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Second neo-Nazi conference takes place in London

A far right event called “London Forum” has taken place in London for the second year running.

Alison Chabloz, who has a long history of antisemitism, including having written songs denying and mocking the Holocaust, appears to have played her songs at the event. We recently reported that she was attempting to find a platform to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which was eventually unsuccessful, but it appears that she has instead found an audience in London. One Twitter user tweeted her “well done at the London forum today”. She herself also tweeted “Several publications kindly offered to me after yesterday’s world premiere of #TellMeMoreLies at #LondonForum #NationalismIsTheOnlyAnswer”; the tweet was accompanied by pictures of books such as “Did six million really die?” and “Forged war crimes malign the German nation”, both espousing Holocaust denial, and “Mjolnir”, Thor’s hammer – a common symbol employed by neo-Nazis. She confirmed her attendance, tweeting “Yes I played a London Forum meeting yesterday to a standing ovation, met wonderful people. Happy and proud to be a nationalist (non Kosher)”. Despite having repeatedly claimed not to be antisemitic, her participation in an event which last year hosted several Holocaust deniers and Nazi sympathisers, and indeed appears to have been organised with this as its primary aim, make a mockery of her protestations of innocence. Perhaps more disturbing is that radical antisemitic speakers continue to find a home and an audience in London.

Last year the Daily Mail reported on a “Nazi invasion of London” which attracted antisemitic figures from across the globe and in which speakers “unleashed antisemitic rants, referring to Jews as ‘the enemy’ and ‘children of darkness’”. The events were discovered by undercover reporters.

At the time, the Daily Mail reported that attendees to the event, called the ‘London Forum’, laughed when “ashes rising from the death camps’ crematoria” were mentioned, clapped when asked to “identify, counter and break…Jewish-Zionist domination”, laughed at the Charlie Hebdo massacre and described an African community leader “some Negro”, and cheered the Spanish Fascists who sided with the Nazis. One speaker called gay parents “monster families” and mixed race children “blackos”. Speakers included supporters of Mosley’s Fascists, an ex-National Front organiser, Pedro Varela, a Spanish “self-confessed Nazi”, and Holocaust denier Mark Weber.