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“Anti-Zionist” Facebook page blames Israel for ISIS, denies Holocaust

A Facebook page called “Israel is a war criminal” has posted antisemitic content.

The “anti-Zionist” page is fierce in its criticism of Israel, yet at certain points slips into outright antisemitism.

For example, it has blamed Israel for ISIS, an antisemitic conspiracy theory which is increasingly common. The post implies that Israel is using ISIS to attack Muslims, a claim which borders on blood libel.

In another post it suggests that Gaza is the “real Holocaust”. The effect of such a statement is essentially to deny the Holocaust, given that the number of casualties in the Arab-Israel conflict is infinitesimal compared to the number of Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust. It is also defined as antisemitic to compare Israel to Nazi Germany in such a way, according to the EUMC definition of antisemitism.

The comments are also extremely worrying. Many of them involve antisemitic images such as a shrouded figure marked with a Star of David holding the globe in bloodied hands, and a picture of a Haredi Jew with a Palestinian child being held by the neck in one hand and a menorah in the other.

They have also shared a post with the debunked claimed that Israel intentionally cut off water supply to Palestinian areas. Some commentators have seen this as a modern iteration of medieval blood libels.