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Man pushed onto train tracks in antisemitic attack in Nuremberg

A 49-year-old man is currently on trial after he allegedly pushed another man and shouted antisemitic abuse on the Nuremberg subway.

The man shouted that his victim smelled and that he was Jewish. He pushed him over onto the train tracks and then stamped on his feet to prevent him from getting back onto the platform. Such a vicious attack could easily have led to death by electrocution or by being hit by an oncoming train.

It is not currently known whether or not the victim actually is Jewish. However, the use of Jews as a scapegoat and a go-to target for insults and attacks is obviously an extremely worrying manifestation of resurgent antisemitism.

The Langwasser station was the point at which many Jews from Nuremberg and Franconia started their journey to the extermination camps.

A verdict should come in the following days.