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RT readers cheer that “k!kes are dead” after Tel Aviv building collapse

Russia Today’s coverage of a Tel Aviv building collapse provoked many antisemitic comments.

A building site had collapsed, killing two and injuring seventeen.

One of the comments said “surely the crane is anti-semitic”. Whilst such a comment may appear harmless, in reality it attempts to delegitimise the experience of antisemitism.

Comments such as “SQUASHED kosha spaghetti and pasta” and “With all the bad news in the world everyday, it’s nice to see something different, for a change” actively revelled in the death of Jews.

Comments such as “Lols, another Jewish builder trying to save a shekel or two on the materials” played on antisemitic canards.

Perhaps most shockingly, comments such as “Yay K!kes are DEAD !!! lol ZioTechnology just collapses ha ha ha” appeared.

Others said it was “another Holocaust” and “cause for celebration”, whilst one commenter mocked the Holocaust saying “6 trillion feared dead”. Another replied to the first comment “you mean Holohoax”.

The comments still remain up.