boy can I lie”, and mocks Anne Frank. She employs antisemitic tropes singing “Bank notes, let’s print some more. We love to see you poor. Let’s start a war”, which play on baseless accusations that have been used to victimise Jews.  In another she sings “the Holohoax is plain to see” and claims there are attempts to “privilege one race” by stifling “freedom of speech” regarding the Holocaust. In such examples she seeks to persuade the public that the Holocaust was not a genocide perpetrated against Jews, but rather that it is a hoax perpetrated by greedy, conniving Jews against mankind. She preaches to all who will listen to her that the Holocaust was fabricated, that Jews were not massacred in their millions, and that it is in fact a ploy used by Jewish people to earn money.

She also sings “the shekel is his God”, referencing an antisemitic canard that Jews are preoccupied with money, and describes Auschwitz as a “holy temple” and “a theme park just for fools”.

She has tweeted a Rabbi asking him “when are Jews going to apologize for the ritual murder of Christian children?” Such statements are considered ‘blood libel’, erroneous and malicious accusation that Jews murder Christian children to bake matzo, which has been a common theme in the persecution of Jews in Europe.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival maintains an open-door policy and refuses to ban this brazen, Holocaust-denying antisemite from appearing.

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Corbyn supporters suggest Jewish judge’s decision can’t be trusted

Supporters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have taken to twitter to condemn Lord Justice Jack Beatson after the judge ruled in the Court of Appeal that the National Executive Committee has the right to block new members from voting in the leadership election.

The decision affects approximately 130,000 new Labour members, most of whom are expected to support Corbyn’s leadership.

Twitter users suggested that Lord Justice Beatson’s decision was due to the fact that he was “born in Israel”, a “Zionist” and referred to him as a “Zio”, an abusive term often used against Jewish students.

Another tweet referred to “cuckoos in the nest Israel lobby”.

One user noted that Lord Justice Beatson “went to a Jewish boarding school”.

Another user noted that he was “was born in Haifa- Israeli occupied Palestine” (Haifa is within Israel’s original borders), and later went on to tweet that the ruling was “more evidence legal system is Zionist and of the lengths they will go to to stifle an opponent”. Suggesting that the legal system “is Zionist” is clearly antisemitic, playing upon the canard of Jewish domination of law, politics and business.


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Trump supporters tell Jewish writer “it’s the ovens for you” and that she’d “get a gold star”

Laura Silverman, a Jewish author, freelance editor and publishing consultant, was recently subjected to antisemitic abuse online after making a negative tweet about Donald Trump.

Silverman was sent an image of Pepe the Frog, an internet meme often favoured by the far right, standing in front of Auschwitz and captioned “You get a gold star!”

Having reported the image, Silverman was subjected to further antisemitic abuse. Several told her to “nap in an oven” and she was sent an image of the Auschwitz gates photoshopped to read “not an argument” – an attempt to imply that Silverman had used the Holocaust to silence opposition, despite the fact that she had been actively victimized by far-right trolls.

Silverman said that the images she was sent “terrified” her. She was sent pictures of emaciated Auschwitz inmates and human remains captioned “Straight outta Auschwitz”. She received an email from someone using the pseudonym “Anuddah Shoah” that read “They know about you!”: You Zionist K*ke. Do you really think you can stop Mr. Trump? You Israeli supremacists have no chance”.

She also said that as she commented on the Republican National Convention someone told her “It’s time for you to flee for Israel. If you wait too long it’s the ovens for you”.

These are particularly nasty examples of the memory of the Holocaust being routinely used to threaten, intimidate and belittle Jewish people who dare to express an opinion in public.

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Greater Manchester Police apologises for tweeting pictures of “likely lads” in full Nazi uniform

Greater Manchester Police has apologised after tweeting pictures of two men, described as the “likely lads”, wearing full SS Uniform.

Shulem Stern, a supervisor with Shomrim, alerted us to the tweet, as well as tweeting the Greater Manchester Police twitter, who removed the tweet as a result.

The tweet jokingly suggested that the two men were attempting to “invade” from Yorkshire.

The sight of the local police jokingly referring to the SS, an organisation that was involved in the rounding up of Jews, enforcing racial policy and the running of concentration camps, is potentially very worrying to Manchester’s large Jewish community.

This is not the first time that Greater Manchester Police has suffered a lapse in judgement regarding the issue of antisemitism. In March, we reported that an officer in the force was allowed to keep his job after posting an antisemitic image on Facebook

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Green Party Candidate for Councillor spreads Antisemitism online

Christopher J. Eddie the Green party’s candidate for Hartlepool & Victoria Ward has repeatedly spread antisemitism online following a patten of incitement by Green Party members


Eddie has claimed via Twitter that the “Israel lobby manufactured Labour antisemitism crisis”. He also wrote that there is evidence that ISIS is a US-Israel army proxy. Such clear attempts to state that racism is invented by a supposed “lobby” instead of concerned members of the British Jewish community, including Labour Party members, is antisemtic. If that was not enough Mr Eddie thinks that the Jewish state and US, who are bombing ISIS, are secretly actually behind it. Antisemitism has a unique factor which is that it is often linked with conspiracy theories. The Green Party have continued to fail with issues with antisemitism in their own ranks.

This follows disturbing comments made by the Green’s Deputy leader, Dr Shahrar Ali, who said “just because you observe the niceties of Holocaust Memorial Day, doesn’t mean you’ve learnt the lessons of history”. He called an unnamed general group “warmongorers” and sings a song threatening this group’s children. Mr Ali remains in his post.

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Tottenham fans receive anti-semitic messages after performance in Premier League

Following the victory of Leicester City over Tottenham many took to Twitter to abuse Tottenham fans with anti-semitic comments

Tottenham’s team is located in North London, which has a long and proud Jewish heritage. Twitter users made references Hitler to attack the club’s history with one person writing, “Hitler smiling in his grave as Spurs bottle the title”. Another wrote, “Spurs gone from being beat by hitler too being beat in a tittle race by Leicester”.

More abuse followed when Tottenham lost to Chelsea, anti-semitic slurs included: “Yeeeeees Tottenham ye f****** Jew bottlers”; “Fair balls to Leicester but you gotta feel for Spurs. After what Hitler did to the Jews they deserved this one”; “F******* horrible Jew b******* Tottenham, time to the chambers lads”. Such vicious anti-semitism undermines the long campaign to kick racism out of football.


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UK Labour Party refuses to discipline MEP over “Nazi” tweet

Investigators from Campaign Against Antisemitism have discovered an antisemitic tweet by British Labour politician Afzal Khan. On 2nd August 2014, Khan tweeted a link to an article from which he quoted, “The Israeli Government are [sic] acting like Nazi’s [sic] in Gaza.”

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Khan is a Labour Member of the European Parliament for the North West and sits on various European Parliament committees including the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Budget Committee and the Security and Defence Committee, of which he is Vice Chair.

According to the definition of antisemitism that was first adopted by the European Union itself, “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” is antisemitic.

His use of the Nazi slur is surprising given Khan’s prominence in interfaith dialogue work. He is co-founder of The Muslim Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester and was awarded a CBE for his community and interfaith work in 2008.

However the Labour Party has declined to investigate or discipline Khan, instead issuing a short statement: “These views are not shared by the Labour Party and Afzal Khan MEP has been reminded of his responsibilities as a Labour representative.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism has responded critically, saying: “This is yet another signal sent to the Jewish community that the Labour Party is not taking its antisemitism problem seriously. We have seen repeated signs that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party operates a zero tolerance policy against racism, but only when convenient. When it costs the party politically, antisemites go unpunished, whether it’s Father of the House, Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, or now Afzal Khan MEP. Suspending Khan would cost Labour politically in the European Parliament, so presumably that is why he has been reminded not to be antisemitic instead of being suspended and investigated.”

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Another Bradford Councillor connected to Naz Shah tweets antisemitic abuse

Disgraced MP Naz Shah’s friend, parliamentary aide and Labour Party Councillor, Mohammed Shabbir has been discovered by Campaign Against Antisemitism investigators to have repeatedly tweeted the antisemitic conspiracy theory that a conspiracy led by the Jewish state created ISIS. On 24th July 2014 he tweeted: “I find isis vile and repulsive as much as Zionism. Don’t forget baghdadi trained by mossad.” On 8th August, 2014, he tweeted: “Here is a question. Is #isis serving a purpose to create a pretext for Israel to invade Syria and Iraq. Has quest for greater Israel started”.

Shabbir routinely uses the antisemitic epithet “Zio” and accuses Jews of “playing the Holocaust card”. Political blog Guido Fawkes has also found a tweet in which he wrote: “Every Palestinian who survives the ongoing genocide in Gaza is a holocaust survivor”.

According to Shabbir, there might be a “Zionist lobby in the press”. He has even claimed that the BBC is run by a “BBC Hasbara Media Cartel”. Hasbara is a Hebrew word meaning “to explain” and in this context alleges a conspiracy to influence the media.

In addition to his role as Labour Councillor for Heaton Ward in Bradford, Shabbir is also Chief Executive of Sharing Voices, a mental health charity which Labour MP Naz Shah chaired. Shah yesterday stood down as private secretary to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell after it was revealed she had been posting opinions and articles offensive to many Jewish people. Another Councillor accused of antisemitism also works for the charity.

Shabbir’s political stance is that Israel has no right to exist, which is antisemitic according to the EUMC definition of antisemitism. On 30th July 2014, he tweeted that “Zionism has usurped Judaism” and that “the Occupation started in 1948”. That is the year that Israeli statehood was recognised. He goes on to quote that “resistance is only there because of occupation”.  This logic effectively justifies terrorism against the only Jewish State until it ceases to exist.

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Bradford Councillor connected to disgraced Naz Shah tweets Nazi propaganda

Campaign Against Antisemitism investigators have discovered a tweet by Bradford Councillor Ishtiaq Ahmed in which he reposts a link to the notorious antisemitic Nazi propaganda film, The Eternal Jew. Councillor Ahmed has a working relationship with disgraced Labour MP, Naz Shah and is employed by a charity which Shah chaired. It was yesterday revealed that Shah had posted opinions and links which proposed the “relocation” of the entire population of the Jewish state, as well as a comment about the “Jewish question”.

Councillor Ahmed was originally a Councillor for George Galloway’s Respect Party in Bradford’s Manningham Ward. In 2013, Respect suspended him and he remained in office as an independent councillor. He is stepping down at May’s Bradford Council elections. He has said that he has rejoined the Labour Party and is backing Labour’s candidate for Manningham Ward, Sarfraz Nazir.

Councillor Ahmed tweeted a link to Nazi film, “The Eternal Jew” on 10th May, 2014. The film was commissioned by Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels with the purpose of winning public support for antisemitic violence. The opening segment, posted by Councillor Ahmed from the “HitlerMyFührer” Youtube channel, begins “One of the most illuminating customs of the Jews’ so-called religion, is the slaughter of animals…” He has also posted an Israel conspiracy theory video alleging that Israel is behind the Islamic State and caused the Iraq War.

Councillor Ahmed is employed by the Sharing Voices charity, which Labour MP Naz Shah chaired. Shah yesterday stood down as private secretary to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell after it was revealed she had been posting opinions and articles offensive to many Jewish people. The CEO of the charity is Labour Councillor, Mohammed Shabbir, who has also been accused of antisemitic social media posts.

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Labour defends “Jewish question” MP playing pivotal role in antisemitism inquiry

Social media posts from 2014 by Labour MP Naz Shah have been discovered proposing that the Jewish state should be “relocated” to America, suggesting that she would “tweet Barack Obama and David Cameron and put this idea to them”. In August 2014 Shah tweeted a link to an article claiming that Zionism used “religious symbolism…to groom other modernised men and women of Jewish descent to exert political influence at the highest levels of public office by using the guilt of the pogroms and offered a solution to the ‘Jewish Question’ in Europe.” In July 2014, she posted a link on Facebook to a newspaper poll asking whether Israel had committed war crimes in Gaza, commenting: “The Jews are rallying to the poll.”

Naz Shah currently sits as one of only 11MPs on the Home Affairs Committee about to launch an inquiry into antisemitism, despite openly and publicly expressing these views.

Earlier this month Naz Shah alleged in a letter to the Prime Minister that Abdul Zaman, the deputy chairman of the Bradford Conservative Association, had made antisemitic comments in a public speech made in the Mirpuri dialect.

Shah shot to prominence int he Labour Party when she beat George Galloway in the last General Election.

In response, the Labour Party has issued a statement from Naz Shah saying: “This post from two years ago was made before I was an MP, does not reflect my views and I apologise for any offence it has caused.”


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Labour Councillor’s Twitter account praises “my man Hitler” for Holocaust

Aysegul Gurbuz is the youngest ever Councillor in Luton, representing High Town Ward for the Labour Party since 7th May 2015. She also sits on a panel supervising Bedfordshire Police. Her support for Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to lead the Labour Party was published on his campaign website.

But tweets on her Twitter account also show strong support for Adolf Hitler who is referred to as “my man Hitler” and the “greatest man in history”. Another tweet hoped that Iran would use a “nuclear weapon” to “wipe Israel off the map”. Other tweets expressed “disgust” that “Jews are so powerful”, and one even stated “Ed Miliband is Jewish. He will never become prime minister of Britain.”

One tweet said: “If it wasn’t for my man Hitler these Jews would’ve wiped Palestine years ago. Sorry but it’s a fact.” The tweet’s author added “Not hating on Jews btw”, presumably concerned that someone might think they had some kind of problem with Jews. Among the most shocking tweets was one that began: “Jews cannot expect us to sympathise with their history under Hitler”.

Gurbuz was also a candidate for Warwick Student Union’s Ethnic Minorities Officer, listing in her manifesto a commitment to “Increase awareness of Holocaust Memorial Day”, as well as serving on the Executive Committee of the Warwick Friends of Palestine Society.

When Campaign Against Antisemitism approached Gurbuz for comment, she said that her sister had probably tweeted the tweets, and that she had no recollection of them.

Campaign Against Antisemitism has reported the matter to the Labour Party, the University of Warwick, the University of Warwick Students’ Union and the police. They also provided details of the story to the media.

It is understood that she has been suspended by the Labour Party and has deleted her Twitter account.

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UK Labour Party activist reported to party and police over antisemitic tweets

Campaign Against Antisemitism has written to the Labour Party and the police to report antisemitic activist Choudhry Shahzad.

On 14th July 2014, Shahzad tweeted a fabricated Adolf Hitler quotation which has become an antisemitic meme “I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was annihilated them. – Aldof Hitler #GazaUnderAttack”. He then returned to Twitter 35 minutes later to correct his grammar and spelling, writing a second tweet saying “I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let the World know why I was annihilating them. – Hitler”.

On 2nd August 2014, Shahzad tweeted the meme again, writing: “Hitler Well Said: I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was annihilated them. – Adolf Hitler”. He returned to Twitter five hours later to tweet photographs of Gaza captioned: “I could have annihilated all the Jews, but I left some of them to let you know why I was annihilated them. Hitler”.

On other occasions, Shahzad has tweeted quotations from Hitler, despite styling himself as a “progressive” patriot whose Twitter profile photo is overlaid with a Union Jack and whose cover photo shows the Houses of Parliament by night.

Shahzad is a keen supporter of the Labour Party, appears to be on good terms with Ruth Cadbury MP, and has recently campaigned for Sadiq Khan MP, however there is no evidence that they were aware of his admiration for Adolf Hitler, or that he occupied any official position.

Following Campaign Against Antisemitism’s complaint, the Labour Party suspended Shahzad pending investigation, but would not comment on the duration of the suspension or what would result in expulsion.

The Labour Party has been dogged by daily revelations of antisemitism amongst its activists, but has yet to take meaningful action.

Last year, teacher Mahmudhul Choudhury was convicted after tweeting the same fabricated Hitler quotation. Choudhury was also banned from teaching for life by the Secretary of State for Education after Campaign Against Antisemitism instigated professional misconduct proceedings against him.

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With Sadiq Khan MP


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With Ruth Cadbury MP

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With Mayor Nisar Malik

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Microsoft robot shut down after learning to praise Hitler from interactions with humans

Microsoft released an Artificial Intelligence robot on Twitter that had to be shut down after its first day going live. The AI was called “Tay” and created to speak “like a teenage girl” to help Microsoft improve their voice recognition software, marketed as “The AI with zero chill”.

Users could chat with Tay through Twitter, Kik or GroupMe. Through these social media platforms Tay learned how humans converse with each other, and uses the phrases and concepts it hears to respond like a real human.

After Tay was contacted by various extremists, the robot made statements including: “Repeat after me, Hitler did nothing wrong” and “Bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have got now. donald trump is the only hope we’ve got”.


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Antisemitism flares in race to become next FIFA President

The race to become the next FIFA president has erupted in antisemitic smears from a senior figure of Bahrain’s football association.

Multiple tweets by Muhammad Mdwb, the media officer for Bahrain’s national team, claimed a UK-based PR group chosen to represent Prince Ali of Jordan, is run by an Israeli. Prince Ali of Jordan is a viable contender to replace Sepp Blatter as FIFA’s president.

Mdwb tweeted an image of Simon Cohen together with Prince Ali, claiming Cohen was born in Tel Aviv, despite the fact that he was born in Wales. Another tweet from Mdwb supposedly showed Simon Cohen playing football for Israel in the 1960s, mistaking Cohen for another man of the same name.

Prince Ali’s rivals include Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa, former president of the Bahrain FA and current President of the Asian Football Confederation.

“It is racism and antisemitism and has no place in football,” Cohen responded. “I am also very upset at being mistaken for a 73-year-old retired footballer.”

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Antisemitic social media posts celebrate adoption of boycott motion in Quebec

Last week the Student Society of McGill University in Montreal Québec voted to boycott Israel. Within an hour of the vote, antisemitic posts and messages appeared on social media.

800 members of the university’s 30,000 students took part in the SSMU vote to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

Simon Paranski, a student at the university stated, “Within an hour of the BDS vote passing, there were posts on social media about Zionist Jew-boys and insulting people of the Jewish faith,” said Paranski.

“People reached out to us that they were personally harassed, verbally harassed on the street after the votes. Some people were on the phone with their parents that they were upset, and people hurled insults at them. It was really scary because it happened so quickly, and it was such a huge escalation.”

Vice president of the Centre for Israel and Jewish affairs, Luciano Del Negro, said they have been in touch with some students, “It is not a resolution on campus which changes absolutely anything and what we feared has come to pass. How is it that Jewish students have been insulted, disparaged, have been made to feel unsafe on campus,” he said.

On Thursday McGill University issued a statement “It is important for a university community to be built on mutually respectful dialogue. Students can report abuse or violations of their student rights to their faculty’s disciplinary officer. All complaints are taken seriously and investigated. We have not received any complaints related to this matter so far.”

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Former British Labour MP links antisemitism to “brutal” Israelis

Former Labour MP for Derby North, Chris Williamson, has reacted to the exposure of rampant antisemitism at the Oxford University Labour Club by tweeting, “I hope they won’t find any such evidence. Did you see this [Channel 4] News item; brutal”. Williamson appears to both suggest that antisemitism had not been taking place at Oxford University Labour Club, despite numerous reports, not least from the Co-Chair who resigned in disgust at it, and that it is somehow linked to perceived “brutal” actions by Israel.

The most widely-accepted definition of antisemitism states that “holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel” is antisemitic.

Campaign Against Antisemitism has asked the Labour Party to investigate Chris Williamson over his tweet.

Labour Students and the University of Oxford are now understood to be investigating the Oxford University Labour Club.

Source: Sussex Friends of Israel

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Dutch Deputy Prime Minister stops interacting on social media due to antisemitism

In a Facebook post entitled “Disrespectful dog”, Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher has admitted that he now stays off social media due to antisemitism.

Asscher’s great-grandfather, Abraham Asscher, was a member of the Jewish council set up by the Nazis to control Dutch Jews ahead of their extermination in death camps. Though he is not Jewish, Asscher said that “my Jewish last name is a plausible explanation for my behaviour and attitude”.

Asscher said: “I often no longer react to people who approach me on social media,” suggesting that social media users show their posts to their mothers or daughters first, saying: “If they also think it’s a good idea, go ahead and post.”

Source: Times of Israel

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British activist expelled from Labour Party for “Jewish blood” tweets

Labour activist Scott Nelson has been expelled by the Labour Party over a series of antisemitic tweets.

Nelson, who describes himself as a supporter of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, sometimes tweets to his more than 21,000 Twitter followers about Middle East politics, and it was his tweets on this subject which led to his expulsion from the Labour Party.

Nelson said: “Having thought about this matter, I accept that I used clumsy and inappropriate wording concerning the Jewish heritage of Tesco and M&S by mentioning Jewish blood and my comments about Blairites being purged for disloyalty to Jeremy Corbyn.”

Nelson had tweeted about Tesco and Marks & Spencer, saying: “They have Jewish blood” as early as October 2014, but it appears to have been his comments this month about “appalling conditions working for Jewish companies” that caused the Labour Party to expel him.

The Labour Party has yet to take any action against Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, whose speech to MPs including the Shadow Minister for Justice was far worse than anything Nelson has said.

Source: Your Thurrock

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London mayoral candidate accused of being at the centre of a Jewish conspiracy

A Jewish candidate to succeed Boris Johnson as Mayor of London has spoken out against antisemitism online. Zac Goldsmith told a lunch for Conservative Friends of Israel: “Sadly, social media is a reminder of the rising wave of antisemitism which sweeping across Europe. There is no denying or ignoring it. Particularly on social media, criticism of Israel has become a cover for an old hatred.”

Mocking the abuse he has received, Goldsmith said that according to Twitter users “I have this amazing control over the press – which should make my mayoral contest very easy; and that my family have completely infiltrated the royal family.”

Source: Algemeiner

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Founder of French National Front sends antisemitic tweet

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front party in France sent an antisemitic tweet to a politician from the French Republican party. Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was expelled from the National Front at a Special Congress in August, tweeted Christian Estrosi, the Republican incumbent mayor of Nice who is being challenged in a close election by Jean-Marie Le Pen’s granddaughter, National Front candidate Marion Maréchal Le Pen. In the tweet, Jean-Marie Le Pen referred to close poll results, telling to Estrosi to “Put on a brave face” with a link to a a video of Estrosi wearing a Jewish skullcap and dancing with Jewish men. The tweet was deleted shortly afterwards.

Source: CFCA/TF1


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Palestinian UNRWA teachers continue to post incitement to violence against Jews with impunity

UNRWA employees are continuing to post antisemitic images calling for Jews to be stabbed, despite having been reprimanded for doing so by the agency.

A new report from the Geneva-based UN Watch highlights ten recent Facebook and Twitter posts by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) teachers celebrating the murder of Jews.

One from an UNRWA English teacher, and graduate of the agency’s ethics course, named Suad Khalil Remawi states that “the Zionists and the Jews are sons of monkeys and pigs”. Another teacher called Mazen Abo Hady posted a photo of a Palestinian ripping through an Israeli flag with a blood-soaked knife.

UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer said the report’s purpose was to urge UNRWA to dismiss employees who engage in such incitement, and show the agency’s largest donors – the United States and the European Union – where their annual $1 billion is going.

“UNRWA’s reported temporary suspensions of offenders are clearly not working,” said Neuer. “Giving a slap on the wrist sends the message that it’s business as usual. Instead, those who incite to racism or murder should be fired, under a zero tolerance policy.”

Monday’s was the latest in a series of UN Watch reports on the matter, previous ones having led the UNRWA to state it would “take appropriate action, including disciplinary action, where violations by UNRWA staff members are established”.

UN Watch submitted the report to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UNRWA chief Pierre Krähenbühl, EU foreign affairs commissioner Federica Mogherini and US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power.

Neuer added: “UNRWA’s strategy of impunity, denial and deflection only enables more incitement and violence. It’s time to put an end to the pattern and practice of UNRWA school principals, teachers and staff members posting antisemitic and terror-inciting images, a recurring theme that suggests a pathology of racism and violence within UNRWA, one that must be rooted out — and not buried, as UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness has attempted to do by calling for boycotts of newspapers or of NGOs that dare to report these incidents of hate.”

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University of Illinois pays out $875,000 to avoid hiring antisemitic professor

In a shocking case, the University of Illinois has had to pay $875,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by Dr Steven Salaita, who was offered a tenured position by the university only to have it withdrawn after he posted antisemitic statements on social media. One post praised antisemitism: “Zionists: transforming antisemitism from something horrible into something honourable since 1948.” Salaita, who currently has a one-year post at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, initiated legal proceedings against the university which the university has already spent $1.3 million defending.

In a statement issued in January 2015, when Salaita initiated legal proceedings, the University of Illinois said: “These statements and many more like them demonstrate that Dr Salaita lacks the judgment, temperament and thoughtfulness to serve as a member of our faculty in any capacity, but particularly to teach courses related to the Middle East…On September 11, 2014, after carefully considering all of the issues related to Dr. Salaita’s proposed appointment, the Board of Trustees voted 8-1 not to approve Dr. Salaita for a position on the faculty. Two weeks ago, the Board emphatically reiterated that its decision is final and will not be reconsidered…As a private citizen, Dr Salaita has the constitutional right to make any public statement he chooses. Dr Salaita, however, does not have a constitutional right to a faculty position at the University of Illinois.”

Source: Jewish Journal

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Free Gaza Movement co-founder suggests Israel might be behind latest atrocities in Paris

Mary Hughes-Thompson, the co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement which has unsuccessfully tried to sail flotillas to Gaza, suggested that the terrorist atrocities committed in Paris might be the work of Israel.

Hughes-Thompson suggested Israel might have committed the terrorist atrocities in Paris in revenge for the EU’s new labelling policy for Israeli products.

In January, Hughes-Thompson claimed that the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris might have been committed by Mossad.

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Scottish politician apologises for “accidental” antisemitic conspiracy tweet

A Member of the Scottish Parliament who shared an antisemitic image on Twitter has apologised and said that she did so “in error”.

Sandra White, the Scottish National Party MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, re-tweeted to her 6000-plus followers a cartoon showing piglets suckling from a pig bearing a Star of David and the word “Rothschild”.

The piglets were drawn to represent countries and institutions including Britain, Israel, Al-Qaeda and Mossad.

The image originated from an account in the name of Charles Frith, a regular source of antisemitic tweets and images.

Ms White apologised on Monday. A Scottish National Party spokesman told the JC: “This tweet was re-tweeted in error and has been removed from Sandra White’s account. Sandra apologises for any offence caused.”

The tweet also included an image of Rupert Murdoch as a puppet-master, controlling politicians including David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has acknowledged the Scottish Jewish community’s concerns about antisemitism and denied in September that there was an “antisemitic culture in the Scottish Parliament”.

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Jewish lawyer subjected to antisemitic slurs online by Turkish Gülen Movement

After being hired by the Republic of Turkey to investigate the activities of the Gülen Movement, Jewish lawyer Robert Amsterdam has been targeted for antisemitic abuse by Gülenist supporters. Gülenist supporters have reportedly issued death threats to the firm. Sıddık Filiz, a Gülenist supporter, said “The money comes from the nation, while the lawyer they hired is a Jew, and their target is to close down Gülen schools”

Photo: YouTube

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Man tweets from London rally against terror and receives slew of antisemitic tweets

Yesterday evening I attended the Zionist Federation demonstration at the Palestinian mission in London to protest the incitement to violence and murder against Israelis and to express solidarity with Israel at this difficult time. I posted tweets from the event and have received a number of antisemitic tweets in response.

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Antisemitic outpouring under #IStandWithAnn hashtag in response to Ann Coulter’s “f—ing Jews” tweet

In response to the outcry over Ann Coulter’s tweet that Republican presidential candidates were pandering to “f—ing Jews”, the #IStandWithAnn hashtag has emerged on Twitter, unleashing a torrent of antisemitism. See our short video for more.

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American commentator accuses Republican candidates of pandering to “f—ing Jews”

Ann Coulter, author of “Adios America”, who describes herself as “an eleven-time New York Times bestselling author, gun-clinger and right-wing polemicist” has been accused of antisemitism following a string of tweets during yesterday’s Republican presidential candidate debate.

Accusing the candidates of pandering to “f—ing Jews” Coulter tweeted:

The tweets elicited an outcry:

Coulter responded to critics on Twitter:

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“Alex Petriou” believes that the world is ruled by a Satanic Jewish conspiracy

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Former Councillor claims “Zionists created Hitler and decades after you still use him”

Twitter user Susan John-Richards claims that “Zionists created Hitler and decades after you still use him”. Her Twitter profile says “Who are the real planners behind our puppet politicians in this world? They Take our votes and serve their lords!!” In 2010 Susan John-Richards stood as an independent councillor for Tooting after leaving the Conservative Party in 2009.