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Far Right, antisemitic and anti-Christian band to play in London

A Facebook event has appeared advertising the appearance of the band Graveland initially booked at the London venue ‘the Underworld’ on Saturday February 18th 2017.

Graveland are a Black Metal band, who have often been described as National Socialist. Though the frontman, Rob Darken, denies this, he has a plethora of antisemitic statements to his name.

He has spoken of a “Jewish lobby” and has said that “the Jews have too much power. He has also accused the “pro-Israel lobby” of manipulating the “racialist convictions” of soldiers into fighting for them in Iraq. He has blamed Jews for the promotion of “all kinds of anti-family schism (sic), supporting at the same time homosexuality, negrosemitism….the “culture” produced by these individuals take precedence over traditional national values” – accusing Jews of eroding the identity of nation states is a common theme in contemporary antisemitism. He continues to say “the depraved and plunged in a rot of moral decadence individuals (very often of Jewish descendants) hold the keys to this shady business”.

In another interview, he has said of Jews that “the enemy does not sleep”, blaming a “strong pro-Jewish lobby” for “this bad situation because Jews are afraid of new holocaust so they support all anti-right wing activities”. He has also said “Mass medias ruled by the Jewish lobby manipulate information and spread propaganda against Arabs”, continuing to say that antisemitism is caused by the “activities of international Jewish lobby”.


White people are not interested in the world situation. They do not care. This is not good because the enemy does not sleep. Strong pro-Jewish lobby is also responsible for this bad situation because Jews are afraid of new holocaust so they support all anti-right wing activities.” – from another interview on Graveland’s website

He also allegedly said in another interview: “I am not Nazi and I have never been but I support nazi movement and racial ideas in Black Metal. I respect Adolf Hitler for all his great deeds against judeo-christian world”.

Many of his lyrics focus on white “pagan” pride, and involve anti-Christian themes, including slaughtering Christians. However, such attitudes are often linked to antisemitism in the music genre; one popular band in the genre titled its first release “Go F*ck Your Jewish God”. In the eyes of many neo-Nazis, Christianity is merely a Jewish influence that infiltrated a naturally pagan white European culture.

The gig was initially booked for the London Underworld in Camden. However, staff at the venue, who describe the team as “multi-racial” requested that it be cancelled when the nature of the band’s music came to light. The venue is to be applauded for having taken action so quickly and adamantly following these facts coming to light, despite considerable pressure from many of the band’s fans.

The promoter is currently seeking a new venue.