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Huge neo-Nazi rally allowed by Cambridgeshire Police

The BBC has reported that a neo-Nazi march was attended by “hundreds” of individuals in Cambridgeshire.

Around 350 people attended the rally held in honour of Ian Stuart Donaldson, a neo-Nazi who founded the group ‘Blood and Honour’, a reference to a Nazi expression. Donaldson was best known as the founder and frontman for the neo-Nazi band Skrewdriver, whose songs include “Hail Victory” (a translation of the Nazi expression “Sieg Heil) and “Free My Land”, which includes the line “Once a nation, and now we’re run by Jews”.

A witness at the event reported seeing “a lot of cars, a big bonfire and a lot of music”, continuing “The one that I heard was a song about white power and this kept going on and on. It was very loud and distinctive”.

Cambridgeshire Police allowed the event to happen, believing it to have been in aid of Help For Heroes, who have denied any connection to it.

Matthew Collins of Hope Not Hate commented that it is disappointing that the event slipped under the radar but, that he was “aware of a number of occasions when the police appear to have been caught short about the activities of the extreme far right”.

Following the event, a police representative told a local news source “We had been in contact with other forces about similar events and were aware of a possible right wing element” but that there was no “crime committed”. However, video of the event shows hundreds of people performing Nazi salutes, people with Swastika flags, tattoos and t-shirts, and songs being performed with antisemitic language.